What is Your Profile Survey ?
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What is Your Profile Survey ?

EPF February 7, 2014

As the world is making progress, people all over are looking for ways to make an extra sum of cash, whether it is a little amount or a big one. Participating in an online paid survey program is a great way of earning extra cash that is getting popular with each passing day. This is because it is a job that one can perform anywhere through the internet. However it is not as easy as it seems because one of the most common complaints of survey participants was that they often get disqualified for some surveys that they tried to take. The reason for the disqualification is usually a participant’s ineligibility. Whenever you register to a survey panel, they ask your personal details such as your name, age, sex and occupation and such particulars. This information and the process of determining your eligibility to proceed in a survey are more closely related than you might think.


More and more survey companies encourage making a profile of their participants to help get them know better. Not only that but it is actually how the panelists decide eligibility. This gathering of information for a profile to determine eligibility is called profile survey. It consists of a series of questions about the participant. It is very important for a user is to answer these questions with complete honesty. If the user has listed out incorrect information and the panelist finds out, there will be a risk of elimination and decrease in the payment. Therefore for a smooth relationship with survey panelists, honesty and truthfulness are the best policies. This is how a conductor actually decides which surveys to send your way. Hence it is essential to provide the honest details about yourself. All the brands and products you have listed on your profile will help the conductors send reviewing surveys where you can give your opinions about them. For understanding the importance of profile surveys consider this scenario: you are a consumer of product A but you have not listed it on your profile, you see a survey regarding it and you apply for it but are rejected because the conductor believes you are inexperienced with the product. So in short, having a complete and correct profile survey allows the panelist to send out the questionnaires that are the best for you.


In case you are wondering what particular things can be asked by the panelists, here is a brief overview to make you understand a bit clearer. The particular things include personal questions such as age, sex, profession etc. Apart from these, survey conductors are also interested in the brands and products you use or prefer, the vehicles you drive, your average income as well. The first set of questions helps conductors categorize or place you in specific yet various demographics such age groups, type of profession and such groups. The second set of questions helps the conductors understand which products you have used over the years and assists them in delivering the questionnaires that are based entirely on or closely related to those products. It also helps them know your interests.


Profile surveys are usually conducted in the immediate beginning of your survey-answering career. However, it is recommended that you keep updating it as you use more and more products or a change in age group or any change in the particulars you have given out in the profile survey. Keep your profile up to date just as you would do on social media. Let the conductors know the progress you have been making. This is not a check in on your social media profiles; it will eventually help your survey career by increasing your eligibility for more and more questionnaires thereby helping you earn more rewards. A good and efficient way to add information to your profile is to update it either annually or on every six months. It is also a good idea to add to your profile the big life changing events such as buying a new car or a promotion in your career.

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