3 Reasons You Should Join Only Paid Surveys With Free Registration
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3 Reasons You Should NOT Pay For Surveys

EPF December 30, 2012

Unfortunately, there is no exact way for people to differentiate between legitimate paid surveys and scams because no scammer in his right mind will say “I’m a scammer.”I’m going to give you some tips on avoiding scams later in this blog, but if you don’t want to waste time searching for legitimate sites, I suggest Mysurvey. You can start making money with them immediately, believe me.

I know what most of you think when you read “surveys for money” – you think it is a scam. I’m not writing this post to scam you or cheat you into thinking that paid online surveys are a better way to make money online than SEO, blogging, and so on. I’m writing this post—as someone who’s been making money by doing that for a long time—to tell you the truth about survey sites.

I know why you’re here: to make a lot of money. Completing online surveys may not be a good way to get rich, but it has one advantage that other ways to make money online don’t have. It’s easy, and people can start making money immediately. This article is for people who just need some extra money. To be honest with you, I personally don’t like completing surveys. When I need money, however, I take surveys. Doing this can also be your way to make money when you’re in need.

How do some of these “Surveys For Money” sites try to scam you?

Many people think that all surveys are scams. This is not true. There is a legitimate reason why these companies would pay for peoples’ opinions: they need these opinions to help them figure out how to make better products and more sales. Unfortunately—although there are many companies willing to help you share your opinion—not all survey companies are authentic. Nonetheless, you can’t say that all surveys are scams.

Here are several popular ways of how people are scammed. They’re actually also the reason why many people think all surveys are scam.

1. Pay-to-register survey sites. There are a lot of them, and these are sites that claim to be absolutely legit, but once you click “Register,” you’ll see that they want you to pay them a “one-time fee.” Believe me, most of them are scams; there’s no legitimate reason for them to charge you money. My advice is to stay away from them. Join only paid surveys with free registration.The “reason” they often give for charging you money to sign up is something like, “We collect a one-time fee from people because we are interested in working with only serious people. By paying us, we know that you’re a more serious worker.” Hahaha! What brilliant logic… If you don’t pay them, then you’re not a serious worker. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been asked to pay to start work because it makes you seem more serious? That’s ridiculous!

2. Sites that claim to give you a list of legitimate paid surveys and pick out only the highest paying offers for you if you pay them. They are now paid online surveys with free registration.Often, these sites look a lot the type of site mentioned in point #1. Most of these sites will start with, “Who wants to start making UP TO $100 per hour…?”and again, these sites are usually nothing more than scams. They want you to pay them to find surveys for you, and—because of the attractive words on the site—they’re able to collect a lot of money from people willing to pay that one-time fee. I would prefer to pay money and be able to choose which offer to complete instead of paying nothing and allowing someone else to tell me what to do. Actually, you may find these “highest paying surveys” just by creating accounts at several companies for free. Just check all the offers every day and choose which ones you want to do. Why you would you pay someone else to choose free registration surveys for you?

3. So-called “paid surveys with free registration.” These are sites that are well designed and look like “legitimate online surveys,” but that’s all they have in common with the legitimate sites. You can join these sites for free, but once you join them, you’ll see that they have almost no surveys for you. Why? Because you’re not a premium member! Now all you have to do is pay them a small, one-time fee, become a premium member, and start making up to $100 per hour. Most of these sites are a trickier level of scams, so you should stay away from them.

To be honest with you, I’ve never paid any of these sites any money and given them the chance to send me $100 per hour for a “small, one-time registration fee.” What a mistake! Probably the biggest mistake of my life, in fact. Don’t do it; please go pay them…

You need to join only sites working with reputable companies.

– Never pay for registration. If someone tells you that all free sites are scams, don’t listen to them. Almost no legitimate company will want you to pay for registration. For me, this is the most important criterion to differentiate between legitimate sites and scam sites.

– Never share your credit card information or your SSN (It’s obvious why).

– Read reviews, comments, and all kinds of feedbacks from people. You can easily google the name of a survey company + “review,” “forum,” “scam,” and so on to look for legitimate sites. If you have an opinion you want to share about a survey panel, you can write a comment here. If you’re not a member, just register and post your comment. This way, you can help other people.

– Don’t join sites that say things like, “Who wants to start to taking surveys and making up to $100 per hour…?”

I want to tell you one more important thing.

Believe me, paid surveys are easy. There’s probably more to be said about them, but the information in this article is definitely enough for you to start making money. Just join a site and try it. If you don’t like it, then cancel. You lose nothing! I hope you found this article informational. If you have any questions, let me know.

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