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EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

Welcome to the largest list of legit paid surveys in over 100 countries. If you live live outside the US, many survey companies won’t allow you to register. And even if you register with some of them, there won’t be many offers available to you. That’s why we at EliteSurveySites worked a lot and completed one of the biggest lists with legitimate paid surveys in almost all countries.


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Note! It’s possible that you have been redirected to this page by clicking on some of our links to a survey company that doesn’t allow registration in your country. We redirect you to help you pick survey companies in your country. For example, if you live in India and you click on a survey panel that doesn’t accept people from India, you will be redirected to this page.

How Can I Start Making Money with Paid Surveys?

Making money with paid surveys is very easy. There are many tips and hacks that we discuss on our site. But for people who don’t want to lose a lot of time on our site and want to start making money with paid surveys today, we have completed our quick guide on paid surveys. 10 min of reading and you are ready to start making money today …

Is it Free and Legit to Start Making Money with Paid Surveys?

Absolutely! EliteSurveySites has spent many years to personally test and verify panels for you! Making money with paid surveys is an absolutely free and legit job from home. There are scammers who try to sell you products for making money with paid surveys. Don’t pay!!! On our site we list only free and legit survey panels. In addition, we provide all of the information you need to start making money for free, which is in fact much more advanced than what you will read on these paid products.



Only Legitimate Paid Survey Panels are Listed on Our Site.

We personally test these survey panels and make money with them to be sure that they are not scam. Here you can learn more on how we test and verify survey panels. Unfortunately, EliteSurveySites is not able to test survey panels in all countries. At this time we test panels from about 10 countries (but the number is increasing).

To be sure that we post only legit surveys that actually pay and are based in countries where we can’t still test the panels personally, we use a few tactics.

  • We post panels ONLY if we are sure that they are free to register and they are a legit business (we check if they have an actual business name and physical address on their site).
  • We rely on posting reputable and big companies. Although some of the panels look like small companies, the truth is that most of them are big companies who actually pay millions of dollars to their users.
  • Let’s say that we test a panel from one country and we know that this panel is legit. Then, let’s say that this panel accepts users from many other countries. In this case we list them under every other country as legitimate.
  • We also list some local survey companies in one country or small number of countries that we know are legit, but we can’t test personally. In this case we are much more careful and want to be sure that the company is actually legit.
  • By reports (positive and negative). We are a very popular site and people always report panels to us. This gives us a great idea of what works and what doesn’t. Do you know of a panel that shouldn’t be listed here? Let us know why. Do you know a great panel that makes you money and is not listed here? Please let us know, report it to us. That way you will help us improve the quality of our list and also help people from your country to make money and avoid scams.
  • We read everything about every panel that we list on our site. We carefully read reviews, blog comments, forum posts, we check them on BBB, we check what other sites have listed them and so on.
  • We work with freelancers. These are people from other countries that we pay to test panels and report them to us. We ask them to make money exactly like you and then to report everything to us. This helps us get a great idea of what works and what doesn’t, and also what to list here and what not. Note: because of the increasing number of requests from people from other countries, we started to test panels in many more countries. We feel really sorry for people who asked us about panels in their countries in the last few years and we didn’t help. This was because we were not able to help. Now we are much more serious about that problem and we work hard to help people in many more countries.
  • We directly discuss terms with these survey panels. EliteSurveySites is a very popular site and during many years in the business we have established great connections with many panels. We directly ask them to prove that they are a legit business, tell us why they want to be listed on our site, and list the countries where they accept people and actually have offers. Note: None of these panels are ours! They are third party businesses. The fact that we know some of them doesn’t mean that we prioritize them in our rankings!


My Country Is Not Listed. My Country Is Listed, But I Don’t Have a Lot of Offers. What Can I Do?

We are really sorry if you feel that we can’t help!

We work for you, not for these survey companies. We really want to help people in all countries. Unfortunately, this is not possible. There are countries where survey business is not so popular and we can’t find great offers for you. EliteSurveySites is not a survey panel, we are only a survey directory – a site that helps people make more money with paid surveys. Most of the best survey companies are US businesses and they work with people from the US only.

Here is what you can do:

  • Visit us again in time. We work very hard to constantly update this list.
  • If the registration to some panel is closed, then visit this panel again in time. The best time to try registering again is at the beginning of every month. We have found that many panels work with quotas. Let’s say that a panel will need 100 people from India this month. When they accept these 100 people, they will close the registration until the end of the month. Then, it is very possible that next month they will start accepting new people again.
  • Register with all survey sites listed under your country in our list.
  • Try to register to panels that accept people from countries close to yours. We have found many panels that work in some specific areas or countries. For example, if you live in some small country in EU, try registering in some of the big EU countries. If you live in Taiwan, try some panels in Philippines, Thailand, possibly India. If you live in a small country in South America, try in other countries close to you. For some of you this will work, for others it won’t.
  • If you register with a panel and don’t have any offers, don’t close your registration. They don’t have offers for you today, but tomorrow they can find some great offers for you.
  • Try registering at the biggest survey companies listed on our site. Some of them will allow you to register. Here is the list of all paid surveys that you can try. For some of you this can work, for others not.
  • Don’t pay for surveys. There are many scammers who will tell you that they will find surveys for you and you will start making a lot of money only after you pay the “activation fee” of only … $50. This won’t happen. On our site we list all of the surveys and we do that for free. Actually, many of these scammers copy information and panels from sites like ours.
  • If you can’t find a lot of survey panels in your country, you can probably start using other ways to make money online, like freelancing.

In case you feel that we can’t help you, we are really sorry. We do everything that is possible to help people make money with paid surveys.

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