Pro Opinion Review Panel: Is it a Good Panel or Scam?

Pro Opinion Review Panel: Is it a Good Panel or Scam?

EPF July 15, 2015

Pro Opinion Panel is an online review site which rewards participation. There are many business professionals with Pro Opinion but the true driving force behind this survey site is research. They offer meaningful and useful content while providing surveys to registered parties. Once you are registered you have access to a variety of articles which are enlightening and educational. Pro Opinion conducts research every day and spends millions each year to reward participants. Their goal is to use the surveys completed by consumers to help businesses develop innovative ideas. It is interesting to be a part of an organization which works to influence and shape policies, services and products being developed by businesses on a global level.


Pros for Pro Opinion

  1. Free to Join and Participate –There is absolutely no fee with signing up to participate in surveys offered at Pro Opinion.
  2. More than Surveys – After you are registered there are many other things to do on the site other than just surveys. There are tons of interesting articles and survey results to peruse through. These are very interesting and on topics which are very relevant to what is going on in today’s business world.
  3. Fair Rewards – The rewards for participating in the various surveys seem to be very reasonable and fair. It’s not like the old penny sites – where you take 20 minutes to do a survey for a penny. You are given a substantial amount of points for completing each survey.
  4. Low Payout Requirements – Especially when compared with some of the other survey sites, the requirements for “cashing out” your earnings is relatively low. One survey gets you about one-third of the way to payout. That helps the process go a lot faster.
  5. Choice of Surveys – You can choose which surveys you wish to participate in and are not obligated to do any particular survey at any time.
  6. Can Cancel Membership – If you wish to cancel your membership at any time for any reason you can opt out.
  7. Wide Variety of Surveys – There are numerous surveys that are always available.
  8. Infographic  – Members are granted access to the vast collection of infographics gathered from around the web. They are located in one place and easily accessed by members.
  9. Point Redemption Choices – There are many ways to redeem your points once you reach the minimum payout. You can get an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal deposit, or an iTunes gift card. You can also use your payout to make a donation to the American Red Cross.
  10. Part of a Community – When you sign up for Pro Opinion, you become part of an entire community. It seems to be very relevant to daily life. You can connect through the site to the social media outlets like Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  11. Run by a Legitimate Company – Pro Opinion is the same company who owns Opinion Outpost another legitimate survey site. Since it is run by a company that has already established its legitimacy, it is certainly a legitimate business site itself.
  12. Provide Useful Feedback to Large Companies – Pro Opinion is connected with some large corporations that span many industries including car manufacturers and health care systems. By completing surveys you have a say about the direction these companies are going to take in the future.
  13. Quick Turn Around on Payouts – There is not a large hassle when it comes to getting your payout. It’s simple and quick. They have one of the fastest turn around when it comes to getting your payout to you after you have made your request and chosen the method you wish to receive.



Cons for Pro Opinion

  1. Takes a long time to sign up – The initial sign up process is rather lengthy. It’s understandable since they want and need to gather as much information as possible about you so they can match you to the most appropriate surveys. But it still takes a long time to answer all the questions.
  2. US and Canada Only – The site is up for all to see but only those who live in the United States or Canada are allowed to register and participate in the surveys to earn points.
  3. Surveys are Long and Time Consuming – The surveys are very comprehensive which means they cover the topic thoroughly. But it’s not likely you can sit down and complete a survey in just a couple of minutes. These are not simple surveys they are detailed and have multiple questions. Be prepared to sit at the computer for quite a while.
  4. New Program – Pro Opinion is very similar to some other closely related survey sites, but it is one of the newest ones available. This makes it difficult to get information about the site to determine how legitimate the site is. There are lots of questions yet to be answered like how reliable they are to payout and are there any persistent complaints.
  5. Very Business Minded – The site is geared to ultimately benefit the business community. This means all of the articles on their blog and site are geared to providing information for business professionals. If you are not a business person these can seem disconnected or unimportant. The topics include general business ideas and developments such as how increasing digital marketing budgets yields greater results. It’s great for those in some sort of business, but for the common consumer it can be uninteresting at best.
  6. Enter a Large Amount of Profiling Information – The sign up process is a series of questions and as stated before it takes quite a long time to complete. But the questions are very profiling, some may not like giving out personal information online. It seems necessary so that they can send you relevant surveys. Many may find it downright obtrusive.


Overall the site is very professional, which is a reflection of the professional business environment they are trying to exhibit. Participating in surveys is free and you can opt out at any time. All you have to do is sign up online and start taking surveys that interest you. The site is totally legit and it is a good point that they payout using gift cards. The site is very business like and is very organized. Their blog contains many articles that are pertinent to the business community. The information on the site is geared to help enhance the business community and the surveys filled out by participants are designed to help businesses when it comes to making decisions. It is a unique way to connect the consumer with business professionals. Pro Opinion allows consumers a way to make a difference when it comes to products and services offered by a variety of industries. Surveys are developed to ensure a wide variety of industries are represented by the questions so participation is key to helping business professionals make effective decisions. It’s a win-win situation. Participants help develop new services, products or business concepts and industry professionals get insight into the way consumers think. It’s a great deal for everyone involved and you get compensated for your time.

Contact Information

Survey Sampling International, LLC
6 Research Drive
Shelton, Connecticut 06484.
Attn: Legal Department

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