Ipsos vs. Toluna

Ipsos vs. Toluna

EPF March 24, 2015

The experts and researchers must always have credible information to rely on before making any conclusion about a given topic. For instance, for a doctor to conclude that a certain drug in viable to heal a given disease, he/she must have done a lot of research and survey as well. Similar to the politicians, for them to identify the regions they would garner most votes incase elections were held today, depends largely on the competent research carried out. This survey is not restricted to the only examples I have cited above, it’s widely used for the benefit of understanding the outside world as per the intended purpose. These researches are very vital and critical. They call for the utmost correct survey for one to make a final conclusion. A survey conducted poorly gives false information. If this information is relied on, then issues get rumbling. Due to this reason, people turn to the paid surveys which are conducted by experts. The probability of them having flaws is negligible hence relying on them may not miss the bull’s eye. Choosing a good site for both the participants and members is vital. The online platform is now becoming web-based. The online opinion polls and surveys are quite advantageous to both the participants and researchers. The participant is able to earn an extra coin and enticing rewards for sharing their opinions and also the researchers can easily do a consumer poll for their products in no minute. This article will focus on comparing the Ipsos survey as well as Toluna survey online platforms. This is to try and ease the process of making a good choice.

Toluna is an online survey platform that rewards participants in sponsored polls, profile survey, inviting a new member into the platform and participating on online surveys. The points awarded in the Toluna online community, are accumulated and can be exchanged for gifts. Unlike in Ipsos, you are only rewarded points the moment you complete an online survey. They do not reward you for inviting a friend to join the platform as witnessed in the toluna online community. Ipsos have no profile surveys and is slower to awarding points to the members after survey completion as it is evidenced in the customer’s reviews and opinions. Toluna’s rewarded points have a wide range of benefits unlike those of Ipsos. The accumulated points in Toluna online community can be utilized to get vouchers from several stores, for instance the Amazon. This is not observed in the Ipsos case hence the difference. In Toluna, amazingly, you are awarded points for just signing up and taking a few steps of completing your profile. This is not the case for Ipsos, where you get awarded points after completing an online survey. The profile you create, is what the staff base on when selecting persons to conduct a given survey.

Toluna online community gives the member an advantage of testing the products and retaining them after the research. The ipsos testing products are said to be the company’s and you have to return them after the survey. The joining to the Toluna online community is simple and their services are offered free of charge. Toluna invites you to their platform to let others know whatever you think and get rewards. This is not replicated to the Ipsos case. For you to take any Ipsos survey project you must qualify for it. However, Ipsos offers booby rewards for each member who is not qualified to handle a certain order. The users are rewarded five points each after they take a survey and realize they are not eligible for the survey. This has both demerits, Ipsos avails access to all survey projects, after working on it and you want to submit it that’s the time you are alerted that you do not qualify for the survey. For Toluna, you are only given access to surveys you qualify for hence reduced risks of being turned down.

Ipsos have loyalty program. This program ensures you stay with them longer. The tactic they use is rewarding you peanuts at the start of your surveys and keep increasing the rewards as you lengthen your stay with them. For the Toluna, they lack this loyalty program for they pay constantly from the beginning until the end of your stay. For instance, Ipsos rewards $1 for every 100 points accrued, while Toluna awards $1 for every 3,000 points accrued by a participants. This fluctuation is as a result of rampant point’s awards buy the toluna online community. Too much of them but they exchange the points poorly compared to Ipsos, whose points awarding can be termed as scarce hence the high rates of exchange between the points and  amount of dollars. Also comparing the payment per survey between Ipsos and Toluna, Ipsos awards relatively better than toluna. Ipsos pays $45 per a hundred points and toluna pays $50 per 2000 points.

The payment modes also varies for both online platforms. Ipsos has a number of payment options compared to Toluna. Toluna only pays through PayPal and gifts while Ipsos is diversified a bit. It pays through cheque, donations, pre-paid cards and PayPal. Still on payment terms, each platform has its own set minimum payout that can be processed upon your request. Ipsos seems to rank high since its minimum payout is $10 while for the toluna online community minimum payout is $20. The members of each accrues a certain bonus upon completing each survey. The ipsos takes the lead by awarding its members a $5,000 sweeps take, draws and monthly drams. On the other hand Toluna ranks after Ipsos, they have bonuses like 500 points upon registration, new gifts program and monthly draws. The survey length also varies. Toluna’s survey length is just a few minutes for short surveys and 20-30 minutes for long surveys. Ipsos varies its survey length basing on the approximate length that is adjudicated to each survey. Equipped with this comparison, it eases your efforts to decide where you will lay you membership.


Which one would you choose? Well, why not both? They are legit companies. But if you want more information, here it is:


Name: IPSOS I-Say

Ipsos Logo

Operated By: I-Say

Type of payment: Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards

Payment Delays: 5-8 weeks from the time of redemption

BBB rating: A+

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: Yes

Focus Groups: Yes

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: Operates surveys in over 100 countries worldwide!

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE

Min Withdraw: $10

Points System:1000 = $10

Points Per Survey: 10-100

Point Expiry: If you unsubscribe

Points for disqualification: Yes

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: $1000 contest for new members

Contest Requirements: Register to the site!

Join Ipsos I-say

Name: Toluna

Toluna Logo


Operated By: Toluna Group

Type of payment: Paypal, Amazon gift cards & dozens of other gift cards

Payment Delays: Instant if Paypal/Amazon

BBB rating: A+

Mobile Surveys: Yes

WebCam Surveys: Yes

Focus Groups: Yes

Product Reviews: Yes

Additional Info: High levels of surveys

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE

Min Withdraw: $20

Points System:60,000 points = $20

Points Per Survey: 500 – 20000

Point Expiry: After 6 months inactivity

Points for disqualification: No

Contests: Yes

Contest examples: 15,000 points

Contest Requirements: Post a picture on Instagram

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