MySurvey vs Pinecone Research

MySurvey vs Pinecone Research

EPF June 9, 2015

There are many ways whereby someone can comfortably make money online without a hassle. What you require is a computer or smart phone. You also require a good access to fast and reliable internet. Two of the best paying online survey platforms are MySurvey and Pinecone research. They have both been ranked highly by various blogs, including the Elite Survey Sites. Both programs offer rewards for surveys taken. Everyone, regardless of their age, profession, class or even health status, is allowed to take the surveys. The platforms, therefore, provide an opportunity where people can make extra money to meet their needs and obligations or can even be a primary source of income for others.

MySurvey has a free membership policy, and anyone is free to join by filling a registration form on their website. The free membership usually has restrictions. One of the restrictions is the discontinuation of membership once the person who had installed the application software in his or her device uninstalls it. It is therefore important for a member to keep this application constantly active on his or her computer to avoid such kind of incidences. However, Pinecone researchers, on the other hand, operate on an invite only memberships. Prospective Pinecone Researcher panelists are required to get invitations from existing members. Alternatively, they can find links that can help them join the site. However, the link can only be used by Americans and Canadians.

Pinecone Research, despite being new, ask for their members’ opinions on product ideas or even new products that may not be in the market yet. MySurvey also asks for opinions of product ideas that have already hit the market, hence soliciting for their feedback. Both companies are therefore able to provide accurate information to the manufacturers or producers. The information is vital in the improvement of the products for the betterment of the consumers. The research platforms are very useful in this accord.

MySurvey’s members can complete their surveys from anywhere and at any time using their personal computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones or even using the mobile app. The members earn points upon completion of surveys. Unlike money, the points allow the users to get whatever they want. The members are, therefore, able to redeem these points for gift cards, cash, vouchers, e-certificates among other exciting products. For instance, when a member has earned 1000 points of which it is an equivalent of ten dollars, he or she can be in a position to request for cash out. Upon successfully redeeming their points, one can easily be paid through PayPal. This transaction could just take a week to be completed and the member will be smiling all the way to the bank. The e-certificates can therefore take a few days to be availed in member’s inbox. Pinecone Research, just like MySurvey, also offer points to their members that can be redeemed for cash or other prizes available on their website.

Pinecone Research requires their prospective members to sign a membership agreement before taking any surveys. The agreement requires them to be confidential in that the members who take the surveys are not to disclose any information they obtain from the interviews. The agreement is legally binding, and members can face legal action if they breach the contract. Some of the activities barred by the agreement include posting of product descriptions or even names on social media, chat rooms or blogs; selling products given to members as test products; discussions about the survey with third parties; copying product ideas; allowing third parties who are not of the same household as the Pinecone Research’s member to use a test product or watch the survey process; and registering multiple times as a member. The agreement also requires the members to assure the company that neither the member nor people in the immediate member’s household and family are employed by marketing researchers; consumer packaged goods companies or even by players of the advertising industry.

Pinecone research is very strict in its surveys. Even if one has obtained membership, there is no guarantee that he or she should receive any surveys. It is upon the company to contact the member only if he or she fits their required criteria and then the company would require a timely feedback from such member. The invitations for surveys may usually take a long period that ranges from many months to a shorter period like a few days.

Pinecone Research requires its members to fill the surveys that are sent to the using email. One has to complete the survey in order to be paid. The emails are usually loaded with the product information and their usage criteria. The survey may also involve video interviews that may last 15 to 30 minutes. The products may also be sent to the members’ homes so that they can use them thus providing accurate feedback. The product testing part sometimes is intriguing. This is because there could be no attempt to make the members informed about the arrangement beforehand. There could be a box dropped on the member’s doorstep after a few days upon completion of the research giving directions for the product testing.  For each survey completed the United States of America citizens earn at least US $3, the Canadians earn at least CAN $5 while the people of the United Kingdom at least UK£ 5. Sometimes the members may decide to be paid by means of a check. This would then imply that they should be able to catch it before the expiry day, which is usually in a period of 120 days. The payment process is made straightforward by the company. The company has simple directions that can easily be followed by each and every member. The payments are usually made for every meaningful effort that has been made by the member. It takes a shorter period of around 20 minutes to finish everything which is required. There are no problems whatsoever with payment. This can be seen through most of the reviews of people who have worked with this survey company.

MySurvey, just like Pinecone Research, also requires their members to fill survey as well as accept products and provide feedback on the products. MySurvey’s surveys, however, are shorter as compared to other companies’ surveys including Pinecone Research.  The surveys, earn the members points that range from as little as 10 points to 300 points. These points can be redeemed for money at the rate of 1000 points for US $ 10. MySurvey is well known for its steady stream of paying surveys throughout the year. At the moment, My Survey prides in paying out over US$ 32 million in the year 2014 to their members worldwide.

MySurvey prides itself as a community where consumers can feature products and services. They give consumers an opportunity to voice their opinions by taking surveys and trying out product tests. Pinecone Research, similarly, pride themselves in being able to “influence tomorrow’s products today”. Their members not only benefit from the points that can be redeemed for cash or other prizes, but also learn about the products in the market as well as influence the products that make it to the stores. Pinecone Researchers also offer sweepstakes to its members. It conducts a bi-weekly draw where the winner walks away with a prize of US $ 500.

Both of the platforms, Pinecone Research, and MySurvey have ranked highly amongst the people who make a living by taking surveys. Both sites are said to be honest and fast in processing payments. This is seen in the earlier parts of this article. The users have also recommended them to prospective members by terming them as reliable, consistent and fun. Most attribute their financial stability to the sites since many joined them upon losing their jobs during the economic crisis period.

One of the advantages of using Pinecone Research to take surveys is their prequalified surveys that are sent in the form of invitations to the members’ emails. The pre-qualifications mean that the member will not be disqualified in case they don’t match the criteria required for them to take the survey. Another advantage is that their payments are cleared within 24 hours. Despite having over 6 million members, they can process the payments within a day or less upon completion of a task. The members are also allowed to withdraw any amount from their accounts whenever it is convenient for them.

One of the advantages of using MySurvey to take surveys is that it is simple and can be conducted by anyone. For instance, they conduct video interviews just to watch the member’s facial expressions. The company also give their members a two year long period before the expiry of their accounts. The members, therefore still get the chance to access their earnings despite prolonged periods of inactivity.

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The survey platforms play an important role in seeking financial stability. It is important for every prospective member to understand the requirements for enrolling in these platforms. It can be seen in this article that MySurvey boosts of free membership while Pinecone Research works on the basis of invite only membership. The payment criteria are also well set and can easily be followed. These include the redemption of points for cash and other merchandise.

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