30 Ways to Make Money Online with Paid Surveys Starting Now
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30 Ways to Make Money Online with Paid Surveys Starting Now

EPF March 19, 2014

Here, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about making money with paid surveys. Actually, making money with them is very easy and you can start immediately, but there are many tips that can help you. So, my advice for you is to read this article carefully. In it you’ll find useful information that will help you understand surveys, make more, avoid scams and so on. After reading this, you will be able to start immediately. Let’s get started.

1. Understand Paid Surveys

What I mean by this is just to understand how the whole process works. This means understanding why they actually spend money. The reason is that once a company launches a new product, service or a web site, they want to know what people think about it. By asking different people, they can get ideas as to whether their products are good and what aspects need to be improved.

This is an important marketing strategy for any serious company. They know very well that no one will answer their questions for free; that’s why they are willing to pay. The good thing is that they are numerous and so we can make a lot of cash.

Believe it or not, there are more than 1 billion dollars a year to be made in this business. Online surveys are good for you, for these companies and for customers. Think about them that way. They ask you what you prefer and that way they know how to improve their products or services. Then they improve the quality and make more money. You get paid to help them and customers get better products.

2. Start Making Money Today !

As I’ve already mentioned, it is easy to start making money today. I didn’t do this blog to cheat people. I did it to help people understand surveys. I want to be 100% honest with you. I’ve never said that you will become rich and I don’t want to promise you something impossible.

The good thing about these programs is that you can start immediately, no skills needed, no money to invest. But there are downsides. The main one is that you can’t make a lot of money. Although I’m giving you a lot of information on how to make more, you can’t expect millions.

If you are serious about making a lot of cash online, then paid surveys are not exactly for you. They can only help you make some bucks , if you are in need and probably help you make something in order to start something more serious. If you are serious about making money online, I’ll give you more advanced information in this article.

3. Register Only with Legitimate Companies

Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. If you’re reading this blog, you can see that it is full or tips on how to avoid scams. The most important thing about avoiding scams it never to pay for registration. The most common mistake people make is to think that if they pay, they will make more. That’s what most scammers claim, but it is not true.

You’ll see many offers like “make $100/ hour”. Do you think that’s possible? If you are looking to make millions online, paid surveys are not for you. Here is the full guide from EliteSurveySites on how to find legitimate surveys for money.If you haven’t read it, I’d suggest that you read it carefully. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to know about legitimacy.

4. Join Only Trusted Panels

After reading my article about legitimacy, you’ll have a lot of research to do. In that article, I specified the rules for finding legitimate companies. If you don’t have time to do the research, go to my approved list of the best paid surveys. I do my best to list only legitimate companies.

How do I make this list? I constantly search for new panels, I constantly make money, I constantly read what people think about all of these panels. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a 100% trusted list of surveys. I believe that the list that I’ve made is one of the best lists online. I do my best to find only the highest paying offer. All of them are 100% free to register.Here are the top surveys:


My Survey




What do I mean by this? By expert I mean someone who makes money that way seriously. One of the main problems is that most of these companies have limited numbers of offers. That means you won’t be making a lot of cash, if you join only one company. But, why are you here? To make more! And, I understand that 99% of the people reading this post want to make as much as possible. Here is what I’d suggest. Register with as many sites as possible. As I’ve mentioned, they are free. Let’s say you register to participate on 10 panels. And let’s say all of these panels have only one offer weekly (actually there are many more). You will be making much more. I know people that do surveys for many companies. My personal suggestion is to start with about 10 panels. Then if you want more money, join more. Another reason for recommending that you sign up with multiple sites is that paid survey sites offer different payments. This means that you can select only the highest paying ones. There are offers for less than $1.You can just ignore those. And it is so cool to see payments from so many companies; you’ll see what I’m talking about soon.

6. Check for New Offers Often

Unfortunately survey offers are not unlimited. When a company releases an offer, they also specify the number of surveys they need and the criteria for people to be able to qualify for each offer. Once an offer has been filled, you would no longer be eligible to complete it. And, you can be sure that the highest paying offers will be filled almost immediately. That’s why it’s important to check for new offers often. Check at least once a day, or even several times a day.

7. You Have to Answer the Questions Honestly

Why are you joining up to do surveys? To make money, right? These companies understand that very well. Some people make this mistake: they try to cheat. They think that they can just click buttons instead of thinking about their answers, and that they’ll get fast cash that way. That won’t happen. You’ll end up being disqualified, losing all of the money in your account and getting banned. That’s it. These companies will only pay you if you help them. Bear in mind that they have a number of ways to find out whether or not you are honest. For example, they can use interconnected questions, they can check the average time you spend on an answer; they will always ask you what you think about their products. There is no way to answer this without being serious about their questions. For more information read this article on why you have to be honest. In that article, you will find more information about honesty.

8. Understand How Paid Surveys Disqualification Works

Disqualification is one of the most important things you need to understand. Disqualification is one of the most common problems that people encounter and is something what keeps them from making money. If you can’t qualify for an offer, you can’t do it and you will lose money. Unfortunately, there are some offers that have specific criteria and there is nothing to be done about that. There are things you can do to qualify for a greater number of offers. I’ve written a complete guide on how to avoid disqualification to as great an extent as possible. Read my full guide on how to avoid paid surveys disqualification here. It is an advanced article that will help you to understand what you need to do.

9. Make $100/hour but Pay Only $40 to Start; is this a scam?

Surveys are a good business, but there is another very successful business online, that works perfectly, no matter what kind it is, and that is scamming people. Scammers are everywhere. Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee that you won’t fall into their trap. There are so many sites that will offer to make you a millionaire online. Actually, it is true that some people are making millions online, but they are less than 1% of the people that have online businesses. I’m going to talk about that later. What I can tell you is that panelists won’t make a lot. Don’t imagine that these programs are a way to become a millionaire. However, there are good things about them – they are free and easy and no skills are required – but you can’t expect too much.

10. Let me tell you more about scams. What will actually happen, if you pay for joining?

There are legitimate survey sites that require you to pay them for joining, but they are rare and you won’t find them here. Why? Because there are many free survey panels that I can offer you. Let’s say you find a company that is legitimate, but wants money up front. Why would you join them when you could easily join many other companies for free? – They will redirect you to a list of free-to-join surveys. That’s what will happen in the most of the cases. But why pay for a list of free companies? I can guarantee you that my list of legit surveys for money is better than all other lists. As I’ve already mentioned, I list only legitimate companies. If you want to, you can do your own online search, but you can also go right to my list. And, I’ll give you this information for free. – They are just 100% scam. You’ll pay and then get nothing. There is no way to know this, until you join. – They will steal your credit card information. Fortunately, this happens rarely, but it is possible. Don’t provide any credit card numbers to unverified sites. No legitimate panel would require you to provide credit card information. Here in an article from EliteSurveySites on what will happen if you pay for surveys.

11. Complete Your User Survey Honestly

This will be your initial survey. In it, you will be asked to provide more information about yourself. Based on the information you give, you will be selected to participate in offers for which you are qualified. No matter what information you provide, you will never be able to qualify for all offers. The right way to complete this information is to be honest. If you provide inaccurate information about yourself, hoping that you will qualify for more offers, you can lose your account and the money in it. You have to be honest. Keep in mind that, if you provide one set of information in your user survey and contradictory information somewhere else in other offers that you complete, there will be a way for them to discover that you’re not honest and ban you. So, please complete your it seriously, even though you won’t make money by doing so. Actually there are some companies that will reward you with points for this. Some of these have to be completed during the registration process; others will be sent to you after you register. This is the last thing to be done before starting to make money. Another great tip I can give you is to go back and modify the information when there are any changes. That way you will qualify for more offers.

12. Where You don’t have to be Honest

As I’ve already said, you have to be 100% honest with these companies in order to avoid problems and make more. But there are things you cannot tell them. One of them is, when they ask you whether or not you participate in other panels, answer no. They don’t prefer experts.

13. Read Carefully Their Privacy Policy and Terms

I know that 99% of the people won’t do this. But this is a mistake. By giving out your personal information, you have to make sure that it will be kept safe. That’s why I suggest that you read the privacy policy carefully. Although I’ve read all of the information on all the panels that I’ve posted here, I can’t guarantee 100% about them. I’ve never had any problems of that kind and I’ve never heard people talking about these problems, so I can tell you that this will only happen in rare cases. Make sure you see something like this: “We’ll never resell or give your personal information to third parties”. Most companies will have included this. This is almost enough for you to know to register. In fact, I’ve written a more advanced article on what you have to read in their privacy policy.If you are interested, read it. If you have had any problems with some of the panels here, let me know. Please describe exactly what has happen and I’ll check and remove the panel if I see there are any problems.

14. What Information You Can Give Them

Before you join, you’ll be asked to fill out a registration page. Unfortunately, it is not possible to start making money with any company, without giving some basic information about yourself, like your name, address, phone number and so on. They need this kind of information, in order to release payments to you and make sure your account is not fake. What you never have to provide is your credit card number and your SSN. Your credit card information is not necessary for them to release your payments. Next you’ll have to answer questions on your user survey. These provide more detailed information about you. They need that kind of information in order to qualify you for offers.

15. Don’t Use Fake Accounts

Many people make this mistake, hoping that they will be able to make more, by completing the same survey from different accounts. That is not a good idea. They have a number of ways to see whether or not you are the same person. They can check the IP address where you joined and they can verify your name and address. So my advice is don’t do that. Instead, join up with multiple companies. That way you will be able to complete a lot of high paying offers with no problems.

16. Get Paid via PayPal

Paypal is the fastest way to get paid. The good thing about most of the companies is that they don’t have minimum payments, which means you can withdraw your money at any time. 17. Use Auto Fill Forms Tools All surveys have parts where you have to enter the same information many times. These are things like your name, address and so on. This will waste you a lot of time. In order to optimize the use of your time, use auto fill tools. There are many available for free. For example with Google Chrome you can use this one . This is a great tool, which will save you a lot of time.

18. Never Buy Products from Them

What most of the scammers do is offer you products. Legitimate companies won’t ask you to buy things from them. Doing that is a scam and there actually are freebie sites that do exactly this. You register with them, they send you offers to complete, which means registering on other sites, buying products from them and so on. That’s a way for you to get points and these points convert into cash. Surveys for money sites are totally different. There are no offers there. You make money by answering questions. I don’t want to say that all freebie sites are scam, but most of them are. So check carefully whether or not you are signing up with a survey company or a freebie site.

19. Understand Their Point Systems

Most panels work on point based systems. This means that when you complete an offer, you don’t get money; you get points. Different panels have different point systems. So, you have to look carefully at how their point systems work. In some panels $1 can be 10 points, in others 100 points. The reason why most of these sites use points is that they don’t pay only cash. Some of them offer other things. And, sometimes you can get gifts instead of points.

20. Make Money for Surveys, but Also Check for Gifts

Most of you complete surveys for money. But many of these companies also offer gifts. I just want to let you know that there are good gifts. Gifts can be redeemed for points from the panel, but there are also some offers that reward with gifts. So that means, when you complete the offer, you won’t see points in your account. You’ll get a gift. Just check these things from time to time.

21. Make More Money with Their Referral Programs

Most online surveys for money have referral programs. How does this work? Well, you refer people to their sites, and if these people register, you get paid for that. Different panels have different kinds of referral programs. Basically, you get a link that automatically redirects to their site. But their system can see that this is a referral coming from you. Referral programs are one very serious way to make more money. The main problem is how to find these people. If you have a way to find thousands of people, you will make a lot of money. One of the easiest ways to refer people is to add these links on to your social media accounts. Just let people know that you’ve already made money and some people will register under your. Actually, if you are serious about it, you can make a site about paid online surveys and start to drive traffic to it, but that’s not so easy.

22. If You Have Time, Read Online Survey Reviews Before Joining

If you have time, you can read what people say about the panel you plan to join. That’s a good way to determine if the panel is for you. In fact, I’ve already done this work for you. If you trust me, go to my list of approved free paid surveys and join without reading reviews of all potential companies. If you are already on my site, I can almost guarantee you that the information here is enough for you to start making money, but if you want to, of course you can do all that reading. Once you find a company you plan to join, you can write on Google things like: “the name of the company”, and words like reviews, scam, legit and so on. That way you will find out what people think about this company. Again, this is a waste of time, because you’ll find almost nothing else different from what is already here.

23. I’ve Already Paid Money for Registration

If you’ve already paid for registration, then here is what you can do. Try making money with the panel. If you see that they are not scam, then you can continue. But if you can’t make money or if you have been scammed, then you can contact them and request your money back .I think if you do that within a month you will be able to get you money back, but if they are scams, you won’t, I’m sorry to say.

24. Once You Find a Good Offer, Start it as soon as Possible

Now, one of the ways to get disqualified is if the quota has been reached. Let’s say you are qualified for a specific offer, but this offer allows only 100 people to complete it. At the moment it starts, there may be less that 100 people who complete it, but if you spend your time completing it and after completing it the quota has been reached, you will see that you won’t get paid for it. That is not fair, and some people will tell you this is some sort of scam. And probably it is. It is not honest, but what can we do? Different panels have different rules. It may happen, in the case that you try to complete it too fast, then you could end up not completing it honestly and if they see that your answers are not acceptable to them, they can choose not to pay you. This is one of the problems with surveys. In some cases, you will not get paid, for different reasons. I’ve never said that there are no problems with surveys for money. This happens to many people. If this happens, it is better to ask them. Just contact them and ask them what is going on with your money.

25. Open a New email Address

I’d suggest you work on surveys using a different email address. Don’t use a fake email address. Don’t use your personal email address.

26. Don’t Think All Surveys are Scam if You Have Been Scammed

There are many legitimate surveys, but there are also many scams. If you already have been scammed, don’t assume that all companies are scam. You’d be making a mistake, believe me. If you think that way, you won’t make any money at all. Can you name a business that is 100% guaranteed, that has absolutely no scam, where you don’t have to have any skills, where you don’t have to pay anything, where you don’t have to do anything and you will still make a lot of money? That is not possible. As in all other types of businesses, with surveys there are problems but there are also ways to make money. If you have had problems, just try again.

27. Help Me Make a Better List

That way you help me, but you also help other people. I’m asking you to let me know about your experience with all paid surveys. By letting me know, I’ll be able to post more information here. I can post information on your experience here .Do you know of another survey for cash panel that is not listed here? Please let me know.

28. If You Want More Information, Join My Blog

At the right side of the blog, you’ll find my social media accounts. By joining them, you will receive all the latest information on legitimate surveys that actually pay. I strongly recommend that you to join me. I can help you a lot. For those of you who have read this blog, you know that I never scam people. This is a blog on how to make money online with paid surveys, not how to get scammed.

29. Help People to Make Money with Surveys

One of the easiest ways to help people know about this post is to post it on your social media accounts. That way you will be letting know other people the information you have about making money with paid surveys. And, by the way, I value this. This is so important for me. I’m a blogger and I’m interested in what do you think about me. By adding this post to your account, you help me a lot. This is very important to me. Please click the buttons below.

30. Do You Want More Money

Surveys are not a way to become rich. If you are serious about making more money, I can help. Register here and I’ll help you. I’ll send you only quality information on how to make more money. You can unsubscribe at any time if you think that the information is not useful to you, but I promise you won’t do that, because I know that I post only great tips on how to make money online. Subscribe to EliteSurveySites.

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