How to Make Money by Playing Games – See The Best Sites!
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How to Make Money by Playing Games – See The Best Sites!

EPF Last Update: November 13, 2020

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online. The sites that offer these opportunities are actually relatively big sites. These are not just regular paid surveys. In fact, these are very big companies that have grown. And as a result, they started to offer many other ways to make money online, including getting paid to play games.

What are these money making opportunities:

  • Paid surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Cashback offers
  • Focus groups
  • Get paid to search
  • Get paid to watch videos
  • Get paid to read articles
  • and;
  • Get paid to play games

This is what we are going to discuss today. How to get paid by playing games?

While paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online, playing games could easily replace them. And we have to add that it’s fun!

Who doesn’t want to play games? Now, what if you get paid for that?

Best Companies That Pay You to Play Games


Swagbucks Games started as a get paid to search site. The site paid people to use its search bar when they are online. People get paid for each of their search activities.

In time, Swagbucks change. Now, this is one of the largest cash sites. Swagbucks is full of money making opportunities, including getting paid to play games.

Popular games that Swagbuck offer

  • Wheel of Fortune. Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • Angry Birds Champions. Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • Collect 2,000 SB. Earn 4 SB.
  • Super Plinko. Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • SwapIt! Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • Trivial Pursuit. Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • Solitaire Rush. Earn 4 SB per $1.
  • Scrabble Cubes. Earn 4 SB per $1.

For more information on how to make money by playing games, read this article.


  • Many offers are available.
  • 100% free registration.
  • 100% legitimate sites.


  • You can’t use the site for full time job.
  • Not available in all countries.


InboxDollars Games is another large GPT site, that offers money to people for playing games. The company offers $5 registration bonus. The company also offer much money making opportunities like paid surveys, mobile surveys, focus groups and etc.

Do you like some of these games: Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Casino, Boggle?

If so, why don’t you play them for cash?

Watch this video:


  • Many cash opportunities are available at InboxDollars.
  • Free registration.
  • Legit sites.
  • $5 registration bonus.


  • You can’t use the site for full time job.
  • Not available in all countries.

There are many more sites that are designed especially for people looking to play games for money.

The sites that we show you actually were not just get paid to play games sites. These actually are the largest GPT sites online.

Now, you probably should ask are these sites scams?

Well, get paid to play games sounds slightly scammy.

In fact, all easy get paid to complete task opportunism looks slightly scammy.

But this doesn’t have to discourage us.

Actually, there are legitimate sites. Let us tell you how to recognize them.

  • Relay on big sites. Big cash sites actually pay a lot of money. Do you know that there are sites that have paid millions to their members? These sites are trusted and they won’t risk their reputation by scamming people. If they start to scam people, they will lose their reputation.
  • Before registering to a site, you should always read the fine prints.
  • You should always read comments, forum posts, reviews online, to see what other people write about them.
  • You shouldn’t pay for registration. All legit sites are free to register.
  • You shouldn’t provide your credit card information and your SSN.

As long as you check these points, you should be good to go.

How These Sites Make Money?

Before you start to make money online, it is critical to understand how these sites actually make money. Why they should pay? No one pays money for no reason. All of these sites have to have the interest to pay you.

So the question you should always ask is what is their interest.

Let’s answer this question about paid surveys, before we explain about get paid to play games sites.

Why should a paid survey panel pay you money for answering questions?

The reason:

Because they make money from your answers. They have their advertisers. Their advertisers are actually big companies that research their market. In order to improve the quality of their products and services, they want to see people’s opinions. So, they are interested to pay money to you to give them your feedback.

This is a win-win situation.

The advertisers have the interest to get customer feedback.

The paid survey companies are interested to hire you to provide them with what they want. Paid survey panels get a percentage from the money that they get from the advertisers.

You have an interest because you answer questions and get paid.

As you can see there is a real reason why these companies should pay you.

So now, let’s explain how companies make money from people who play games.

Again, in order to answer the question, we have to see what their interest is? How they actually make money? And there are few answers here.

  • Play games as an advertising tool

Some companies use your time to show you also ads, while you play games.

  • Some advertisers try to make their games more popular

That’s an interesting way to promote your game.

  • Companies become more popular

Companies who actually pay their users become very popular. People share them on social media, recommend them. This works great for each company’s popularity.

Every company wants to grow its business. And what a better way than being honest with their users?

Now back on paid surveys.

As you can see, legit surveys achieve the same result. People who get paid from a survey panel should recommend them, should share on social media and etc.


Playing games is only one of the ways to make money online. You can’t expect to make living from that.

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