Are ‘Get Paid to' Sites Scam?
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Are ‘Get Paid to’ Sites Scam?

EPF April 17, 2018

There is no famous Internet marketing millionaire who hasn’t tried to make some easy money that way.

Get paid to click and make money. Yes, today we are going to talk about these websites. GPT sites seem really lucrative to many people because they offer rather easy ways to make money online. But the question is: Are they actually scam? Let’s answer this question.

What are GPT sites actually?

Get paid to click.

Get paid to read emails.

Get paid to search.

… and make money online.

This is what they look like.

People are offered to complete easy and simple tasks and make money online. They are told that the money comes from advertisers whose businesses depend on people doing these actions.

Are GPT Sites Actually Scams?

To understand if GPT sites are scams, we have to answer one really important question.

It is about The Business Interest!!! Is there a real reason why these advertisers would pay for these activities? Or, do advertisers actually make money when you do these easy tasks?

If you visit and read these sites’ terms, most of them will read like this: Advertisers pay money because they require you to read their ads and they count that on average 1 of 100 people will probably buy their product. That way, they make money and that is why they actually have the interest to pay for your clicks.

This is believable for some people, but the truth is that those like you who want to make money by clicking are not willing to buy anything at all! Ask yourself: Am I here to make money or to buy products?

So, the question is how do these advertisers make money if no one buys their products?


GTP sites are not a complete scam! Actually, there are advertisers who spend real money on these GPT sites and that is how you get paid by them. And now we will discuss them.


The Real Reason Why Advertisers Pay to GPT Sites

What we explained above is true for some advertisers, but there are more reasons why people spend money on these activities.

Advertisers Pay Money to Test if People Want to Buy Their Products

Like we said earlier, they hope that people are going to buy a product. They hope that out of 100 clicks, on average, one person will buy a product. But the keyword here is ‘hope’. If you have a big company and run big TV ads, are you sure that these ads are going to be effective? You try, you test, you experiment. The advertising company gets their money, while your company can make more than you have spent on this ad, or less, or nothing. Similarly, such companies can experiment with these types of offers.

While there are offers that might not work, there are others that will… So, why wouldn’t they try? People click on ads and visit sites, why wouldn’t someone buy something?

In some cases, advertisers make money, in some they lose, there is no guarantee. But there is also nothing that will stop them from trying.

And that is one of the ways GPT sites make money from your clicks.

Advertisers Get Leads

Some advertisers that are more cunning can try to get you to register for their sites instead of asking you to buy their product. While buying some products from them is less likely to happen, some of you may be interested only in registering for their sites. It’s free! And why wouldn’t you do this if you can find something interesting?

For example, on our site, we have a guide called “Paid Surveys Cash”. The guide is free for anyone who registers at our site. Let’s say that we run a campaign about some big GPT sites and you come across our offer, register with our site and download our guide that will teach you how to make money with paid surveys. You visit the GPT site to make money, and you will probably be interested in getting our guide and learning more ways to make money online. This was just one example that would work. We would be interested in paying a GPT site to get us some clicks.

Advertisers Get Traffic to Their Sites

While purchases and leads are not guaranteed, the traffic that comes to advertising sites is guaranteed and real. But why would an advertiser want to have only visits by the people who don’t buy anything?  There are many reasons. Some of them boost the popularity of their sites and even their YouTube videos. There is a theory that this boosts the ranking of their sites and videos. However, the connection between increasing the traffic and boosting the ranking of the website is really complicated and there are many theories that explain that this doesn’t happen. But then, one thing is for sure. People test!

You run a site and a video channel. No traffic, no Internet visibility. Who would stop you from trying to test and get some real traffic?

So, if we have to conclude why people would pay money for these activities like clicking on their sites, we have to explain again the big difference between making real money and only testing.

There are advertisers who have some benefits from your activities. These advertisers will continue paying to GPT sites and buy traffic from them.

There are advertisers who will lose money. They will stop buying traffic one day, but in case they pay to the GPT site upfront, you will get paid. And the fact that advertisers lose money is not your problem. Be sure that if 100 advertisers lose money today and stop paying for your traffic, new 100 will come tomorrow.

And that is why we can conclude that GPT sites are not scams.

Why Do People Get Scammed by Some GPT Sites?

So far, we have discussed the fact that advertisers have to spend money on this type of traffic. If there is a real business interest, then there is a real business behind that.

However, this does not mean that there are no scammers. Like in all other businesses, there is always someone who wants to scam you.

Typically, there are a few types of GPT scams:

  • Although there are legit GPT sites, there are also some scam sites that actually don’t pay.
  • Some sites offer much more than you can actually make. Although there are some GPT sites that overestimate the amount of the money you can make, there are also people promoting GPT sites on their sites, people talking about these programs in their paid money-making systems, etc. But these people are not the actual owners of GPT sites. All of them overestimate the money people can make by clicking on sites. They post fake checks with huge amounts of money to get you to register and they get paid for that by the GPT site. Although this can’t be classified as a 100% scam because people actually get some money, we can say that it is a scam because people get manipulated into believing that they will make much more.

How Much Can You Expect to Make?

GPT sites are not a great way to make a lot of money online. If you want to make a lot of money online, it is possible, but not with GPT sites. GPT sites are a great way to make some extra income if you have spare time. They are also a great way for people who are just starting to making money online. Many people who learned to make a lot of money online have started with these programs.

If you stick only with sites that pay for clicks, don’t expect a lot of money.

You can expect more money (but not a lot more) if you combine different ways to make money. There are big sites like Swagbucks and Inboxdollars that offer multiple ways to make money with offers like these. Let’s say that you register with Swagbucks today and get a check of $100 in a month. Some of this money would be from paid surveys, some of it from search, some from their cashback program and so on. And this is the best way to benefit from these programs ‒ use a lot of free ways to make little money and then get one big check.


Clear Signs of GPT Scams Are:

Sites that are designed in the “get paid to”.

Strange but true! If you are looking for the best paid surveys, you will probably type “best paid surveys” and find what the biggest panels are. However, with GPT sites, it is not the same. Basically, there are 2 types of GPT sites:

Big GPT databases like Swagbucks offering multiple ways to make money, including getting paid to click, to search and so on.

Sites that are designed to look like “get paid to click” sites.

What’s strange here is that exactly the sites that are designed like “get paid to sites” are scams! And we don’t recommend them.

If you really want to make money by doing these activities, stick to the big databases that offer multiple ways to make money, including “get paid to” offers instead of the sites that are only designed that way.

Big GTP databases like Swagbucks are actually very popular sites that have paid millions to their members. They offer multiple ways to make money and will always give you some offers to make even more. They are legit businesses, most of them BBB-accredited. They care about their customers and it is highly unlikely that you will get scammed by them.

Avoid sites that offer you to make too much money.

Typical amounts that you can expect are low. Note also that most of these sites have certain limits. It would be easy to visit them, just click for an entire day and always get one cent per click. Many people would do this if it were possible. However, many big sites have ways to determine if your traffic is real. Do you click for real or you do this only to make money? What they want from you is to actually search from their website, not to abuse their systems.

Avoid sites that ask money to start!

Like with paid surveys, there are many websites offering you to start making money after you pay them. They can ask you to pay them for registering to their panels or buy their money-making systems where they teach you to make money with paid surveys. Paying to start with GPT sites is really unnecessary. All of the legit sites are free to register and the information on how to make money with them can be found online in many places for free. Don’t pay!


Tips to Make More Money with GPT Sites

  • Register with many big GPT sites and don’t abuse their systems. It is better to end a month with 10 checks of $100 than trying to make $1,000 from one site.
  • Register only with popular sites that look legit. These are sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars and so on. Avoid sites that are designed like “get paid to click” sites since they can be a scam.
  • Use other ways to make money like paid surveys, get paid to search, to click and so on. That way, you increase your chances to make more money. Also, a great thing is that these big and popular sites list these offers at one place in their panel after you register with them.
  • Don’t cheat! Many people try to abuse these systems to generate some fake traffic. Some people even use tools to automate the process. You will be detected very soon and if you do this, you risk the money in your account.
  • Use GPT sites only as a source of extra income. This can’t be your regular work. In time, start learning about other ways to make more money online.


Tips for Advertisers to Make More Money with GPT Sites

  • Understand the risk. You have a product and you plan to spend some money to promote it on GPT sites. Understand that each investment poses a risk that you won’t make anything. Some of these sites are scam.
  • Generate leads instead of trying to make sales. Let’s say that you offer some money-making system and try to sell it to people. Almost no one will buy instantly. But if you really have a great money-making system and want to teach people how to make money online, why don’t you try to get their e-mails first instead of selling it directly to them? Also, try to register them at your social channels. Give them some free information. Tell them who you are and why they should trust you. This works much better. Someday, these leads will become your regular customers.
  • Promote only quality products. If you promote some scams, no one will buy from you. Invest time and effort in making a high-quality product and then sell it. That works much better than offering scam products and investing a lot of money in advertising it.
  • Target your audience. Most of these GPT sites offer very interesting targeting options. Why do people visit GTP sites? To make money, of course! And if you promote anything that is related to making money online, they can be a great target. However, if you offer a product that is related to some specific audience, check your target options carefully.
  • If your advertising doesn’t work, don’t give up instantly. Test with a minimum of 100 clicks, but if this doesn’t work, change the strategy instead of giving up. This can be related to changing the site, the product and so on.
  • Use other ways to advertise online. There are so many options. A well-planned budget based on the risk can lead you to the most successful strategy for your business.
  • Don’t cheat. There are people who spend time on your campaign and you shouldn’t try to scam them and waste their time. Understand that this is your business and there is a risk. If people do what you want from them, pay them accordingly.

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