PrizeRebel - Many Users & Great Pay, But What’s the Catch!?

PrizeRebel – Many Users & Great Pay, But What’s the Catch!?

EPF May 5, 2016


In the three years Elite Survey Sites has been running, we have not once mentioned the PrizeRebel name. In fact, this panel even flew under our radar!

From a quick look at their site, they hold the following big claims:

  • $8 million given in lifetime rewards
  • Over 6 million users worldwide
  • Payment through eBay, Amazon, or PayPal
  • Established in 2007

It sounds like a typical top-10 survey panel.

So, naturally we got curious …

Here are the questions we asked ourselves …

  • Who is PrizeRebel?
  • What’s the company’s history?
  • Are they a scam or trustable?
  • How much do their panelists make?
  • How often are survey invites sent out?
  • Should we recommend them to our readers?

A lot of questions … but many of these we dig into when review any survey panel, not just a site we were caught off guard by.

So here is what Elite Survey Sites found out about PrizeRebel through extensive research efforts:

Who is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a market research company that dresses itself in a fashionable get-paid-to website. Users can join and complete various tasks, such as watching videos, doing product trial offers, and, of course, filling out surveys.

The company has been in business since 2007 and they have over SIX MILLION members.

Yet we have not heard of them before … have you?

Well, their claim of being in business since 2007 is true.

You can find archive records of their website, when users would complete offers to win video game products.

Is PrizeRebel a Scam or Are They Legit?

Most users have had a good experience with PrizeRebel, according to what you can find said on the Web about them. There have been some bad experiences, but that’s typically with all survey panel sites. And with nine years in business, there’s bound to be some bad among the good claims; overall though, PrizeRebel is a company you can trust!

Funny enough, we noticed they have a ‘Testimonials’ page and most of the time this means ‘SCAM!’ but we were completely wrong. When you go to it, you will notice these are video testimonials and while some or all could be faked, you can definitely lend more trust to what these videos say than what the average testimonials page deserves.

The only issue we can find with PrizeRebel is the fact that they claim to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When you search through the BBB, no such company is found. No companies line up in context in a Google search either.

What could that mean?

Well, their Whois information page gives no information since they opted for Whois protection on their domain name. This has been in place since registering in 2007; so there’s no real way to tell if the company governing PrizeRebel has a BBB page, but they have no obvious BBB presence.

All we can see is proof of trust …

Even back in 2007 when they first started, users have almost always had pleasant experiences with this company. When they first started out, offers were completed in return for video game products, digital codes, etc., and users always got paid quickly. Their BBB claim is a bit fishy, and they should clarify on that, but everything else checks out.

Further, they have racked up 120,000 followers since establishing their Facebook group.

Their group page was opened back in 2010, so it serves as the best example of their longstanding reputation; with six years to be grilled by social media users, once again, little bad has been said about them.

While some users have had complaints, their staff typically makes a (communicated) effort to resolve their issues. This is a huge plus … if you run into a problem with this panel, you can comment about it on their Facebook page and expect they will take accountability.

Thankfully, their customer support is top notch; if you ever have an issue, send them an email or open a support ticket and your answer will come quickly.

How Much Does PrizeRebel Pay?

Alright, now that we know PrizeRebel will pay us, we next need to figure out how much we can expect to make here.

First off, here’s the standard conversion rate for PrizeRebel’s points system:

1,000 points = $10 USD

You can request a withdrawal for as little as a $2 gift code or as much as a $250 airline gift card. If you opt for the $100 VISA card, keep in mind that it costs 10,300 points instead of 10,000 points as you are also charged for the activation cost. Likewise, a $50 VISA card will actually require 5,200 points to order.

You will notice a few other gift cards require slightly more points than the 1,000 points / $10 rate suggests. Some oddities include Shell, 76, and ExxonMobil, but with 15+ pages of withdrawal options to choose from — cashing out certainly is not an issue.

We suggest two particular cashout options: bank transfer via Dwolla and Bitcoin via SnapCard.

The two above carry insignificant fees and have no overcharges.

If you want to enjoy earning with PrizeRebel, you can target consumer goods like Xbox One consoles, first generation video games, fun board games like ‘Cards Against Humanity’, and so much more!

How Often Are Survey Invites Sent Out?

PrizeRebel is one of the more active panels. But, it gives the most opportunities to those who do more than just their paid surveys. So get active with other get-paid-to offers they have also, such as their search, trial, and video offers.

With that said, you can expect to receive enough survey offers that you can manage multiple withdrawals monthly. Being active with all the different paid offers they have will net you even more. Plus, being an active panelist at PrizeRebel will qualify you for status-based bonuses.

How Can You Make More at PrizeRebel?

To increase your earnings, the first thing you should do is focus on building your tier status up. It will have a direct impact on how much you earn for completing tasks. Even better, it can open the door to instant delivery when withdrawing through digital codes.

So, the tier statuses at PrizeRebel work like this …

Silver – 1,000 points

Gold – 3,000 points

Platinum – 7,000 points

Diamond – 12,000 points

Say you get to Diamond status, that means you managed at least $120 in earnings for the month. It is easy enough to do this if you are fairly active on their site.

If you get to the top tier, here are the extra rewards you earn:

    • Instant payments
    • 7% income boost monthly
    • 3% prize boost
    • 30% of earnings from referred users

That last point is key. As a Diamond tier member, you will score 30% of whatever anyone referred by you manages to make. If you were a standard user with no special tier status, you would only get 20% shared with you.

Do the Daily Surveys!

You would not believe how easy it is to make money on PrizeRebel by just staying active every single day. In fact, the quick daily surveys alone pay approximately 75 cents daily for just a few minutes of your time. That’s $22.50 a month off guaranteed surveys!

So you can easily expect to do better than that; most users are Gold or higher, but if you at least make sure to knock off the daily surveys you will certainly earn well here.

Refer Family and Friends!

We usually do not bother suggesting to our readers that they try and refer family or friends. It is not often that we even suggest our visitors to be “regulars” at any survey panels. But this is the exception; it’s worth it to attract your family and friends to PrizeRebel under you!

Think about what you can make, on average, from each person you refer.

If they all made the $22.50 per month minimum off the daily surveys, you would be earning $6.75 a month for every user you get. This can add up quickly; if you had 25 active members under you, that would be a passive income of $168.75 per month!

The only downfall is the fact that you cannot get this commission for the referred member’s commissioned earnings or contest scores.

The point is clear … it pays to be active at PrizeRebel!

Other Cool Stuff at

You will quickly learn the ins and outs of PrizeRebel. In the first few days, it will become clear there are countless survey opportunities available. However, the pay rate for each varies tremendously so what you earn comes down to which opportunities you take.

For those trying to maximize their earnings, it would make sense to filter the available opportunities based on which pay the most. From there, you can allocate your immediate time to whichever opportunity — whether on or elsewhere — will compensate you the best for your time.

However, do not limit yourself to being loyal to the Daily Surveys … the Daily Points tasks also pay well and make for an easy way to continuously earn points.

Do not miss out on the Daily Points tasks.

You are able to do up to 20 tasks each day, which give you small points rewards in return.

Other repetitive activities, like the ‘Lucky Number’ game, can earn you even more. This particular game exists as a weekly draw, with the prize consisting of a points jackpot. Winning it can boost your balance a nice sum — it all comes down to how many numbers you match.

Plus, there are various prize draws, raffles, and much more. Keep an eye out and see what you can get involved in along the way. As a regular member, you are bound to hit at least a points jackpot every so often.

Are you a minor looking to do paid surveys?

If so, you are not exempt from joining with as long as you are between 13 and 17 years of age and you have your parent’s permission.

But, keep in mind that the survey offers you get might be limited as a result of your age. A company can request the PrizeRebel panel to only issue their survey to a particular age group, and quite a few require 18+ as they are a different buying audience.

We are most blown away by the payment options!

It is cool to think, you can cash out through numerous types of gift cards or codes and in many different denominations.

In fact, this is the perfect way to do surveys as a means for paying off Christmas gifts each year. If you wanted to just send gift cards in the mail, you could choose from the countless gift card payment options they offer.

Once you are at least a Silver ranking, you can qualify for certain instant rewards.

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