Basic Tips to Get Paid for Surveys of June 2024
Basic Tips

Basic Tips to Get Paid for Surveys of June 2024

EPF Last Update: March 16, 2023

Most of the people know these tips. But we have decided to write this post for new people, who plan to start making with paid surveys of June 2024 .


How to get rewards taking surveys.

Manufacturing companies, retail stores, restaurants and chain stores, are all businesses that pay a lot of money just to know what people in the street are thinking. They all want to know about your shopping habits, and why you are keen to buy certain products, and are not so keen on others.

The information that they get from the survey results is processed, analysed, and recorded.

This is part of their marketing strategies, business practices, annual budgets, and finding out exactly what makes consumers tick.

How much money can I make?

You won’t get rich! But you will earn some good rewards, and certainly some extra cash each month. It also depends on how many surveys you are given to do, and how many you are able to complete.

To make money you should register with as many survey sites as possible to get onto the panels and participate. Some surveys need qualification criteria such age, sex, interests etc, and you may not qualify for all invitations you receive. Don’t let this put you off, just move on to the next one.

An interesting way to earn money is to look for surveys which want information about gaming. The gaming companies are keen to know how many Americans are playing games, how often they play, which games are the most popular, the demographics of the gamers, and where most are situated.

They are also interested in how game time is spent, and just how much money people spend on games.

Reputable online survey companies.

There are many survey companies out there, but there are also scammers, just waiting to hook you into some fraud.

Do some research and only register which a company which is proven to be reputable, and entirely legitimate. If you are wanting to earn from doing gaming surveys, there are companies which also offer apps which you can download to complete surveys. You may also be able to use your mobile device for these most of these surveys.

Here are some of the more popular companies which offer apps.

  • Cash King. Earn money using this app when taking game surveys, and also get paid when you watch videos. They pay via Paypal or Amazon gift cards.
  • Get Paid to Play. This app is used to make money by watching video advertisements, as well as downloading and playing new games. Payment via Paypal.
  • Cash Pirate (Android.) Cash Pirate is a survey panel which is fully contained in a mobile application. It is very easy to earn here as all you have to do is download free apps, play free games, complete surveys, and do some product testing. Payment is also via Paypal and you only need a minimum of $2.50 to withdraw.
  • Toluna is a paid survey panel who also have a mobile app, which you are able to use on your mobile phone to complete surveys, and definitely be paid.
  • Mobile rewards. This app allows you to use your smart phone to sign up for free services, talk about products on Facebook, and watch videos on YouTube. You earn credits which can be redeemed for cash on Paypal.

These apps are quick earners which have the potential to keep you busy all day. It is an easy and convenient way to get some extra cash into your pocket.

Branching out.

In addition to gaming surveys, you may want branch out into registering with other survey panels. If you enjoy taking surveys on your PC or laptop, there are many companies looking for folk to work from home. The more companies you sign up with, the greater your earning prospects will be.

Here are a few of the premier, legitimate paid survey sites.

  • My Survey is one of the few survey sites which pays compensation whether or not you qualify for each survey. You can complete surveys using your computer, tablet, or a mobile device.
  • Pinecone Research enjoys tremendous popularity, and is known to pay out some of the highest rates. It is also linked to Nielsen, a world-renowned research company, and has many happy users who claim that Pinecone is among the very best survey companies.
  • Opinion Outpost is a survey company which has been around for many years. It is also high in the popularity stakes, and signing up is easy. Members are paid cash for sharing their opinions, and payments can be redeemed via Paypal.
  • Inbox Dollars have recently created an innovative policy of giving members the option of instant payment, giving you the opportunity to either build up a substantial amount of cash, or get paid on completion of each survey.  In addition, when you register on the site you will immediately be paid $3, an idea which has significantly boosted their membership base.
  • Ipsos I Say is a site which provides people with a platform to review the products they use. Most people welcome the opportunity to give their opinions to companies which they feel will hear what consumers are saying, and who will often act on the feedback received from the surveys. Giving your opinion, and being paid for it, is a good way to be rewarded.
  • Global Test Market presents you with the opportunity to share your opinion about movies, restaurants including the menus, service, and quality of the food. You will also be asked about certain products that you use, current events, and many other things that interest you. For each survey that you complete you will earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards, checks, or cash via Paypal.

In conclusion.

Registration and singing up on sites is usually free on all reputable sites. To stay safe, avoid any site that has a registration charge. Sites will reward your efforts by means of gift cards which can be used at major brand stores, points which can be redeemed, or cash via Paypal. You can opt for what will be most convenient for you.

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