Univox Community Review - Is it Legit or a Waste of Time?

Univox Community Review – Is it Legit or a Waste of Time?

EPF November 14, 2016


Univox Review

Univox has been around for a few years now, and we thought it was high time to post a review about their platform.  The Univox Community site claims to provide users with a “platform to share your feedback on various consumer products.  We pay our members for participating in market research surveys.”  They offer paid surveys of various kinds and for people with varying interests.  Univox also makes the following statistics known:

  • They have paid $1.3M to their members to date
  • They have 617,604 members and growing

Paid surveys are a great way to make money from home online, without leaving the comfort of your home.  You will not get rich participating in paid surveys, but you can make some extra cash for hobbies or groceries by filling out paid surveys.

It can be fun, interesting and easy and it typically does not take a lot of thought.  You can easily fill out surveys while watching your favorite TV shows or movies.  There are many different sites that offer many different types of surveys and Univox is just one of many of such sites.

We at Elite make it our mission to research all popular survey sites and pass on that information to our readers.  We want to help you make as much money as possible online, and we want to help you steer clear of scams and time wasters.

What Makes Univox Unique?

In most aspects, Univox is just like many other survey panels.  They require you to fill out an application to become a member and they email you invitations to participate in surveys.  You are qualified for some, and not for others.  The surveys take an average amount of time, anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.  They payouts are a little above average in comparison to other survey sites.

What makes Univox unique is that they use a system in which they utilize demographics to send out surveys that are most relevant to each member.  They ask you some basic information when you sign up and they require you to apply for each survey by answering a brief questionnaire.  By doing this, they are hoping to make sure that the most qualified people participate in each survey.  The reason for this is likely two-fold:

  1. They want to ensure that the survey-taker enjoys their time taking the survey and wants to come back to Univox for future surveys. Surveys are much easier to fill out when they are about a topic you care about rather than a random topic that you are not interested in.
  2. They are getting more quality responses for their surveys, which is what their customers pay them to do.

Signing Up and Getting Paid

Univox gives every new member a credit worth $5 as a welcome gift.  It only takes about 90 seconds to sign up.  They require basic information and at the end they reward new members with their 500-point credit. They require a total of 2,500 points or equivalent of $25 to cash out.  They make payments via the following three payment methods:

  • Amazon e-gift card
  • Virtual visa card
  • Paypal

One quick easy way to make money with Univox is to refer friends.  Every friend that you refer that signs up and makes 10 survey attempts or completes one survey earns you 100 points or $1.

Taking Surveys

The way Univox works is to send out invitations for surveys that are targeted by people’s interests.  They ask that each person apply and fill out some information and either get qualified or disqualified before being allowed to take the survey.  Many people complain of getting disqualified from most invitations, but Univox does give payouts to people who get disqualified.  For every disqualification, you get rewarded with 5 points, which is equal to 5 cents.

When you do get approved to participate in a survey, they tend to range from 5 to 30 minutes with payouts from 50 cents to 5 dollars, depending on the length of the survey.

Customer Reviews

Many Univox members have posted reviews online and here are some examples of the feedback that we have seen from members:

  • Not enough invitations to participate in surveys
  • Many people get disqualified from half to more than half of the surveys they apply for
  • Those who do get qualified say that the surveys are enjoyable, interesting and fairly easy
  • The consensus seems to be that the surveys pay well and are fun
  • People sometimes get kicked out a survey once they’re most of the way through it, without having the chance to complete it
  • Some people report that they got locked out of their accounts once they had enough points to actually cash out
  • Others report that when they request a payout, they never receive the gift card that was supposedly sent to them

Is Univox Legit?

While Univox is a legitimate survey site, there do seem to be quite a few issues reported with getting qualified to participate in surveys and to get paid out.  It seems that many people are happy with Univox, and many others have had issues.  It seems that the requirements to participate in surveys probably set the stage for success with Univox.  If there are a lot of surveys that match your interests, you will likely have a good experience.  If your interests do not match up to surveys on Univox, you will likely be disqualified from most of the surveys that you apply for.

Hopefully you are one of the lucky people who fit the profile nicely and get qualified for lots of surveys.  It seems most people do not fit the profile and will not be able to participate in many surveys and will not make much money with Univox.

However, If you are a good fit for their surveys, the surveys and pay are actually quite good.  They are interesting, fun and easy and they pay quite well for the time that is spent on the surveys.  The cash out amount is relatively low at just $25, and they offer great payout options such as Paypal and Amazon gift cards.  Who would need any other payout methods?

The icing on the cake is the $5 sign up bonus that they give to new members when they sign up to participate in their surveys.

Contact Information

103-3015 Dunes West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466 US
Tel: 1-866-344-7832


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