Permission Research Canada Review

Permission Research Canada Review

EPF April 3, 2017

About Permission Research, Canada

Permission Research is a market research panel based in Canada, established in 1999, and is a subsidiary of ComScore Inc, a large US internet analytics company, that was founded back in 1936, which now has a global membership of over 2 million members.

The goal of Permission Research is to get a better understanding of the patterns and trends people use when surfing the internet. The information is ultimately used by companies to make informed decisions about future business decisions on the internet.

They also have an ongoing TV trends project which measures how people watch TV, and collects data on how on-demand programming is used. This research is used to increase the understanding of TV viewing habits for various companies.

How to Become a Member of Permission Research?

The first step is to accept the “Terms and Conditions of Use” which explains, among other things, how the software operates. If you agree, then joining up is quite simple.

You must begin by completing a registration form, creating you member profile, then you will asked to download a special type of software, (which is mandatory,) that will be used to track your habits while you browse the internet. The software will run silently and not interfere with any surfing of the web.

Should you also want to take part in the TV tracking research project, you will get the directions how to set it up.

Note that Permission Research, Canada’s membership is only open to Canadian residents over the age of 18.

Once your application has been processed, and the software installed, you will be good to go!


Member Benefits

  • Online Surveys. Panelists are given 200 points per completed survey. 2800 points has a $10 dollar reward value.
  • If you don’t qualify for the survey, you will to participate in a spin-and-win where you can win 50 points to 10,000 points, or prizes.
  • By running the software and completing surveys, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded with sweepstakes entries, cash or gift cards.
  • Members may also be contacted about special surveys that offer cash or gift cards for participating.
  • Automatic entry into monthly cash draws, and year-end sweepstakes.
  • Through the Trees for Knowledge Program, Permission Research funds the planting of trees to improve the lives of communities in Central America, Africa and Asia areas. They donate a tree for every new member who joins.


Privacy Policy

Some privacy concerns about the software download have been voiced by potential members regarding the possibility of their identities being compromised.

However, Permission Research ensures that the software used to record internet usage patterns does not reveal any identities, as the data is collected in aggregate form. The panel has strict privacy policy set in place and accredited by A+ BBB.

Advantages of Permission Research survey panel.

  • Members receive free software such as file protection, screensavers, games and online privacy tools.
  • They are a legitimate, reputable and reliable site, who offer good rewards when gathering information.
  • They have a refer-a-friend program which can garner you extra points and gift cards.
  • Members accumulate points by letting the downloaded software run on their computers, and by taking part in the TV tracking research program.
  • The cash-out threshold of 2800 points with a value of $10, is not difficult to achieve.
  • All panelists are eligible to be entered in the monthly draws which offer $100 cash prize.
  • There are also other draws for bigger cash prizes of $2500 and more.
  • Permission Research work under the patronage of ComScore Incorporated, a global internet analytical company, based in the US, which has an international membership of more than 2 million members.


Opinions – Good and Bad – of Panelists

There seems to be a somewhat mixed bag of complaints and praise. The complaints are mainly to do with the software that is mandatory to download, as well as poor customer service.

Here are some of the major issues members were unhappy about:

  • There have been reports of the software being of a poor quality, which has caused problems with computer speed.
  • There was also a complaint from a member whose security detected viruses when the download was attempted.
  • Further complaints were received about a destabilizing effect the software had on the computers of some members.
  • Further complaints were received about the poor response of the customer service section. The rewards section of the site was not able to be viewed, and all efforts to contact customer service were fruitless. The member had to eventually report to the BBB before he got a response, and was able to access rewards section.


Some Favourable Reports Include:

  • A $25 gift card won on the spin-and-win game. Surveys are fun to take, easy and many short enough to complete quickly.
  • Surveys always pay 200 points, and tend to mount up in a relatively short time.
  • A big plus is that with Permission Research there is not much active participation needed to earn rewards. The main requirement is that you download the software and allow them to monitor your internet usage.



There are several problems with this survey panel, mostly with the software that is mandatory to be downloaded. Another disadvantage for some is that you will not earn any money, only rewards, gift cards, or merchandise.

You may be lucky and win cash from entries in the regular lucky draws or sweepstakes.

This rewards system does not suit those who want some hard cash for their efforts.

There appear to be more negatives than positives to the Permission Research site.

The average rating is 2 out of 5 stars.

Contact Information

Privacy Office
11950 Democracy Drive
Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190

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