Gigwalk Review - Money Making App
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Gigwalk Review – Money Making App

EPF February 17, 2019

Here’s Gigwalk, one of the apps for making money online.

Let’s have a look at the profile of the company, the history behind it, it’s working mechanism, ways in which it pays and finally what to expect as a Gigwalker.


What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk was established in 2010 by a group of Yahoowho were interested in utilizing the power of the smartphones, to enable the consumer brands to identify and fix channel execution issues. In other words, Gigwalk uses its “human resources” of Gigwalkers to help brands collect data on ways and places that displays its point-of-sale materials, customer service progression, and competitor product distribution.

We have a secondary Gigwalk function that allows brands to use the app for its employees to record promotions, materials used for advertising and placement, shelf-placement, the collection of data, and many more.


How Does Gigwalk Work?

If you are looking to join a Gigwalk, “become a Gigwalker” you only need to download the app and register with your name, follow it with the email address, birth date, gender, occupation, level of education level and of course Paypal email. As soon as you sign up, you are free to open the app immediately- it uses the location of your phone services to assign the gigs. Look for the jobs closest to your area, and start applying right away.

When you chose a pin, all nearby gigs shows up with a summary of the task and what it’s pay. Settle on the one that you would like to tackle, look at the details and requirements again and, if you’re sure it’s what you want to handle, hit the “Apply For This Gig” button. If they pick you for the job, you will get a notification within the app and via the email and, once you’re approved, you get further directives on how to go about the task and the deadlines before which you must make your findings ready.

Most Gigwalk gigs widely vary; however, most of them involve some form of visitation to a store and events where you act as a “secret shopper,” taking pictures of point-of-sale displays, customer service, inventories, or a competitor’s displays. Like I said before, the gigs range from “taking a photo of each brand Y product in a particular storeroom” to “visiting a restaurant during lunch time and filling out a questionnaire about the service offered.”  Most Gigwalk jobs demand that you upload your pictures and fill the form to complete the gig.


The Payment, and How the Payment Work

Gigs available on Gigwalk are different, however, most pay between $4 and $12. There are instances where you land on gigs that pay up to $50. We looked at a random sampling of jobs, and one showed a payment of $4 to visit specific Pharmaceutical outlet. Another gig was paying $10 to answer questions based on what you see at the store location.

Other jobs available in the app included counting customers inside the store and in the checkout queue, purchasing items from a store, however, you don’t get reimbursed, and taking photos and uploading the receipt. All of these tasks issue important information for the business so that it ensures their retail execution is in the right manner.

Once you have followed all the basic procedures stated in a particular gig, for instance, filling out the required forms and answering any questionnaires that come along as a way of completing the task, you submit it for review. If it is accepted, you earn your money, just like that. However, if your job is not accepted, because of the poor quality of the photos, for example, it’s likely that you get another chance to go back to the location and gather another material that meets the required standards. Once your work quality impresses, the Gigwalk pays via Paypal.


Is Gigwalk Legit? How Are The Reviews?

Gigwalk is one of the world’s largest and on-demand mobile workforce, and a legitimate company. It has more than 1 million users who have completed tasks close to 8000 cities and towns in the United States and Canada. The company was a force to reckon with when it was started close to a decade ago (2010). However, it looks like it’s losing some momentum.

Many reviews provide recently cited lack of gigs as Gigwalk currently shows tasks only in most of the countries most populated centers. As much as some cities show quite a few available jobs, they can often go to the area’s outlying suburbs.

Far from the lack of jobs, we noted reviewers’ complaining about the app itself not working correctly. Some complained about the difficulty involved in downloading the app and even signing up whereas others had complained about the app failing to work when they wanted to upload photos after a specific gig. One current issue is a bug on the Android version that affects the functionality of the app.

More issues included potential internal hitches such as the time required for the approval of an application. Some tasks appeared and disappeared randomly.

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