MindsPay Review

MindsPay Review

EPF February 6, 2015

Make more money by signing up at a legitimate paid survey platform.

The illegitimacy of paid surveys online has been a turn-off to lots of folks, but this is not the case at MindsPay surveys. It’s one of the online paid surveys that guarantees you absolute and steady income for any offer completed. We can say MindsPay is not scam, it is completely legit panel. By simply registering, you gain access to their frequently acceded information. What’s more, they will always keep in touch from to time via email. Registration process is also quite easy, and anyone registering for the first time will be credited with $3. Personal information is always a concern for many individuals registering for the first time. That being said, they ensure that any personal information is removed from the system once you cancel your membership.

Ever thought of reading emails and getting paid, if not, you have to checkout Minds Pay. The process for earning by reading emails is quite easy. Once you have signed up as member, you are in a position to get emails from them based on the preferences selected. At the bottom of the mail, you will see a button to click in order to confirm your money mail, which will later be recorded in your account balance.It’s also vital to note that money mail maximum credit per payment request is $20 and there is need to take advantage of coupons and discounts available. Aside from taking online offers, you are also in a position to clip your favorite coupons which can be used when shopping or at the grocery store.

Among the paid offers you can advantage of includes; Jillian Michaels challenge with an earning amount of $10, disability study with an earning amount of $8 and the credit score source with earnings of $12.50.

Great opportunities in store for members.

MindsPay offers you a flexible time-frame for offer completion of between 5 to 15 minutes. You are also in a position to complete any available offers. Offers in store are not that difficult since they are based off of individual opinions. There is also a step by step guideline on what is needed in order to receive payments. The flexibility in picking offers is a great advantage to any member, since they get daily offers via mail best suited for them.

It’s quite easy to make changes to your email address, what you need to do is go the profile tab then click on edit and you are good to go. A link will be sent to your alternative email which you can use to earn. The approval rates for any offers would vary with some having a wait period of 1 week while others having an instant acceptance. Members should always keep in mind that advertiser’s confirmation is necessary in order for them to post an approval to their account. Members usually wonder whether offers available require them to have credit cards. In this regard, there is often a mixed list of offers with some requiring you to have a credit card while many of them don’t.

You need not worry taking their offers if you have already used any of the products, since they are open to both unregistered members and those who have used the products before. In addition, the setup process should be taken into consideration, because it’s vital to the product evaluation offer. Another important factor that users need to note is the offers lifespan. Lifespan usually varies and are generally posted every two weeks, but there are some which either takes 24 hours or are processed in a few days.


How to earn from offers completed.

As compared to other panels which offer variety of payments options, Minds Pay processes payment through PayPal.Payments are usually made in multiples of $50, but you need to have a minimum balance of $9.03. The same case applies to any other amount earned; the $9.03 balance should always remain since it counts for any future payments. Requesting payments can turn out to be quite a hurdle, but it’s important to check on the ‘approved’ amount before making request.For instance, if your account balance reads $109.23 then you are eligible to withdraw $100 while the balance accounts to your future payments.

Transactions are usually conducted every 1st and 15th of each month, with a wait period of 30 days after payment submission and phone verification. Making withdrawals is quite easy and MindsPay panel has no control over your PayPal account. One of the greatest advantages you can gain from signing up at this panel is earning gained friend referrals. In this case, once you have made the referral,  10% of the referred persons earnings is credited to your account. Invitation limits are also endless, so you can take advantage of referrals and earn more.


Privacy policy for client’s protection.

The support gained by our clients over time cannot be under estimated, that is why we do have a privacy protection policy in place to protect clients information as well as transactions. There is a lot of security measures designed to safeguard any information requested. A number of the security policies in place include SSL (Secure Sockets Technology) which ensures encryption of information sent across the internet. Password protected directories as well as databases are used to safeguard all your information. Additionally, after transactions are done none of your private information is stored in our servers.

From time to time, they might offer third party products or services, and they usually have their own privacy policies in place. There are not liable or responsible for any activities or contents that are linked to their site. They also strive not to distribute any information regarding the client without their consent.

Any information collected can be used for among others; improving our website, improving customer’s service as well as sending periodic emails. You can be rest assured that they are not scam due to the CAN-SPAM compliancy;this means that they will never give misleading information.Aligning their policies in line with the law makes them a trustable work partner. In case of any complaint, you are free to fill out the Trust Dispute Resolution Form and they will be happy to help you out.

Contact Information

2885 Sanford Ave SW#14119
Grandville, MI 49418

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