What are Survey Routers and How They Can Help You Get More Surveys
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What are Survey Routers and How They Can Help You Get More Surveys

EPF May 22, 2017

What is a Survey Router?

Survey router is a website that lists various online surveys, usually on a daily basis and displays them in one spot. You do not have to be a member of a particular panel in order to take surveys through a router. Routers often list surveys across several panel sites that a company manages.

Actually survey routers get survey offers from different survey panels and list them in one place for you.

Incentives may vary based on the surveys available and will change regularly.

The Advantages of Using a Survey Router

  • Most survey panels send you e-mail with survey opportunities, while survey routers offer you the chance to take surveys right away.
  • A router directs the user to an available open survey
  • Using a router can improve your survey opportunities, make you more efficient when choosing which surveys you want take and enhance your survey-taking experience.
  • Sometimes when you apply for a survey, you may get a “quota full” message, or be screened-out when a little way into completing the survey. This can be disappointing and have a negative impact on the panel. Using a router greatly reduces the possibility of negative responses.

Using a router also undoubtedly eliminates some of the anxiety while waiting for survey invites to arrive in your inbox, which you may or may not qualify for.

Some Great Panels That Offer Router Opportunities

If you enjoy taking daily surveys and are happy to join a survey panel, here are some excellent sites you may want to link up with, all of which offer a survey router.

  • Survey Rewardz works with hundreds of market research companies to find surveys that best suit your interests. There are numerous daily surveys available, with varying rewards up to $10 pay for specific surveys. All surveys are taken on the website, so you will not receive unwanted e-mails that clog up your inbox. You can also opt for surveys that you qualify for and know exactly how much a survey pays before you take it. The cash out level is also low, being $1 for Paypal and $5 for Amazon and e-gift cards. They are a very highly rated panel site and panelists from all over the world may join.
  • Paid Viewpoint offers members online and mobile surveys and do not use a points system. You are notified by e-mail of survey invitations. The rewards system is payment via Paypal or gift cards such as Amazon and Walmart. The payout threshold is $15.
  • Tellwut, (short for tell us what you think) an online survey panel which is located in Toronto, Canada has to date posted over 19,000 surveys on its website. The panel is only available to US and Canadian residents. Rewards are in the form of gift cards from major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. There is no option for Paypal or debit/credit card payments.
  • Survey EveryOne is a panel that is accessible to people in many countries around the world, including the UK, USA and many more. Each survey pays up to $10 and the payout threshold is $20, which is relatively easy to achieve.
  • Survey Network UK is a panel for UK residents only. They process payments within days and claim that their customer service has a very quick response time. Survey Network UK send out survey invites to suit your profile, several days a month and not just one or two days, as is sometimes the case with other panel sites.

For the panelist who likes to keep busy, all of the panels listed above are very useful to join, with good opportunities to take surveys.  Each of the panels also offer the benefit of using a router, which often lists surveys available across various panel websites.

Why Many Businesses Still Do Not Use Survey Routers?

To date, there are more than 1200 online survey panels operating on the Internet. Strangely enough, although survey routing started more than 5 years ago, only 22% of the organisations use a survey router on their sites. As a result, many businesses are losing out and not getting the most out of their survey programs.

The major reason appears to be that the technology with routing is quite complex, which makes it relatively hard to understand the process. The complexity may lie in the process of allocating a single line of respondents across multiple surveys.

For those in the technology business, many new challenges always arise and the survey router technology is no exception. Sometimes these challenges are replayed into the network, but mostly the research into improvements are ongoing.

The survey panel industry, however, have been somewhat slow to adapt or make attempts to understand the technology.

The survey router system has proved that it can open up a panel from other sources and has the ability to handle and manage a lot of traffic.

Opt for a site with a router to increase your chances of getting more surveys.

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