Why You Have to Be Honest When Taking Paid Surveys ?
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Why You Have to Be Honest When Taking Paid Surveys ?

EPF January 6, 2013

A very important aspect of your personal life, honesty is important in your professional life as well. When it comes to surveys for money, believe me, one of the most important things to keep in mind is honesty. That’s because the companies that pay you need to hear what you actually think of their products, and they want to hear your honest answers for the questions they ask.


You may think that giving only positive answers is good, but you’d actually be wrong. If you don’t like a product or you think it has too many disadvantages compared to similar products or perhaps the price is too high, you need to say that. You won’t be making a mistake—the only mistake you’ll make is by answering only with positive answers.


A lot of people think of online surveys as fast and easy money because they feel that they can just start clicking buttons and making money. Do you believe it’s that easy? In truth, survey companies are smart enough not to pay you for that. They need you to answer their questions honestly, not fill out forms with gibberish or information that isn’t helpful to them. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Ok, but who cares? These companies won’t be able to understand what I’m thinking. Let’s just make money without worrying about their business.” In practice, that won’t happen. Keep in mind that if you answer these questions without care, you probably won’t be able to make money. There are a lot of ways for survey companies to see that you’re not being honest.


Here are several ways for them to determine that you’re not answering their questions honestly:


Creating interconnected questions. This happens pretty often. Let me give you an example:

Question: “Have you visited restaurant A within the last month?”
Answer: “Yes”

Question: “How many times have you been to restaurant last month?”
Answer: “0 times”

Answering like this makes it obvious that you’re not pay attention to the questions. The wrong answer to this tricky question combination may disqualify you.

By interconnected questions, I don’t mean only questions in one survey. Keep in mind that these companies can also check the information that you’ve entered in your user survey and also in other surveys you’ve taken. Let’s say that first you answered that you have a car, but next, you answer that you don’t have a car. It’s obvious that you’re not answering the questions correctly.


Checking the average time for answering. This is another common way to determine whether or not you’re being honest. If the average time for someone to complete a survey is one hour, but you finished it in less than a minute, it’s obvious that you haven’t read all the questions carefully. They may choose to disregard your answers, and more likely than not, they won’t pay you. At the end of the survey, you’ll see “Disqualified.”


Reading everything in the survey forms. Almost all surveys contain forms where survey panelists enter text. Here, you’ll have to enter what you actually think about something. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to enter correct information, if you haven’t been paying enough attention to the questions. A lot of people try to only enter positive things and hope that they’ll be success and their answers will be paid. Actually, these companies don’t want to hear only positive things about their business; they want to hear what people actually think. If you think you’re helping them by being positive, you’re wrong. If they see something that looks suspicious, they reserve the right to disqualify you.


What will happen if they see that you aren’t being honest? The first thing is that you’ll be disqualified, and you won’t get paid for your time. Another thing is that your account can also be deactivated. If that happens, all the money in your account will be lost. Keep in mind that many of these companies have included these restrictions in their terms of use.


What will happen if you answer honestly? This is the right way to do it. You will gain these companies’ trust, and there won’t be any problems. Furthermore, you may be selected for more offers and end up making more money. That’s why I suggest that you always be honest.


I didn’t write this post to discourage you. I wrote it to help you understand that dishonesty only wastes your time. Paid surveys aren’t so hard, but you have to be honest. That’s all. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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