Irish Opinions Survey Panel Review

Irish Opinions Survey Panel Review

EPF June 12, 2017

Irish Opinions is a market research company where you can participate in paid online surveys and earn great rewards. You will earn credit for every survey you take that you can redeem for gift cards from top brands such as Tesco, Boots and many more.

They operate under the auspices of Research Now, founded in 1999, arguably one of the world’s largest online market research companies. In the past year over one million members have earned rewards for their survey participation.

Getting started is quick and easy and you can be immediately on your way to earning rewards.

Irish Options membership is limited to residents in Ireland over the age of 18.


About Irish Options

The aim of Irish Options online surveys is the same as that of Research Now, to help shape the products and services of the future, a service which is valued by the companies they represent. Irish Options is also committed to provide you with an exceptional online survey experience with rewards to match. They also guarantee to respect and protect your personal, private information and never share it with anyone else.


The Types of Research They Do

A variety of interesting subjects are covered, such as reviews of new blockbuster movies, favourite foods, healthy eating, environmental issues, and even fashion trends, among many others.

Other research opportunities include invites to home and focus groups, testing new products, as well as reviewing advertising campaigns before they go live.

Because Irish Options offer such a wide choice of surveys, there will always be something in the mix to take your fancy.


How You Will be Rewarded for Your Work?

Irish options reward you with gift cards or vouchers for stores such as Boots, Tesco, and Eason, Ireland’s best known bookshop, plus many others. Each survey completed is usually rewarded with €1 and €2 for shortish questionnaires, with up to €50 for more specialist surveys. Focus groups and product testing are also high payers which can boost your rewards account.

The cash out threshold is €10, which is easy to attain.

There is also automatic entry into a quarterly sweepstakes draw with a prize of a £150 Amazon gift voucher.

Once you have completed a survey, your earnings are deposited into your account, where they will accumulate until you decide to redeem the rewards. Note that they do not pay any cash rewards.

Signing Up Is Free and Easy

You are required to fill out a short registration form, then submit it to activate your membership and account.

It is also very important to build a profile before surveys get sent out, with as much detail as possible regarding your domicilium and interests. The more information you provide, the more survey invites you will receive, especially those surveys which are relevant to your profile. This dramatically reduces the chances of being disqualified for surveys.

Always check your profile regularly, and update whenever necessary. When your profile is up to date, your chances of getting relevant surveys are increased.

Advantages of Irish Opinions

  • They are consistent with sending invites for surveys, on average about 20 per month.
  • Payout threshold is €10, which is reasonably easy to attain.
  • They pay well and there is often a survey invite every couple of days.
  • The survey experience is generally very good.
  • Rewards are easy to redeem and there are no technical issues that prevent earnings being credited to your account.
  • Queries are promptly attended to by a very competent customer service department.
  • They are a legitimate, reputable, reliable survey company, who offer great rewards in the form of gift vouchers and gift cards.
  • As a participant in the surveys, you will be automatically be entered in the quarterly sweepstakes draw.

Some Disadvantages of Irish Opinions

  • Many members have complained about the slowness of getting the redeemed rewards paid out. Apparently the payment of the rewards goes into a pending file for a few days, and when payment is activated, it takes a further 10 days before it is received by the member.
  • There is no regular printout for members who like to know what rewards they have earned.
  • There are also complaints that survey invites are sometimes very few and far between.
  • Members are unhappy about being screened out, sometimes even before they start, and more often after they have completed about 10 or more questions.
  • Another complaint refers to the rewards for some of the longer surveys of 15 minutes or more, are not worth the time and effort you have to put in.
  • Some members would prefer a cash alternative to gift cards.


For the most part, members are satisfied with Irish Opinions survey panel. They are happy with the reward system, as well as the payout protocols. Most are also satisfied with the number of surveys they receive for which they qualify – and the amounts paid for completed surveys.

The unhappiness of members seems to be rooted in the slowness of the arrival of redeemed rewards, which some claim has taken up to 6 weeks. There also seems to be general dissatisfaction about number of survey invites they receive.

Contact Information

Research Now LTD (“Research Now”)

The Panel Manager
c/o Research Now Ltd
160 Queen VIctoria Street
London EC4V 4BF

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