How to Take Advantage of Sweepstakes Survey Opportunities?
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How to Take Advantage of Sweepstakes Survey Opportunities?

EPF May 14, 2017

Whether you have a great job that you love or if you need some extra cash to help you through a tough time, taking surveys is a good way to make up the difference. Signing up to a survey panel offers members various ways to put some money in the back pocket, without need for special skills or qualifications. You can take surveys on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

The key to success is to sign up for as many panels as you can, as individually panels do not pay all that much, but when you are completing surveys from different sources, cash can build up nicely.

Another important issue is to obviously look for the best paying panels and also for the sites that offer sweepstakes as part of their rewards system. Many people don’t know about them. Today we discuss sweepstakes survey opportunities.


What are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are instant cash payments for entries in a lucky draw. Depending on the different panel sites, the draws usually take place monthly, quarterly and sometimes weekly or bi-weekly.

What is great about sweepstakes is that you don’t have to do anything. You are automatically counted. Register and wait. That is. This is another great reason for registering with many survey panels. In fact, there are some of them, that request you to complete some numbers of surveys. We have carefully described that on our list of best survey panels. Read under “Additional Information”. This will help you find how every survey panel work.

The cash prizes are substantial, and could be $100 or more for the winner. Entries for the sweepstakes are mostly automatic, and entries are earned by the number of surveys you successfully complete, as well as the points you accumulate.

A sweepstakes win is also exciting and valuable. The more entries you have, the better chance you have of winning something.


Which are the Best Sites for Sweepstakes?

Some sites offer better odds than others and those are the ones to focus on. Here is a list of the top 10 that provide good bonus points for more entries into the draw, which increase your chances of winning.

  • MySurvey reward members with 5 sweepstakes entries each calendar month just for being active. They can also get additional entries each month for completing certain surveys. There are 10 monthly prizes of $100 each.
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes is a fun panel to use. The surveys are short and they can accumulate lottery tickets which are used for sweepstakes entries. There are several daily sweepstakes to be won where one member wins a $50 cash prize and others can win $2 every 4 hours. They also have a monthly sweepstakes draw with a $100 prize for one lucky panelist. From time to time they have draws for bigger cash prizes of $2500 and more.
  • Pinecone Research have 2 separate sweepstakes – a bi-weekly and a quarterly draw, as a show of appreciation to loyal panelists who always take part in the surveys. The bi-weekly draws are usually $500, while the quarterly prize is $4500 for one lucky winner.
  • Harris Poll Online. Every 2 months they offer a cash sweepstake draw of $10,000 and you can use your survey points to enter the draws. You will also be evaluated for your eligibility to take part in longer surveys which earn more points.
  • Permission Research in addition to surveys which earn cash or gift cards, you are automatically entered into regular sweepstakes which pay amounts of $100, $2500 and sometimes even more.
  • Opinion Outpost is a panel which is well known for their daily survey opportunities and you can also win big with their quarterly and monthly sweepstakes draws.
  • Opini pays cash for completing surveys and also rewards members with a chance to win extra in their sweepstakes draws. Just for completing your profile you will be eligible to win $15.
  • iPoll rewards members with a sweepstakes draw of $10,000 every 3 months. Entries are dependent on how many surveys you complete. However, they have a good system whereby, if you are disqualified from a survey you will be automatically entered with an entry into the quarterly cash draw. With an annual sweepstakes prize of $40,000, it means that 4 lucky members can each win $10,000 – not too shabby!
  • Nielsen Digital Voice is a site where you can win big. They have a monthly draw of $10,000 which offers more than 400 prizes. There are 2 prizes of $1000, 2 of $500, 25 of $100, 50 of $25, and 325 of $10 – each month! The odds are based on the number of qualified entries received from you each month and only 1 prize may be awarded per person or household.
  • Global Test Market. This site is also very reliable and offer opportunities for sweepstakes entries where you can win cash or prizes.  

These sites are all legitimate, reliable and highly regarded.


Another Way to Enter Sweepstakes

Certain stores have surveys with sweepstakes at the bottom on their receipts. If you complete the survey you stand a chance of winning a sweepstake prize, where the odds are quite good.

For example, one of the stores is retailer Dollar Tree, who actually give away $1000 plus on a daily basis, in addition to $1500 weekly in instant cash prizes.

Keep checking your receipts and complete the surveys to benefit. You may just be lucky!

To boost you chances of winning sweepstakes, you need to work hard at earning survey points which are the basis of your entries. Many of the sites are generous with their prizes and it is entirely possible for you to get your share. Just be patient – and keep trying.

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