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Paid Online Surveys That Pay Instantly

EPF July 22, 2016

We all enjoy doing online surveys when there’s a real incentive there. It’s an easy, passive way to earn extra spending cash. But it’s not so fun when you have to wait many weeks or months to get paid for your time.

Thankfully, there are at least a few online survey sites that pay their users instantly. But remember though, this is not a common practice.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just sites that pay you right away though. It’s more important to focus on what you get paid for your time from the sites you use. If you take the online survey gig seriously, you’ll have a constant flow of cash coming in after a short while.

Paid Surveys with Instant Cashouts

While few survey sites offer truly instant cashouts, you will be able to make a bit of extra cash off the ones that do. The list we have below all pay either right after you finish a survey or after you meet the minimum required balance. Many other sites might have low cashout minimums, but it means nothing when they could take weeks or months to process your payment.

#1 – Opinion Outpost

This is undoubtedly the best website that offers instant withdrawals. You just have to accumulate a balance of at least $10 in order to process the cashout request. They will then supply you with a virtual gift card for Amazon or iTunes. Alternatively, you can request an instant payment through PayPal if you have an account. Try Opinion Outpost today!

2 – PrizeRebel

You can get your payment in as little as a few hours when you withdraw at least $5 from PrizeRebel to PayPal. The first one will take 24 hours to clear though. You are able to withdraw however much you can earn, as long as you take out at least $5 at once. To make the most of PrizeRebel, make sure to take their daily challenges as this will quickly boost the amount of points you earn. Sign up for PrizeRebel now!

Pinecone Research, you get paid 3 to 5 business days after completing a survey. This place requires an invitation — here’s an invite link from Elite Survey Sites. Paid Viewpoint, you get paid in 72 hours here most of the time. Give Paid Viewpoint a try!

Superpay.meyou get around 100 new offers each day and you only need $1 to make a withdrawal. They let you cash out via PayPal, Skrill, or gift codes. You can even get paid via Bitcoin on here!

Get Paid To Websites That Reward Instantly

A get-paid-to website differs slightly from an online survey panel. With a get-paid-to site, you’re getting rewarded for completing all different types of offers. You might be getting paid to search or read emails like with Swagbucks, or you could even get rewarded for doing research work like with InstaGC.

For the most part, these sites only pay out on a periodic basis or with a week or more of wait time. But there are a few get-paid-to sites that pay you instantly as long as you have enough for a withdrawal.

Check them out …

#1 – InstaGC

With InstaGC, you can receive your withdrawals immediately via an gift code. They have already given out almost a million gift cards and there aren’t many panelists that have complained about them. The cool thing is you can earn gift cards instantly for more than just completing surveys; they even reward you for doing stuff like data entry and research tasks. The best thing is that you only need at least $1 in points to cash out!

Seriously, InstaGC is one of the coolest get-paid-to sites around. They even reward for other awesome things, like listening to music (paid every half hour!) and doing product trial offers. If you want to make the most possible you can do paid tasks while listening to music through InstaGC. The paid music part alone will give you almost $2 a month if you use the site an hour a day. Plus you’ll be able to make anywhere from $5 to $20 each hour if you take on all the right offers.

You can join InstaGC and get a 10 cent sign-up bonus right away. Everyone that’s at least 18 years old can join as it’s an international get-paid-to site. Their Facebook page has 100’s of thousands of fans and you can find tons of income proof online. If you’re a regular on InstaGC you can start planning your withdrawals for when they offer limited-time discounts on gift cards.

#2 – Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is one of the better get-paid-to websites. It offers daily withdrawals, and all you need to have is at least $1 to get paid. They have a super strong rating online, with tons of Rewarding Ways reviews claiming they pay out promptly and that there are endless offers every day. You won’t struggle to make some extra cash here, and since you can withdraw as little as $1 and get paid every single day, it’s a must-join site. Heck, you even get 20 cents when you join so you’ll be on your way to your first withdrawal in no time!

A big plus about Rewarding Ways is the fact that it serves as an alternative site for doing popular online surveys. You could find yourself taking survey offers from sites like Global Test Market (a huge panel) through Rewarding Ways. This means there are a huge amount of paid tasks that you can do, so you’ll be able to bank off this site on a regular basis.

#3 – Pocket Money GPT

You can take out as little as $1 from your Pocket Money GPT account. Their tasks typically reward more than Rewarding Ways, but there isn’t as much to do. On here, you mostly get paid for completing surveys and doing offers off their ad and offer walls.

Every time you do five offers you’ll get a little bonus. They have new offers regularly on their offer wall. The only bad thing is that you won’t find many other types of get-paid-to tasks.

Pocket Money GPT also has worldwide acceptance. When you make a withdrawal request you’ll get paid with Amazon codes or PayPal cash that day. They offer daily withdrawals, and with a $1 minimum, you’ll practically be making instant cashouts all the time.

Honorable mentions: Points2Shop and Irazoo

Points2Shopthey currently have 5+ million users worldwide and they offer dozens of ways to earn. They give you a $2.50 sign-up bonus, but you do need $50 to make a withdrawal request. The withdrawal will be anywhere from instant to four hours, unless you purchase physical goods. So far, approximately $10 million has been paid out to their users. Through their ‘Rewards Gallery’ you can cash out through various products and gift cards. They let you buy beauty products, personal items, electronics, video games, and much more.

Irazoothey began operations in 2007 and have grown to be one of the largest get-paid-to search networks on the Web. You can earn five points just for checking out their offer wall every day. Then you can et around 25 to 75 points for searches that pay out. These happen randomly, but you can expect a good three or four scores each day. This equates to upwards of 300 points just for your searches.

There’s a cool new way to earn on this site. You can get 25 points for everything you ‘recommend’ that you search. Then, you get the same amount of points for each comment you make. You can add another 100 points to what you make each day through this feature.

Every 3,000 points equates to a $5 Amazon code. So it isn’t too difficult to cash out, and their withdrawals usually go through instantly. This site is a lot like SwagBucks.

Reward Website Cashout FAQs

How Can You Prevent Payment Delays?

Think about it this way: do you plan to quit paid surveys next month?

If not, you can get the ball rolling on a constant income supply if you don’t stress over how fast you get paid. There might be some money dripping in tomorrow, more next week, and then a whole lot in a month from now. After you stay consistent for a month or two though, there will always be payments coming through.

See, if you limited yourself to the survey sites on this list you wouldn’t earn very much. You would be stuck taking any survey offers they send you regardless of what they pay. Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t stress over whether the site pays instantly can spread their time across the best-paying offers.

Which payment options usually pay the fastest?

You generally want to look for survey sites that offer online gift cards and codes. These are digitally delivered and therefore they are sent pretty fast. If it’s a physical gift card there will be more of a wait as it has to get processed and then mailed out. PayPal and similar payment options are more hit-and-miss … some will pay out almost instantly but most will take days to weeks depending on the site.

What’s the Typical Minimum Withdrawal?

Some sites will have a minimum withdrawal of as low as $1, but there are even some that require at least $50 to request a withdrawal. Others might even reward you directly for the amount your survey is worth. If it’s an instant cashout, that means you just need the minimum balance to request your funds. They will get redeemed instantly and therefore they’ll immediately be available in your PayPal account or the e-code will get sent to you right away.

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