Review Of The Surveys On The Go Mobile App

Review Of The Surveys On The Go Mobile App

EPF January 19, 2017

About Surveys on the Go.

Surveys on the Go (SOTG) is a mobile app where you can take surveys on a variety of topic such as entertainment, sports, news, technology and even politics. This survey app comes highly recommended and pays you reasonably well for filling out the surveys. Their focus is to make survey taking as easy as possible, so that you can make extra cash without any hassles.

When you sign up, make sure to complete the demographic surveys that are available. This will help to match you up with surveys related to your interests. You can also enable the app to receive local surveys in your targeted area. In addition you will be paid 50 cents for each demographic survey completed.


  • Mobile app, easy to download and free to sign up.
  • Cash paid via Paypal. $10 minimum amount to cash out.
  • No points system. Cash accumulates from survey payments.
  • Accept online surveys, and mystery shopping assignments.
  • Only US residents are eligible to join.

SOTG always protects your privacy, and personal information will never be sold off or transferred to anyone else. Survey answers are protected to avoid exposing your personal identity. For more information, read their privacy policy, we can not guarantee anything about other companies.

Some panel reviews.

The reviews are rated from 1 star to 5 stars, with an average rating of 3.5 stars emerging after 12 reviews. Names have been changed, reviews are dated to 2017.

  • This is a great site. Payments are good, but downside is that not many surveys are received. Got paid more than 3 times so far, but took a while.
  • I like SOTG, although I do not get as many invites as most other survey sites I am hooked up to. If I do not qualify half-way through the survey, I at least get 10 cents for my trouble. After an issue I had with SOTG was resolved, within 12 hours they gave a $15 incentive, which was great.
  • As a college student, I am always looking for ways to make extra cash. I have tried other survey apps, but prefer SOTG, as it seems to work easier and better than many others.
  • So far so good. I like this app because it is easy to use. The surveys are short and my inbox is not clogged up with e mails. The hassle is that the surveys do not come more frequently.
  • Don’t bother with SOTG. You have to work for months before you hit the $10 cash out level. Sometimes they do not tell you until the end of the survey whether you qualify for a full pay out, or just a miserable 10 cents.


  • I wasted my time. When I just about reached the payout amount, they suddenly stopped sending me surveys. It has now been 4 months since I have received one, although before that it was on a regular basis. My balance is a little over $9, and I wonder if I will ever reach the payout threshold.


  • I downloaded the Surveys on the Go app, took several surveys, and got paid $10 for my time. I found the surveys quick and easy to do, no hassles. I also got notifications on my phone when there were surveys. Great company!


  • I find this to an excellent mobile app to make money from. When I cashed out, the money came quickly. It takes a while to build up cash, but the payout is great.


  • The surveys arrive too slowly and it takes a while to build up to the $10 cash out. You cannot get by on the 10 cents they pay when you do not qualify for a survey. My time is worth more than that.


  • It has been several months now and I only have $6.75 in my kitty, so I cannot comment on how well or quickly they pay. With all the hype about SOTG, I was hoping for a waiting-in-line sort of app, which it obviously is not. If I eventually make it to 10 bucks, I’ll cash out and think that I will uninstall the app.


  • So far I have made more than $50 with this company. It is easy to download and use, and they will also alert you when a new survey is available. The surveys are short and easy to complete on my phone. Sometimes they have a movie trailer review for you to complete, and you are reimbursed for the movie ticket. They pay well for that. I think it is one of the best survey apps for smart phones.


Review summary.

Of course there are bound to be complaints, and they seem to centre around the fact that survey invites arrive too infrequently. However, the overall feedback is positive, and the app appears easy to use. You will not get rich, but you will make some money.

The question has been asked whether SOTG is a legitimate way to take surveys on your phone, or is it a scam. Independent review survey panels have consistently rated SOTG as one of the best survey apps on the market. And yes – it is absolutely legitimate, without even the shadow of a scam!

One of the benefits of Surveys on the Go, is that it allows you to create and edit your own profile. They will ask you a few individual questions regarding where you are located, your birth date, about your family etc, but is up to you to finish your profile.

The more information you give them, the better your chance of getting more surveys, including those which are higher paid.

If you download the app, you will join millions of smart phone users who make money taking surveys.

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