The Best Paid Surveys for College Students
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The Best Paid Surveys for College Students

EPF August 31, 2015

Finding a job or a place to work that fits into a busy student schedule can be a very difficult task for college students. You need time to study, attend class, do homework and more time to study. Just when are you supposed to get a job to bring in that much needed extra cash? Completing paid surveys online can be one of the best options available; and there are several reasons:

  • Very flexible – can easily work it into a tight schedule
  • Make extra money for school expenses
  • Work when it works best for you
  • It’s very easy
  • Work from any place you have internet access (dorm room, apartment, library)
  • Don’t need a prior work history
  • Get paid in cash

The biggest struggle becomes finding legitimate paid survey sites. We all know that there are lots of scams out there; and they are designed to trip you up and scam you out of your money or information. So what we did is we sorted through the paid survey sites to find the best ones that will work for busy college students.

These paid sites have been around long enough to develop and maintain a good reputation. They are legitimate and they pay out just like they say they will. You do not have to spend your time trying to sort through tons of information to find the sites that are the best for college students. We’ve done all the work for you.

Make more money working on paid survey sites, you need to join as many as you can realistically handle. Sign up for several of them so that you will always have survey invites waiting for you in your email box. These are the top 5 sites that are reputable and have been around long enough to be tested and true.

  1. I-Say by Ipsos

This site has a variety of ways to earn and payments are made via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. They use mobile sites and they have surveys in more than 100 countries around the world. Minimum withdrawal is set very low, $10, which makes it easy to reach payout and get money in your hands faster. Ipsos pays higher than other sites on average and they offer a lot of surveys.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another favorite site for college students. They offer a variety of methods for earning points and then the points can be traded in for gift cards that can be redeemed at very popular stores. Students can earn by watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping online or just surfing the web.

  1. Opinion Outpost

This site only has paid surveys for college students who just want to participate in them. Most like Opinion Outpost because they have a little higher rate than most survey sites and they have a low payout of $10. You can get paid through PayPal so you get your money fast and secure.

  1. My Survey

My Survey is a very well established company and provides users with lots of surveys. You earn points depending on how long and involved the surveys are and then you exchange the points for cash. Students can choose to cash out through PayPal or exchange points for gift cards. They have a lot of different types of surveys so students are sure to find something interesting.

  1. Toluna

Toluna has been in existence for many years and has an exceptional reputation. They offer different was to earn money including surveys and product reviews; and payout can be in a variety of ways including gift cards or PayPal.  They also offer several different contests that are fun and engaging as other ways to win prizes and money. The minimum withdrawal is $20 but surveys pay liberally so it does not take too long to make payout.

  1. Nielsen

Nielson Digital Voice has been around for a long time and is a tried and true paid survey site. It’s one of the most popular paying sites and offer several ways for participants to get their payout. It’s free to sign up on the site and as with legitimate sites, it is free. One thing that makes Nielson so popular is that there are a variety of ways to make money on the platform. Participants can take online surveys, mobile surveys or use a browser add-on to make money while surfing the net. It doesn’t take long to reach payout on this legitimate survey site as the minimum balance is set at $50.


Tips for College Students on Taking Paid Surveys

Taking online paid surveys can be a good way for college students to make some extra money without straining their schedule. Taking surveys can generate some extra money and be a lot of fun. The reputable sites are totally free to join. Here are a couple of tips to help students get started on a successful journey of working paid surveys.

Sign Up for Numerous Sites

Make sure to register for several different survey sites. Depending on the specific platform, you should expect to receive a few surveys to complete every month. By signing up for numerous sites, you ensure that there will be plenty of surveys to complete along the way.

How to Get Started

Go to the survey sites and register. You should probably sign up for at least 5 to start with and more if you have time later on. Most survey sites will send you an initial questionnaire to get a general idea about your likes, dislikes and preferences. Filling these out completely will ensure you get surveys that cover topics you are interested in. It will also help make sure you get more surveys overall. You should start getting surveys in just a couple of days. Every six months update your profile so that it stays fresh with any new information.

Choose a Variety of Tasks

For some people just doing the paid surveys is fun enough, but it’s okay to sign up for sites that offer different tasks for pay.  Some of the sites have more than surveys to participate in. Some pay for surfing the net, product reviews, or watching videos for example. By participating in different activities you open up the opportunities available to make more money.

College students can usually use some extra cash coming in. Get started making an extra income today by signing up on paid survey sites today.

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