Valued Opinions Review - Are Their Surveys Legit or Scam?

Valued Opinions Review – Are Their Surveys Legit or Scam?

EPF July 20, 2015

Valued Opinions is a paid survey site where members of the community are rewarded for sharing their views. Consumers who sign up on the Valued Opinions website offer their opinions on a variety of products, services and other areas related to businesses. Companies benefit from getting input directly from consumers and consumers like you who participate earn rewards just for sharing your opinion. Finally, someone is listening to you and recompensing you for what you think! Sign up for Valued Opinions today to start earning for your opinion. Here are some answers to the questions you might have.


What kind of rewards does Valued Opinions offer you?

Once you have registered on the site and have an active account, you are eligible to start earning rewards. Almost immediately you’ll start getting surveys in your inbox that is to your preferences, likes and interests. You will have to fill out a questionnaire so they can know what types of surveys are going to be a best fit for you. They use these to determine what surveys are going to work for you. Some people do not like to share this type of personal information; but it is just your basic info about what you like, the region you live in and general stuff. The more detailed you get in sharing your interests, likes and dislikes the easier it is for them to find surveys that match.

When you complete surveys you are given reward points. The good thing about Valued Opinions is that the points add up very quickly. Once you get $20 in rewards you can exchange it for gift cards at some of the best known brands. Some of the places you can get gift cards for include:

  • Amazon
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • com
  • Macy’s

If you request a payment an Amazon gift card you get it almost immediately in most cases. It does take a little longer if you are receiving your card in the mail.


What are the surveys like?

The surveys will ask a series of questions about a product or service in most instances. On average, they will take you between 15 to 20 minutes to complete them. Some of them are a little bit longer, but have a larger reward to compensate. An invitation to take a survey is emailed to your inbox and there is a deadline. If you don’t respond by the deadline you cannot complete the survey and be rewarded.

Surveys will start coming to your inbox after you sign up and complete the surveys asking you about our general interests. It’s important that participants keep profiles up to date since this is how they know what types of surveys are best for you. Once you finish a survey the reward should show as “pending” on your account. Soon after it will be rewarded fully to your account. You can either cash out at $20 or wait until you have a larger amount amassed before requesting your gift cards. You do not have to request a payout once you reach $20, it’s the lowest amount you can request against.


What are the pros for joining Valued Opinions?

There are several benefits worth mentioning. The best things about becoming a member include things like:

  • No cost to join
  • Earn reward points quickly
  • Quick and easy payout
  • Interesting surveys
  • Great Customer Support team
  • You become part of an online community
  • Earn extra spending money
  • Surveys on a variety of interesting topics
  • Your opinion gets shared with businesses and can make a difference

Over time, Valued Opinions has been able to that they are a reputable company and they do indeed payout. They also have a sweepstakes that members can participate in to win various prizes. As soon as you sign up, you will start getting surveys. Participating in the different surveys can be a fun way to make a little extra spending money.


Are there any cons for joining Valued Opinions?

There are a few things we don’t particularly like about Valued Opinions even though they are reputable. Some of the negative aspects of the site include things like:

  • No cash or PayPal payout
  • Can’t make lots of money real fast
  • Not many surveys (1-3 per month on average)
  • Some surveys take a long time to be credited to your account


These are the negative things we found at Valued Opinions. They are not huge problems for the most part, but have to be worked around. You can ensure you get more surveys by completing the interest surveys when you set up your account. And periodically you will get a “hot topics” survey to complete. You don’t get compensation for it in particular, but it does let them know of your specific interests so they can send you appropriate surveys.


Would you recommend Valued Opinions?

Overall, Valued Opinions is a reputable survey site that does manage their payouts well. It’s been around long enough to prove its reputation. Even though you are not going to get a cash payout, you get some pretty cool gift cards of very common brands. The site can’t be used as a get-rich-quick plan, but over some time you can earn some extra spending money by completing surveys at Valued Opinions. Newbies can also earn some valuable gifts in the sweepstakes contests. We definitely recommend Valued Opinions as a reliable and safe site.

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