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InboxDollars Review of June 2024 – Legit or Scam : The Truth About Them

EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

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Operated By: CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc

Type of payment: Visa Cash Card, Check

Payment Delays: Instant Payment upon reaching threshold

BBB rating: A+

Mobile Surveys: No

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: No

Product Reviews: No

Additional Info: Daily Surveys

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): Free

Min Withdraw: $30

Points System: Varies

Points Per Survey: $0.10

Points for disqualification: No

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: Kindle Fire HD, Ipod Touch, Restaurant Vouchers

Contest Requirements: Complete cash offers on the site

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The opportunity of completing free surveys to earn money has surfaced, the questions and queries whether particular websites are genuine or not have risen as well. These days there has been a lot of commotion about making money online through websites and their offers and such. To all the dreamers out there: half of these claims are scams so tread carefully. One of these websites that make such claims is Inbox Dollars. There have been a lot of rumors that InboxDollars is not legitimate and/or does not pay its panelists. Whether this website remains true to its claims, read on and find the answer.




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I would like to start from the pros list because it is comparatively longer and more useful.

  1. A wonderful opportunity that does not come easily: One of the features that make it to the pros list is the fact that Inbox Dollars provides a relief to people such as stay at home people and such to make an extra bundle of cash to help with expenses. It is an opportunity that is scarce and should be availed in spare time. It is also a good option for young people to help them save up for college and other important events in their lives.
  2. So is it all true? The claims Inbox Dollars makes is partly true, how you ask? Well first off, it does pay. The first best thing about it is the fact that it gives instant money. This instant money is earned when you initially sign up or set up an account on the website, agreeing to the terms and conditions and registering yourself as a participant. For this, the website rewards you five dollars almost instantaneously. This was easy right? You had to do almost nothing except a series of clicks, taps and typing to make a handy five bucks. What could be more convenient than this, am I right?
  3. Tag a friend, get a reward! You would be pleased and very excited to know that offers a referral program. A referral program is when you invite your friends or family or basically anyone to join the website and if they do join in turn, you get rewarded for their registration. Again, this was so easy and convenient right? This however does not mean that you complete some fake profiles or accounts on the website and claim them to be your friends to get the referral bonus. This is not admissible or legal. If you have read the term and conditions document, you will see how the website has condemned faking accounts.
  4. Begin your tasks any time you want! Another notable feature about it is the fact that you can start doing tasks immediately right after signing up. You do not have to be a month old or a week old participant to start completing surveys. You can do these tasks whenever you feel like it, there is no pressure and no restriction on when you can apply for tasks. The best thing that I like about Inbox Dollars is that these tasks are widely ranged from anything to everything. You are not just restricted to taking polls and answering survey questions; you can even play games or shop or do anything sponsored by the website to earn money! Yes anything! This is what makes it by far the best feature about it. For each task you perform, you will be rewarded with fifty cents.


Although the cons list is not as long as the pros list, it is important to have all the facts and essential information before signing up or registering to this or any website for that matter. Before reading it, keep in mind that they are legitimate panel, not scam.That of course doesn’t mean there are not cons.

  1. A lot junk and a lot of mails! The first thing that I do not fancy that much is the fact that, the panelists have to sign up for a lot, (and I mean a lot) of promotional things as a task to earn money. These trials are mostly the things we are uninterested in. Sometimes these trials lead the people to join or register themselves on other websites. This is why your email junk folder will be flooded with such mails. These websites collect information from you to forward them to other companies that can utilize them. Some trial offers require your credit card information so pay close attention to where you are giving it out because that too can get forwarded or misused.
  2. Like a drop from the ocean: Secondly, the feature that can lead to an extreme dislike and dissatisfaction for Inbox Dollars is that it pays less. For each task that you perform, you get rewarded approximately fifty cents for it. Therefore you would have to perform a whole lot tasks to earn a handful of cash. It does offer money in exchange for reading emails, but that too is minimally rewarded. For each email you read, the reward is somewhere between one to ten cents which is almost nothing but still it is something. I do not think it is worth the time and effort to read junk spam mails everyday for a few cents. But then again, the choice is yours.
  3. How they actually make money for themselves: The last but not the least is the source of their funds. You might think how Inbox Dollars would earn profit by making you read some email and registering on websites. The answer is here. Whenever you sign up on another website through Inbox Dollars, the latter earns double or even triple the amount you would get from the former. Therefore InboxDollars receives its income by getting people to sign up for things on other websites. This might irritate you but hey, they have to earn themselves first to pay you right?
  4. A persistent complain: In addition to this, some people also complain that they have registered to the referred website but still have not received their promised payment of ten dollars. A word of advice here is to make sure you close the account once you actually do receive the amount. If you don’t  close the account will result in you receiving monthly payments for it that even if you do not pay will end up hurting your credit score and then you eventually. It is possible that through this, you will be forced to pay up hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on how long your account has been active with


Even though Inbox Dollars is not one hundred percent appealing now that you know the truth, it is a legitimate website that does in fact pay money for surveys. It is true that the money is not decent enough and the tasks such as reading emails and signing up for stuff is a major turn off, you need to decide what matters to you. If you are looking for ways to earn cash , then this website is probably not the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for ways to engage your free time in something useful, then this can be something to capture your attention. So if you are interested to add one more money making site, click here to login.

Contact Information

CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.
1295 Northland Drive
Suite 300
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

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