Fusion Cash Full Review - Are They Legit?

Fusion Cash Full Review – Are They Legit?

EPF October 31, 2014

Fusion Cash


Operated By: FusionCash Inc.

Type of payment: Paypal, bank transfer

Payment Delays:  Instant

BBB rating: A

Mobile Surveys: No

Get paid to watch videos: Yes

Get paid to shop: Yes

Paid web search: Yes

Paid to sign up: Yes

WebCam Surveys: No

Focus Groups: No

Product Reviews: No

Additional Info: Get $5 just for signing up – Even for listening to the radio! Plus get paid to take part in the community forum!

Registration (Free, Paid, Invite): FREE to US residents ONLY

Min Withdraw: $25

Points System: 1000 points = $10

Points Per Survey:$0.35-$4

Point Expiry: 180 days

Points for disqualification: No

Contests: No



Register Now and Get $5 Signup Bonus


Fusion Cash is unlike most other survey sites online.  It’s like a complete one-stop shop for earning extra cash online.  With chances to earn by watching videos, using your mobile, reading e-mails and so much more..  In fact you can even get paid just for following Fusion Cash on Twitter…  Everything you do earns you cash!

But is it “all talk” or is it a proper contender that you can trust and earn some serious cash from?

Let’s take a look…

The first thing you need to know about Fusion Cash is that it is a US only survey panel, if you live outside the US you will receive a notification upon visiting their homepage informing you that you may not receive your earnings and will likely get banned.  Note that they are very hot on this unfortunately!

If you do not live in the US, no problem, we have plenty of alternative high paying survey panels for you..

When you first come to Fusion Cash you are presented with a simple signup form and the opportunity of a $5 signup bonus.  Not bad…

You may or may not notice too that Fusion Cash has an A rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), which is a highly trusted review site for businesses in the US. They have also held their rating since 2009, so you don’t have to be worried about being scammed by them..


Completing surveys with Fusion Cash

FC is made up of two areas:

  • Cash earning tasks (Watching videos, shopping cashback, small tasks etc..)
  • Paid surveys

New members will be asked to complete their profile before receiving and survey invitations.  Sadly you won’t earn anything for each individual survey profile you complete, although you’ll still earn a $0.50 bonus for completing the lot, which is more than some other panels give you!

One of the appeals of Fusion Cash is the ability to complete & earn from daily surveys, these can be completed each day and sometimes multiple times per day.

So assuming you completed each of these daily surveys below just once you could earn just under $6.  Remember though that this is excluding the general surveys that you are invited to from time to time, which pay between $0.35 – $4+.

At very least you know that you can complete these daily surveys and still earn something if you don’t have many invitations.  Survey invitations with Fusion Cash are moderate/high anyway, which is a good thing.

The minimum payout is $25, which can be instantly paid by PayPal/Bank transfer, so assuming you registered and completed just the daily surveys once you could earn the minimum amount in just 4 days.

Fusion Cash is about much more than just surveys… Let’s take a look at what other opportunities  there are to earn…


Join Now!


Get paid to:

  • Sign up
  • Listen to the radio
  • Watch videos
  • Click
  • Shop
  • Participate in the community forum
  • Search the web
  • Receive emails


Get Paid to Sign up

Mostly this involves signing up to a partner website of Fusion cash and simply confirming your email address.  These tasks pay between $0.50 to $2.50 on average, some are other survey sites, others are paid offers.  FC make it clear which cost money and which don’t anyway..

You should note that they are much more limited than many of the other offers on the site.  Once you have completed them all, that will probably be it for some time.


Get paid to listen to the radio

Ever got paid to listen to the radio?  Now you can… It’s small earnings but it’s better than nothing, get paid 3 cents to enter a captcha every 30 minutes while listening to your favorite tunes.

This one will come down to personal preference as it’s quite a bit of effort for such a small amount of money.  But you can quite easily use the rest of the website and earn a lot of money without ever using this feature.


Get Paid to Watch Videos

Again like listening to the radio, paid videos with fusion cash pay very low, typically 1 cent for each 1-1.5 minute video.  You might want to avoid this area of the site too and just focus your time on better paying surveys.


Get Paid to Click

If you’re bored and fancy a bit of web browsing, you can get paid for doing that too!  For each two pages you view for around 2 minutes you will earn 15 cents.


Get Paid to Shop

Getting paid cashback to shop online has become hugely popular in recent years, Fusion Cash is just another company that offers such a service.  If you have not earned online cashback before, essentially retailers pay fusion cash to refer you as a customer, if you buy something fusion cash make 10% for example.  They then pass a portion of that money back to you in the form of cashback.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of online cashback then you should be right away! It doesn’t cost anything extra, and you will save a whole lot of money.

The added bonus is that you can fill up your minimum withdraw amount with Fusion Cash much more quickly.

Payments take quite some time as they have to pass through several parties, however you can rack up a lot of earnings, especially with your Christmas shopping..

It’s a nice surprise to check your account to find $100 cashback for example, and because Fusion Cash is an A+ graded business with the BBB you know it’s a service you can truly trust.


Get Paid to Participate in the community forum

You may already be a member to an online forum, but does it pay you to stay active?  The FC community forum pays you $3 to your fusion cash account so long as you make at least 30 posts in the forum each month.  So in effect you are earning 10 cents for each post, you can’t earn any more than that each month however..

The forum is very active and features a variety of different topics to talk about, it’s definitely worth taking part in and you’ll also be able to find a lot more high paying offers in the “offers” section too.


Get Paid to Search the web

It’s something that millions of us all do every day, but how many of us can say that we get paid to do it…? Very few..  Use Fusion Cash’s toolbar to search the web as normal, and earn 1 cent for each search, up to a maximum of 5c per day.  Just remember to use the Fusion Cash search bar so that you always get your earnings!

You won’t really notice any difference, and you’ll still get pretty much the same results, but instead you’ll earn money from them.. Can’t really complain!


Get Paid to Receive emails

This one won’t be for everyone, as it will essentially spam up your email somewhat.  Although you could register tom Fusion Cash with an alternate email address to your “main account”.  This pays 2 cents per email you receive.


Last Words …

There’s certainly a lot offer at Fusion Cash, some of these offers better than others, and if you’re fed up of panels that have very little to offer each week then Fusion Cash may be for you.

One of the best aspects of Fusion Cash is that they seem to care a lot about their users, and want to give back as much as possible.   If you remain active then you should receive a lot of rewards from this panel..  The daily surveys are a huge appeal for any survey taker, who likely knows what it is like to go days and even weeks without a single survey invitation.  The other great thing is that you can be paid to join other survey panels, so if you’re looking to make more money with surveys than you should definitely sign up here before you do so to any others…

You could easily earn $100 per month from this panel by spending a few minutes a day.  Why not give it a try for yourself?

Contact Information

PO BOX 7095
SANTA CRUZ, CA 95061-7095



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