MintVine Review - Great Paid Surveys, Focus Groups, and More!

MintVine Review – Great Paid Surveys, Focus Groups, and More!

EPF May 13, 2016

Ever hear of MintVine?

They started up back in 2012 and have obtained millions of members since then. Their site rewards users not only for completing paid surveys, but also for shopping at local businesses, completing focus group studies, and much more!

But really …

Who is MintVine?

MintVine itself is a paid survey company.

But it is a privately owned company and the information about them is limited. You will find out a lot more by researching the company that owns them.

MintVine is owned by Branded Research Inc., and is their website.

The company behind MintVine provides market research data to businesses worldwide. They have offices in both India and the United Kingdom, as well as a headquarters in San Diego, California. Their users are spread all across the world, but are mostly located in Canada, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Is MintVine a Scam or Are They Legit?

Some get worried when hearing about MintVine, thinking it’s a scam, but it’s really just an unfamiliar name. In fact, the company has done very well to establish and maintain quality reputation. Over the years, they have not only dealt with complaints — but they also have done so, frequently, in a public manner.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have been since June 11th, 2014. They hold a “B” rating, which is respectable for an online survey panel. This rating is the result of 14 closed complaints made against them in the past three years.

With no sour business since 2012, MintVine has certainly proven their worth. They, by far, come across as a survey panel you can trust. So that’s not a concern, but you do need to consider how much you can make from them as well.

How Much Does MintVine Pay?

The surveys found at MintVine are all fresh. You do not have to worry about getting screened out as much. Even when you do get screened out, it’s still a little rewarding. Plus with a $3 account boost from the initial profile survey — it really will not take long to earn a withdrawal.

Moving forward, repeat panelists have yet to find a shortage of surveys at MintVine.

Here are some things worth pointing out…

  • An average of 150 to 300 points per completed survey

On average, you can expect to make around $1.50 to $3.00 per survey. These do not take very long to complete — they eat up roughly 10 to 20 minutes each for most users. This means anywhere from $4.50 to $18 can be made per actual working hour.

That’s not bad, plus you get a $3 profile builder survey when you sign up. Before long, you will have your initial $10 earned and ready to cash out!

They have a good supply of surveys most of the time. If high paying surveys run out, you can do other paid tasks to further build your balance up.

  • Big earning opportunities with paid focus groups

The key is to get focus group invites as these can reward you as much as $50 in a single hour. You just have to answer questions in the form of a conversation, instead of a direct interview-style list.

Of course, the hard part is getting the invites in the first place. There are millions of panelists on MintVine and only a select group of them will qualify for any particular focus group study. So you want the best possible exposure to MintVine focus group invites.

You can do that by being active as a survey panelist. Doing so will also earn you a little bit here and there, but the real money comes from the focus groups.

  • The chance to do various fun product testing offers

Sometimes you have the opportunity to do a product testing offer. Most of the time the product is included for free — but this is a fair portion of your compensation. You will receive a few bucks on the side for answering some questions and giving your general input on the product.

Product testing offers are not big paying opportunities. In fact, they are only periodically enjoyed and the compensation value of them is usually minimal. You are better off taking on these offers purely for the fun aspect; keep an eye out for any products you have a personal interest in!

What’s cool about this part of MintVine is that they do not limit themselves to products. You will find quite a few paid services that can be obtained for free under the same arrangement. In fact, you might even be able to use an online service quickly and then get paid for your input. With this level of simplicity, almost any level of compensation would be worthwhile.

  • A few dollars extra a month from completing daily polls

Don’t forget the daily polls either. These are entertaining and they only take a few moments of your time for five points in return. Do them daily to earn bonuses as you hit ‘streaks’ of days. A 10 day streak earns you a 25-point bonus.

After 30 days of daily polls, you will have earned 75 points in bonuses and 150 points in daily poll completions — that’s an extra $2.25 a month for a quick click or two every day after signing into your MintVine account. In fact, they even claim you can select an answer randomly if you feel none of the answers properly suit you.

Side note: You even get rewarded a small amount (5 points) for getting screened out of surveys!

MintVine Payment Methods

MintVine can request payment once their balance reaches at least 1,000 points, which equates to $10 USD. The withdrawal request can be processed through numerous payment processors, and also various physical items.

Some of the many payment methods offered by include Dwolla, PayPal, digital vouchers, physical gift cards, and VISA prepaid credit cards.

How to Make More with MintVine

The best way to increase your earnings, aside from by being active, is through being socially active about your paid survey habits. is a technologically advanced site. Their interface includes Facebook integration; you can even use your Facebook account to register as a MintVine user!

So, when you have the option to share and earn you have to take advantage of it!

Even better, you can use your social media presence to influence others to try MintVine as well. If you do this while sharing a picture proving you were paid from them before — your friends and family will quickly be sending you questions.

For signing someone up, you will immediately be rewarded; you get a 50-point bonus after the user finishes a single survey. Then, you will earn 15% of what they do from paid offers and surveys. Not too bad at all!

Further, you can build up your MintVine balance more by taking advantage of any ‘Local Deals’ that show up in your dashboard. These come up when businesses in your area partner up with MintVine; if any are available in your area, all you have to do is shop at that store while following the stated requirements and you will get a reward for your purchase!

Conclusion: MintVine Survives the Elimination List! is still a relatively new website, seeing as they have only been in business for four years so far.

It is unknown how things will progress for the company — but one thing that’s definitely true, they are one of the few existing panels with a truly innovative site. They are poised for growth, and with social integration behind them — it would not be a surprise if MintVine continued to get and keep big name clients, which means more offers for you!

In just four short years, MintVine has proven to be a legitimate player in the online paid survey world. Anyone looking to make consistent cash off simple paid surveys, or big paydays from paid focus groups, will want to set up an account here.

Do not hold off … join now and earn yourself $3 right off the bat!

Contact Information

343 4th Ave, Suite 201

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