Paid Surveys Cash - Advanced Guide - Day 6
Advanced Tips

Paid Surveys Cash – Advanced Guide – Day 6

EPF Last Update: January 16, 2020
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Chapter 6: Advanced Tips & Strategies to Start Making up to $3,000/month !

  • Organize your work to suit you. There are many tips that can be said here. But, let’s leave this for you, because it’s just different for different people. You have to find your best way and these tiny tips you won’t find anywhere else that will help you make you more cash in less time? Do you understand what I’m talking about? No. You will … soon.
  • Learn how to skim the questions and answer faster. This is a specific technique, which will help you answer the questions faster. Unfortunately it can’t be explained exactly. But if you find how to do it, it will definitely help. Actually skimming the questions is totally different from cheating and answering the questions not honestly. Skimming is just a technique to “know what to read” and give the right answer without spending a lot of time. This will come with your experience.
  • Don’t ignore lower paying surveys. At the beginning you probably will start receiving lower paying offers. But when you start completing them, you build trust with this panel and they will start sending you more high paying offers soon. Some of these lower paying offers can prequalify you for high paying focus group for example. There are many cases where people answer short surveys and if the company think you fit them they can offer you to participate in focus group. Then you will make much more.
  • Join as many survey sites as possible. This is one of the most important pieces of advice you could take from this course. If you stick with just one survey company then your earnings are quite limited. For those looking to spend a lot more time on surveys, we recommend joining 10-30 panels. For everyone else we recommend 3-5 panels. If you aren’t sure which panels to join to start with, we suggest that you register to the ones in the list that we are going to be sending you tomorrow. Different panels will provide more earnings for some people, so it’s a good idea to try out a couple to improve your chances. If you are in a hurry, go to: and register with some more panels now.
  • Learn how to get the most from each panel. Although we suggest that you register with as many panels as possible, you should not rush, instead pay close attention to each panels “special survey opportunities” as we mentioned earlier. You can check the last series for more information. All panels have their own special opportunities in addition to regular surveys.
  • Check for new offers often. All survey offers have a limited number of people who can complete them. And if people fill the survey before you, then you lose your chances to complete it, even if you qualify for it. And guess what, which offers will be filled at first? The highest paying of course. So, checking for new offers often is one great strategy to significantly increase your earnings. When you find a good offer for you, start IMMEDIATELY!
  • Complete your profile fully & correctly.This is one of the first things you should do when joining a survey site. They rely completely on this information to decide which surveys to send you. Companies are paying for your responses, so they want to be sure that they are polling the right people! An incomplete or inaccurate profile can mean missed offers or a lot more survey disqualifications. Answer honestly so you don’t come across problems later on when you give a different or inconsistent answer! *TIP* Update your profile every 6 months or so, when something substantial changes in your life, such as buying a new car, or going on holiday. By updating your profile as soon as possible you have a much greater chance of qualifying for new surveys, especially ones you may not have qualified for before.
  • Make a list of things you plan for the future – This is not 100% necessary but it’s something useful that can get you a lot more survey invitations. Think about the types of topics each survey site generally discusses, if you’re planning a vacation in 3 months’ time, you could come back to your profile, update it and then start receiving holidays about your flight travel for example. Or the type hotel you stayed at.
  • Let them know if you plan to leave for some time. A good idea and something that can build a lot of trust is letting survey sites know when you are planning not to complete any surveys for some time. It doesn’t look good when you are being sent repeated surveys and not responding to them. They are your business partners, you make them money, they make you money. There’s nothing wrong with taking time away from surveys, after all you are not hired by them, and there is a good chance the survey company may be able to pause your account. Don’t consider surveys as an obligation by any means, but keeping in contact with them is a good way of creating a good impression and building more trust. Just drop them a line and tell them that you plan to stop for a while.
  • If you contact them, be polite. Surveys are simple to use, but they do have their own problems, for example there are rare occasions when you may not be credited by mistake. In the event of this happening contact them calmly and politely, there are no wrong questions!
  • Organize your email account. Create separate folders for each survey panel. This way you can easily keep track of new offers from each account, won’t get them confused and won’t miss out on new offers.
  • Check your spam. It’s surprising just how many legitimate emails end up in your spam folder, even the likes of PayPal and Amazon can mistakenly end up in your spam folder. Check it regularly, and immediately create a filter for each survey site so they are not sent there again. Make sure you know each important email address you will be contacted from and add them to your email account white list. You can lose a huge amount of money because of lost surveys being sent to your spam folder. *NOTE* Survey sites can send you messages from a range of different e-mails. For example customer service may have one email, whereas new surveys may be sent from another.
  • Decide which surveys are better for you. We all are here for the money, but you may as well try to make it fun at the same time. Otherwise its just a not interesting process you won’t like. Try to find which surveys and survey sites are most interesting to you. There are even some that will show you new movie trailers or discuss new technology or something else.
  • Register only with the highest paying surveys. Don’t waste time with low paying survey sites, fortunately we have done most of the hard work for you and tested hundreds of survey sites to find the very best and highest paying you should join. Tomorrow, more about this …
  • Download and install a tool for opening multiple tabs in your browser. Most survey panels will send you new surveys directly to your e-mail. However some of them won’t do this and instead will send them to your account on their websites. This means you have to repeatedly check their sites. The best advice to solve this problem is to use a tool for opening multiple browser tabs with the click of a button. You can load all of these websites open them with one click when you wish. That way you won’t miss and out and won’t lose out on a new survey offer. Just Google for “Opening multiple tabs” tool and you’ll find many free.
  • Make time in your week to complete surveys – The average online survey takes around 10-20 minutes to complete, as mentioned earlier panels can differ completely from one to the next. Some allow you to resume your progress, if your browser crashes or you can’t continue with it, others don’t. To make sure you don’t end up losing out try to set time aside each week to complete your new surveys.
  • Set up autofill on your browser – This is not an essential step, but it’s certainly a beneficial one!  Saving you huge levels of time and frustration. It basically does what it says. Just Google for free tools, all of them are easy to use.
  • Check your email regularly – Check your email regularly for new survey invites! Many of them have specific quotas so close up once they have enough entrants.
  • Consider downloading a tool to keep you safe – There are a number of trusted plugins such as the WebOfTrust (WOT) which provides information on a websites trustworthiness and whether a link is safe or not.
  • Start making money now. Just stop wasting time and start making money today.

So there you have it, hopefully you have learnt some new useful tips and will soon be implementing some of them yourself and boosting your earnings with paid surveys.

6 / 7

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