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Best Paid Focus Groups Online of June 2024

EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

Do you get excited when you find out about a $10 survey? Those days are over!

You can earn over $100 per paid focus group, in just 1-2 hours!

That is a mystical number in the paid survey world. The market research companies that pay for surveys are ordering them in high volume. Since they need so many turned in, the amount they can pay is minuscule.

Meanwhile, paid focus groups run in smaller group sizes. This means every contributor receives a bigger “piece of the pie” for their efforts. Meaning, your hour of time gets you a nice $50 to $100, versus the $5 to $10 that you would get from doing surveys.

But, let’s not skip too far ahead…

“What Is a Focus Group?”

The paid focus groups definition is simple…

They are opinion panels, sort of like paid surveys, as you get paid for answering a lot of questions.It’s just a discussion.

Businesses pay for this information to get clear insight on what consumers think of their market, and their products. Many market research companies started offering online focus groups, as companies were more inclined to get globalized data. Now, many paid survey networks are also joining the hype and sending focus group invites to their users.

“Sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, what’s the catch?

Here’s the problem…

Paid focus groups run with a lot less people, and they are sometimes rare.

Not to worry, EliteSurveySites offers it’s users insight on how to find focus groups, while also earning more. There are many little loopholes and tricks you can use, in order to get a nice volume of focus group invites. After a while, you might find yourself giving up on surveys and just banking off focus groups online.

To improve your odds of making a serious living off paid focus groups and surveys, make sure you read our Paid Surveys Cash e-Book before joining any panels! Just register and get it for free.

How Do You Find Focus Groups Online?

Focus groups reward you well for your time. In fact, many would see salaries close to $100,000 if they could do them 40 hours a week. But, the unfortunate truth is that there are not that many opportunities available. Therefore, many dedicated survey panelists never reach their full potential, just because they are unable to find focus groups they can join.

You can make upwards of $3,000 a month, but that’s not a number that most will see. This is because people do not always take the advice they are given. To make a living with focus groups online, you must know how to get invited for exclusive opportunities. We will give you the most important piece of advice now, but Paid Surveys Cash contains many other great tips.

Here Are The Top 10 Focus Group Panels to Join!

In no specific order, they are…

1) Toluna

Logo for Toluna Best Paid Survey Site

After buying Greenfield Online from Microsoft in 2008, Toluna became a best brand in the online focus group world. Greenfield Online already specialized in providing focus groups online, so many spots opened up to the Toluna member pool. Seeing as Toluna is one of the biggest survey companies around, and they have many focus group offers, you do not want to ignore them.

Due to it’s size, Toluna has a wide range of surveys available for members all across the world. Many of these surveys pay upwards of $10 to $30 each, which is much higher than the going average. Toluna often invites members to focus groups after they complete relevant surveys. You can better your chances of getting invited to paid focus groups, while also banking off some of the best-paying surveys on the Web.

As a Toluna member, you can earn direct cash rewards or take sweepstakes entries. The latter does not pay as well, as most or all of your earnings come down to luck. But, it’s common for focus group invited to get issued to users who complete these surveys.

While doing more surveys on Toluna will greaten your odds, it can also work against you. If you are doing lengthy surveys that pay a lot of points, what’s left to tell? In most cases, a business will find the answers of a long survey to be as useful as the answers from a focus group session. To get more invites, focus your time on the smaller surveys.

No matter where you do join, do not skip out on Toluna…the others are not in any particular order, but this is the #1 paid focus group & survey site around! Join Toluna Now!

2) Ipsos I-Say

Logo for Ipsos i-Say Paid Survey Site

Ipsos I-Say founded in 1975, and now sees billions in revenues each year. The company bought out Synovate, adding around 50% to their annual revenue. This put them third in line for the top ranking market research groups, making it the largest focus group friendly network around.

Focus groups pay upwards of $120 an hour. Paid surveys do not earn near as much, but there are always a fair amount available. These surveys can also serve as qualifiers for focus group opportunities, so you should stay active. Plus, the site is pretty fun; you can earn bonus draw entries by guessing the right answer in their “poll predictor” game.

The only problem with Ipsos I-Say is that their website is sometimes buggy. You might get error messages from time to time, or your points balance might not adjust right. It’s easy to notice when a mistake is made, and their support is always willing to help. If you can get past the technological weaknesses, Ipsos I-Say is a well-paying and trusted panel to use. Join Ipsos Now!

3) My Survey

Logo for MySurvey Paid Survey Site

My Survey is a top-ranking paid survey network. In 2014, they paid out more than $32 million to their users. This amount came from completing surveys, focus groups, product testing, and more. Some complain about technical issues with the site, but overall it’s not a barrier. Plus, the high volume of focus group offers make up for it.

Most active survey takers on My Survey end up getting invited to at least one or two focus group invites each year. These often pay out with gift certificates and pre-paid credit cards. For example, in late 2014, My Survey ran a five-day long focus group panel that paid each panelist a $300 VISA card.

Something else that makes My Survey cool is that they let you withdraw your earnings through physical items. You can save up your points and cash them out for electronics, jewelry, and even kitchen appliances!

Another great thing about My Survey is that they always have a fair amount of interesting surveys on the go. This means you will have no problem keeping yourself busy as a survey taker. Though that may not be your end goal, each completed survey increases your chances of a focus group invite. It’s the same everywhere, but few sites can offer such a diverse amount of pre-qualifying surveys. Join MySurvey Now!

4) Focus Forward

Logo for FocusForward Paid Survey Site

Focus Forward is one of the lesser known online paid focus group panels. Yet, they might also be one of the best sites around for this type of work. Focus groups are their specialty, and their user count is not anywhere as high as the average paid survey network. So, it’s easy enough to pick up a few paid focus group invites a year here.

Focus Forward does things right. You do not have to complete endless surveys, in hopes that one will trigger a focus group invite. Though, there are a decent amount of online surveys available that pay upwards of $5 each. After you complete a survey, you might go through a phone screening process, then the focus group will get set up. From there, all it takes is talking about products and shopping habits to make you a nice $50 to $200 wealthier.

Being a part of the Focus Forward network can open the doors to many different types of market research gigs. They often advertise studies that pay in the range of $250 to $1,000, but these are often held in-person. However, some of the higher paying interviews are conducted from within the comfort of your own home.

When registering at Focus Forward, make sure to give as much information about yourself as possible. This will maximize your exposure to the available focus groups. To get an idea on what’s available, you can also check their job map. This shows you the focus studies, interviews, and online surveys that are available in your region.

5) Harris Poll Online

Logo for Harris Poll Online Paid Survey Site

Harris Poll Online is the survey panel division of Harris Interactive, a highly successful market research firm that established in 1997. The company works with approximately three quarters of the companies on the Fortune Top 100 list. And, it’s not just a trusted survey network, they also have many focus group opportunities.

Paid focus groups through Harris Poll Online can run in-person, online, or over the phone. The amount of pay varies by study, but you can expect to earn at least $50 per focus group session.

When you first sign up, your profile information will determine your survey eligibility. You do not have to worry about whether you will qualify once you answer some questions. Both your profile info, and your completed surveys will influence your consideration for focus group studies. If you fit the right demographics, you could receive as many as 10 invites a week.

6) MintVine


Logo for MintVine Paid Survey SiteMintVine founded in 2012, and now already boasts more than 5 million members. They are one of the most referred survey panels on the Internet. The majority of their paid surveys take just five to ten minutes to finish, and you get around $2 to $3 for your time. But, the focus group opportunities are the true hidden gem.

MintVine will reward it’s focus group members by paying at least $10 to $50 an hour for focus group studies. This can be cashed out through Paypal, or by other means, such as an Amazon gift card.

This panel has many other incentives, as well. Members get paid 10 cents for every poll answer they give. By referring your friends, you can earn 15% of what they make. And, you can cash out your funds through Paypal once you earn at least $10. Plus, you might receive an in-home product testing offer that pays just as well as their focus groups.

7) VIP Voice

Logo for VIP Voice Paid Focus Group Site

VIP Voice is a company owned by NPD Group, which is a market research firm that established itself back in 1967. The parent company works with many Fortune Top 500 companies, as does its survey panel division.

VIP Voice handles more than 12 million paid surveys a year, as well as many paid focus group panels. While the surveys do not pay too much, each panel equates to around $25 to $100 in rewards.

The great thing about Vip Voice is that they do not follow the typical, boring rewards system. Instead, you can use your points in “BidLand” or “SweepLand” instead of cashing them out. BidLand lets you bid on merchandise, vacations, and more, and the highest bidder wins. SweepLand lets you convert points into sweepstakes entries, to win prizes like inclusive vacations and hot electronics.

8) Survey Junkie

Logo for Survey Junkie Paid Survey Site


An undermentioned name, Survey Junkie already has over six million paid surveys under their belt. These surveys were paid out at anywhere from $2 to $75 each. In the meantime, an undisclosed number of focus groups were also completed. With Survey Junkie, you can make up to $120 an hour doing focus groups online.

It’s unfortunate, but there are limited focus group spots available. Those that get a chance to become a focus group panelist through Survey Junkie should jump on the opportunity. No matter how many paid focus groups you get now, it’s irrelevant. If any large contracts get picked up by them, you will notice a steady influx of focus group invites. That’s when the rewards really come, as they are one of the best-paying focus group panels around.

The cool thing about Survey Junkie is that they are not really a focus group panel. In fact, they serve more as a lead generation company. They match survey takers with survey providers, which allows for the most accurate pairings possible. This means you can bet on a bunch of survey networks at once, making it a possible hidden gem in your paid focus group journey.

All you have to do is sign up with your e-mail address and answer a brief questionnaire, and the invites will start to come. To maximize your chances of getting focus groups from the affiliated networks, make sure to take advantage of the survey invites you get. In our Paid Surveys Cash e-Book, we explain how you can do this without sacrificing your average hourly earnings.

9) Engage In Depth

Logo for Engage Focus Group Site

Few paid survey panels pay as well as Engage In Depth. Panelists can earn as much as $100 per focus group study through this network. Plus, this is a headache-free panel. You do not have to worry about converting points. As new offers come to your e-mail, you know what you will make if you accept them.

Engage In Depth is a company based out of Washington, DC., with worldwide reach. They run both consumer and healthcare panels. When you first go to their website, you get to fill out questionnaires to see which panel best suits you. But, don’t worry, Engage In Depth is one of the more trusted paid focus groups online.

10) Brand Institute

Logo for Brand Institute Focus Group Site

Brand Institute started operations way back in 1993. Ever since, they have helped many large businesses to figure out their brand. In essence, they are a market research company disguised as a brand identity consultancy service. Their paid focus groups are managed through their opinion panel division, called Online Global Recruiting. This is a company that deals a lot with medical surveys, which are often ordered by larger pharmaceutical corporations.

Brand Institute is another panel with paid focus groups that do not work through a points system. This makes it easy to know what you get paid. You get a fixed amount, which factors based on the focus group or survey you take. Plus, payment is easy as you can get it by check or through PayPal.

Brand Institute eliminates the need to deal with extensive questionnaires. You no longer have to worry non-stop about whether you will qualify for a survey. Plus, if you get invited to one of their online focus groups, there aren’t so many hoops to jump through. If you make it into their VIP program, or you work as a medical care professional, you can earn a lot.

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