What Online Surveys Pay the Most ?
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What Online Surveys Pay the Most ?

EPF Last Update: July 1, 2019

Surveys that pay the most money are those which have high-paying offers, provide a great number of offers, and have a great ratio between time spent on offer and the money you can earn. Note that this is different than the surveys which pay the highest total amount, and it is a factor which says more about the legitimacy and reliability of a panel.

Many people ask what is the survey panel that pays the most. The truth is that there is not such a panel, because panels work differently for different people. One panel has a high-paying offer for one person, but another person is not eligible because of their profile information.

For people who want to make more money with paid surveys, we at EliteSurveySites recommend that you register with more panels among the biggest survey names. This is the best strategy that will help you make more money.

Below is a list of the survey panels that we consider to pay the most. The list we made is based on our personal experience and the customer feedback that we have been getting for a long time.


Swagbucks is one of the highest paying survey panels. They have paid over 300 millions till now. We receive many great feedback on them always.

Inbox Dollars is great for these that are looking for many surveys available. The company offer many offers per day.

Pinecone Research is one of the best panel with a ratio time on survey vs money. They pay about $3 – $5 for about 10 min surveys.

Ipsos Isay is one of the largest companies online. They don’t give many offers, it will be about 10 a month, but this is a company that you can’t skip.

Toluna is one of the largest companies for online surveys. You can’t skip them.


How to find online surveys that pay the most?

Actually, this depends on the criteria we use. Let us share some of the main criteria that we use to evaluate these panels ‒ the same criteria we recommend you to consider before you register with a panel.

High-paying offers. Many people only know that you can make about $100 per hour or even more. This is true, but the problem is that these offers are very rare. These are typically focus groups, mystery shopping offers, or other long surveys that accept only a few people. It’s not a great strategy to try to go after these offers only.

Number of offers. People prefer panels with many offers. This is another factor to be considered when it comes to paying survey sites.

The ratio between the time you spend on an offer and the money you earn. This is an important factor. For example, an offer that pays $5 and is only 10 minutes long is a great offer.

Payment history. We have an article that shows how much money survey panels have paid to their members so far. This is a really interesting study, and some people think of it similarly as of the first factor, but this is different. The fact that a company has paid over a billion dollars does not mean that it will always work great for you. There are people who make more and people who still can’t qualify for many offers from the same company. However, this factor applies more to things like the legitimacy of a panel. If a panel has paid over a billion dollars so far, would you expect them to scam you for $100? Of course not!

What is the best strategy to make the most money with paid surveys?

This is another question that we get a lot, and it is a great question. The best way to make more with paid surveys is to register with the top 10 surveys or even more, complete their profile surveys and wait for great offers. Some of them won’t give you a lot of offers, but one day you will qualify for a high-paying offer. Other panels have contests, so you have great chances to win!


There is not such a thing like a survey panel that pays the most. If there was, all people would register with it. If you want to make more money, you have to work with more companies and wait for their best offers. If anyone offers you a lot of money with paid surveys, know that this is a scam.

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