PaidViewpoint Review - Are They Legit or Scam?

PaidViewpoint Review – Are They Legit or Scam?

EPF September 27, 2017


In our recent survey, we asked you to vote for your favorite survey panel. As a result, some of the panels got more votes than others and stood out as the best. This is the case with, and we are glad that this panel is among your favorites because you obviously share our opinion on its quality. In this review, we will cover some basic facts about PaidViewpoint and hopefully help you when deciding on the panel you want to register at.

What is PaidViewpont?

PaidViewpoint is available to residents of 114 countries. This panel is operated by Ask Your Target Market, which has been improving the field of market research for years.

According to their website, this is a ‘market research survey site built upon four principles’:

  • They pay for each completed market research survey;
  • They never screen their panelists out after they invite you to fill their survey;
  • They try to make their surveys as interesting as possible so as to attract more panelists and make them stay;
  • Your privacy is extremely important to them, since they will never ask you to give them your real name or complete physical address.


They will collect various information, directly or indirectly. Information obtained directly:

  • Initial registration information, such as email address, chosen password, promo code and possibly other information in case you register through Facebook or Google accounts;
  • Standard demographic information (gender, username, date of birth, country, state/region, county, zip/postal code, time zone, PayPal email address, telephone number, education level, relationship status, parental status, employment status, as well as your chosen career; optionally, you can provide information about your household income and race/ethnicity);
  • Traits information, like health and medical conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, etc. These will be obtained by Trait Surveys sent by the panel;
  • Photos and video recordings of you and your screen activity – your consent is necessary in this case, and this only happens if you participate in a survey created by Umongous or Umongous’ client;
  • Other information you choose to share.

Information Obtained Indirectly:

  • Usage information, such as your use of their website and services, the pages you visit, etc;
  • Information from third parties – This will happen if you choose to register with Facebook or Google account and if you allow them to share this information with the panel.
  • Information shared through widgets, cookies or the panel’s referral system.

Rest assured that all the information that PaidViewpoint collects about you will be kept confidential and used only in attempts to improve their services or enable you to earn more money on the panel.

Information About the Panel

There can be only one PaidViewpoint account per person because this way, the market researchers can get a truthful picture of customers’ opinions. Don’t try to break this rule, since the panel is adamant about it and if you try this, you will have your original account canceled.


The least amount of money you need to have in your balance in order to get paid is $15. Payments are processed within 72 hours of the request and can be in cash or in gift cards (Amazon or Wallmart). Their payment method for cash is through PayPal, without any exceptions. This is a great advantage, since most people who have participated in our survey mentioned this as one of the features that they prefer. Well done, PaidViewpoint!

In case you live in a country that is not served by PayPal, you can still earn money on this panel. However, your payment may have to be done through a friend or relative who resides in a country that accepts PayPal.

There is also a $1 bonus for all new members from the USA and Canada. In addition, if you refer 100 or more friends to PaidViewpoint, you will become a VIP Community Builder. This way, you can earn 20% of the amount of money that your referrals get per full survey. That is one more reason to recommend PaidViewpoint to your friends. Note that you can have an unlimited number of referrals and earn up to $25 per referral.


You will be notified in your account and by email when there is a new market research survey available. Surveys are usually 5-10 minutes long, the average number of questions per survey being 10 and being 25. Questions are simple and short and the number of characters that you can type in open-ended questions is limited. This is a very smart move if we consider the fact that, according to our survey, panelists prefer shorter surveys.


TraitScore was invented in order to make the best and most reliable panelists stand out and reward them for being valuable members of the panel community. PaidViewpoint uses an algorithm to determine who these panelists are, and all you have to do to get high TraitScore is to be honest in all your answers. When you take into account the fact that your name remains unknown to the panel and that you practically remain anonymous, it will be much easier for you to be frank and always express your true opinion.

Apart from regular surveys, you can also do Trait Surveys, which will earn you between $0.03 to $0.10. Taking these surveys will also increase your TraitScore, which is very important, since the money you can earn increases together with your TraitScore. This allows you to take a maximum number of surveys a month and earn even more per answer by becoming one of the top 10% of members.

Phone Number

By validating your account with your phone and during your first cash-out, you will substantially decrease the risk of having your money stolen. In addition, this will help you prove that you have only one account on this panel and prevent any potential scams. In case you change your phone number, your balance will be reduced to zero. Similarly, your account will be reduced to zero if you change your PayPal account email. To prevent this, we recommend that you cash out all your money prior to changing your phone number or PayPal account email.


  • Surveys are short, simple and interesting;
  • Payment is done through PayPal;
  • PaidViewpoint is available in 114 countries;
  • You will get paid for each survey;
  • There are no disqualifications, which is fantastic, since being disqualified is one of the most frustrating things about paid surveys;
  • You won’t have to provide your name or entire physical address, thus remaining anonymous;
  • There is a great referral system and an option to become a VIP Community Builder member, which will help you earn more money;
  • TraitScore system can help you become one of the top 10% of the panelists, thus earning even more money;
  • The panel is available on mobile devices;
  • Customer support is friendly and very helpful;
  • The website design is classy and appealing.


  • There can be only one account per person and the rules about it are strict;
  • Payment is done exclusively through PayPal, so if you live in a country that doesn’t accept it, you will meet difficulties when cashing out;
  • Your account balance will be automatically reduced to zero if you fail to cash out before changing your phone number or PayPal account email;
  • It may take relatively long time to cash out;
  • You may receive numerous Trait Surveys, meaning that you will earn no more than $0.10 per such survey. However, after some time, once the panel has found out useful information about you, you will be able to earn much more;


As with any other survey panel or anything in life, for that matter, there are both positive and negative sides of being a member of PaidViewpoint. However, as you could see, this panel really has some advantages that put it far ahead of many other survey websites, such as PayPal payment, worldwide availability and no risk of disqualification.

We hope that this article will be useful when you start thinking about survey panels you would potentially register with. This one is definitely among the best and well-worth your time and effort.

Have you already tried If not, we advise you to do so. If you have already done so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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