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What Are The Best Paying Survey Sites With The Highest Rates in 2017?

EPF June 21, 2017

Many people ask us this question:

What survey sites actually pay the most?

We at EliteSurveySites work hard every day to evaluate the quality of many panels. Today we decided to give the most correct answer in our opinion.

It is important to understand that it is not only about which panel pay the highest rates. Finding the best survey panels comes down to looking for the best value, not just the best payouts. YOU want to make more money for your efforts and time spent on completing surveys!

Our answer is based on these factors:

  • What panels offer the highest paying offers, such focus groups, mystery shopping ect.
  • What are the offers with the best ratio: money paid / time spent (would you prefer to make $10 for hour survey or $3 for 10 min survey?)
  • Types of payments (especially Paypal!) ; payment delays ; minimum payouts (would you prefer instant PayPal payment with min payout of $10 vs gift cards with delay of 3 months after you make the points?)
  • How often you receive survey offers and how often you receive high paying offers (many panels have different ways for you to make money, focus groups, mystery shopping, high pricing product reviews (that will be for you after you survey them 🙂 ), play games, and so on … you can mention more here … )
  • Do survey sites actually pay? Are they free to register and legitimate? We don’t spend a lot of time on these factors, because for for people who know our site, all of the panels here actually are free to register and legitimate. Actually there are some survey sites that don’t pay, but we don’t list them.

Now, I hope you understand that there are many factors that we have to talk to when we make the list. Pinecone Research for example don’t have high paying focus groups, but they have regular paid surveys, paying about $3 for each (which is about 10 minutes of work) and in addition instant Paypal payments. So, this panel definitely is worth joining, although they offer only few per week. Ok but in this example the factor: money/time spent is very high. Also the fact that they have $3 instantly Paypal cash, means that this panel is for you! What about some panel that offer rarely surveys, but from time to time (even one time per few months) you receive high paying focus group of over $100? Does this panel worth? Sure! Why not??? You only register and then wait. And so on. Now, I hope you understand that answering the exact question: what are these sites that pay the most can’t be answered exactly. But, … we have something for you. We prepared a great list for you, based on many factors that we have evaluated from different top paid survey sites. Last! Before I give you the list of 2017. The most most most important thing is to understand that there is not one high paying panel. In fact, if you want to make $1,000-$3,000 months with paid surveys, you have to register with multiple panels!

Before we give you the list, here are our:

Best 3 Tips to Actually Make Much More Money with Paid Surveys

  • Register with many survey sites, at least 10 or even more!
  • Complete your profile survey and update!
  • When you receive high paying survey offer online, complete it instantly!


Here is The List of The Highest Paying Survey Panels in 2017


Pinecone Research

They offer 3-4 surveys per week. Each survey is about 10 min of work and you get paid $3 for each. You’d say why this panel is at the top? In fact many people love Pinecone Research. Let’s dig into the actual benefits.

  • They offer very little amount of offers, but if we compare how much time you have to spend a week and how much money you will make, then definitely this is a great ratio. With these few offer per week, you have to spend totally less than hour and you will make $3/every 10 min of our work.
  • They offer pre approved surveys. Many other companies often disqualify you after completing online surveys and you don’t get paid or get paid but less than the actual value of the offer is. Pinecone Research send only prequalified offers and you always get paid, this is another great advantage of using this panel.
  • Instantly Paypal payment, no delay, $3 min of payment (which means that you can register no, complete one in 10 min, and find $3 in your Paypal in few days !!!)
  • Great contest – for these of you who win, it will be great … here you can type more about the contest
  • And it is FREE to register and absolutely LEGITIMATE survey panels (I even don’t want to talk too much on this, because people familiar with EliteSurveySites know that we don’t add panels that we are not sure about legitimacy or are not free to register)

Pinecone Research is invitation only panel. We at EliteSurveySites have deal with them and here we provide only legitimate survey invitations. Note if you find someone ask you to pay or to complete offers online and so on this probably is scam! Unfortunately this great company have a lot of people wanting to join them and so their invitations are limited.


Survey Rewardz

Although you probably don’t know this site, you would ask. Why this company is listed so high? The reason we list is so high is because they are a survey router. In fact they are great and high growing router. Although survey routers look similar to survey companies, they are not companies. Routers log in many survey panels and list all of the offers they find. Advantages of survey routers are that you can find much more offers available for you, instantly. This is a common problem that most other legitimate companies have – limited numbers of offers. And also most of the surveys are listed there, and are pre approved for you, less disqualification.

  • This is a panel that works with hundreds of market research companies to give you more online offers. They try to find paid surveys that best match your profile. Based in the US, residents in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK are eligible to join.
  • In addition to ordinary online surveys, there are opportunities to participate in focus groups which are highly paid, or you could be invited to complete other high-paying surveys when the panel is requested to submit particular surveys for clients who are linked to Survey Rewardz.
  • No e-mails regarding the availability of surveys are sent out. You need to log into your account to find surveys online which may be linked to your profile. You can also see how much each survey is paying. At any one time there could be several to choose from.
  • The rewards system offers a choice between cash paid into your Paypal account, or an Amazon gift card. There is no complicated points system.
  • They pay between 50 cents and $10 the length and nature of the survey. The cash out limit is $1.00 for Paypal, and $5.00 for gift cards. This is pleasingly low, as you do not have to work for ages to reach the threshold.
  • According to the site, withdrawals take about 5 days to process, but some members have complained that they have waited 14 days and more to receive the payment.
  • The best thing about Survey Rewardz is possibly the fact that it is a site which offers the use of a survey router. A survey router lists various online surveys, available across several panel sites, and displays them in one place. A router directs you to open surveys, and gives you an excellent chance to increase your opportunities.
  • They are completely legitimate and trustworthy panel.

So, join survey rewardz today.



  • They are known as one of the highest paying panels, who offer various ways to make money. These include focus groups, product testing and webcam surveys, all of which pay way higher than normal surveys.
  • You are rewarded with points called Swagbucks (SB) which can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, or gift cards and vouchers. SB are awarded for activities across the board from watching videos, surfing the web, to completing surveys. Payments are from 100SB ($1.00) to 2000SB ($20) depending on length and value of the activity.
  • The payout threshold for redeeming SB is 300SB or $3.00, which is incredibly easy to reach.
  • Once you have redeemed your SB, payment is immediate.
  • Survey invites, about 2 or 3 daily, are sent via e-mail.
  • They are a legitimate, reputable company, and absolutely free to join.
  • Membership is open to people in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, France and India.

Register Now!



  • They are not the usual online surveys. They are in fact video surveys, and you need to use the video function on your smartphone, tablet, or computer webcam.
  • When you sign up, during the registration process, you will find that they insist on video profiles. This is mainly to establish that you have a suitably working web camera.
  • Once your profile and demographics have been established, it will be used to match you with suitable surveys. Surveys are posted on your dashboard which you can apply for by answering a few multi-choice questions, after which a researcher will review your responses and invite you to take the survey.
  • The survey consists of 7 questions that you must answer using the video function on your device or webcam. The entire process takes 20 minutes on average.
  • Every time you complete a 7 questions, $50 dollars is paid to your Paypal account within 24 hours.
  • There are sometimes also 1 question surveys, where the same principles apply, except that the payment is $10.
  • Not many invitations are issued, mostly around 3 per month, but at $50 each, a total of $150 is a good ratio of payment for time and effort expended.


Vindale Research

  • Vindale Research focus mainly on normal paid surveys, but regularly offer additional ways to make extra money. This includes reading e-mails via Reward Mail, product testing, chances to review a website, or opportunities to evaluate books, all of which allow you to earn an extra $20 to $50.
  • Free to join with a $2 sign-up bonus. Member requirements are that you be over the age of 18, and resident in the US, UK, Australia or Brazil. When you register, take great care to build a detailed profile which will help you to receive invites that you qualify for.
  • Rewards are in the form of cash via Paypal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $50.
  • Payments are usually $1 to $5, but some surveys are occasionally offered for up to $50. However, it is more cost effective for your time to concentrate on the lower-paid surveys that only take about 10 minutes, and are in plentiful supply. The big ones are not all that easy to come by.
  • You are able to browse current surveys on their website, or get e-mails when new offer that match your profile come in.
  • Vindale Research pay all withdrawal claims, but unfortunately they are known to be somewhat on the slow side to pay out.
  • They are legitimate and reliable, and to date have paid out more than $5million to members.

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Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

  • They are a legitimate online market research panel who have been in business for more than 10 years. The company is not global, but operate in 3 countries, the US, Canada and the UK. However, each country has its own website to work from.
  • The rewards protocol works on the points system which can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card, or cash via Paypal. The cash out threshold is $10 (100 points) for Paypal, or $5 (50 points) for the Amazon gift card.
  • Payments are between $1 and $5 per completed survey, although periodically there are other which pop up that pay $20 to $25.
  • There is a quarterly cash draw of $10,000 which is available for all members who complete surveys. An added bonus is that if you are disqualified for a survey, you still get an entry into the draw.
  • Signing up is free, and you will be required to complete one or two profile surveys to ensure that you are directed towards that you will more than likely qualify for.
  • Surveys are e-mailed to you at the rate of about 2 per day, but you not have wait for the mails to arrive. You can also log onto the website, and access a list of available surveys in the membership area.
  • They claim to have a very quick turnaround when it comes to paying out withdrawals.
  • Opinion Outpost is a popular site with a good reputation.


Harris Poll Online

Logo for Harris Poll Online Paid Survey Site

  • This is an online web-based panel, which has been operating since 1963. It is free and easy to join. All US and Canadian residents are accepted from the age of 18, or 13 with parents’ permission. The focus is on online surveys, but they also offer members opportunities to make extra money by participating in focus groups, telephone surveys, and direct mail assignments, among others.
  • Rewards are offered only in the form of points, called HIpoints, with a cash out minimum of 1250 points, equivalent to $10, which can be redeemed for gift cards from stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and more. Each survey pays 75 to 150 points, unless you are invited to complete a higher paying survey much longer than the usual ones. Bear in mind that you do not have the option of a cash payment.
  • Although there are shorter surveys which take about 5 minutes to complete, most take an average 15 to 20 minutes. Because some take much longer than the estimated time, you could be losing out on the ratio of payment compared to the time you spend on the survey.
  • A great benefit is that Harris Poll gives you the opportunity to win a cash prize of $10,000 every quarter in their HIstakes sweepstakes draw. With every survey you complete, you gain an entry into the draw. If you are screened out, you will still get an automatic entry into the draw, as well 15 points credited to your account.
  • Unfortunately Harris Poll only e-mail you 3 or 4 invites per month.
  • When you redeem you HIpoints, it takes about 15 working days for the e-gift vouchers to be processed.

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nielsen logo

  • This is perhaps the easiest way to make money and get great rewards. Companies want to know the trends of how people use their mobile phones. All you have to do is sign up, download the app onto your smart phone or tablet, and just keep on using your mobile devices as usual.
  • The same applies to your computer. Once the software is downloaded, your internet browsing habits will be tracked to give valuable info to the companies needing it for research purposes.
  • You will earn points that you can redeem for prizes like gift cards, home appliances and electronic goods.
  • You will also be automatically entered into Nielsen’s monthly sweepstakes draw of $10,000.
  • The software is safe and secure to use, and your privacy will not be compromised.

Register Now!

This is our list of some survey sites that actually pay the highest rates in 2017. We are waiting for your feedback. Do you like our list? Do you know better panels that these? Let us know!

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