Advertiser Disclosure

ESS May 23, 2018

Our readers, you have the right to know our goals and tactics.

Some of the products and services that appear on Elite Survey Sites are affiliated third-parties. This means it is possible that we receive compensation from some of them. However, this does not affect the honesty; we base all our reviews on 100% facts, verified customer feedback, and user-reported experiences.

Cases when we can receive a compensation from thirty party sites are when some of our site visitors :

  • Load our site (some of our advertisers pay us per impression).
  • Click on any link from our site.
  • Click to the thirty party site and register with them.
  • Click to thirty party site and buy anything from them or pay them anything for their services.

We will never list a product as the best overall product unless we believe it is truly the best.

Advertising helps support our website. This helps us cover our fees for hosting, domain, web design. The most important thing for us are the fees for the content that you read on our site. We at EliteSurveySites spend money for writing high quality content and also for to people who spend time to test panels! This help us improve the quality of our site unique and more helpful. This really cost a lot of money.

Here you can find more on how we rank survey panels.

We will never list a product as the best overall product unless we believe it is truly the best. Compensation does not direct our research or editorial content and in most cases does not impact how our listing orders appear!

Any editorial-style content written on Elite Survey Sites conveys the opinion of the writer. This might not always fall in line with the general opinion. If you disagree with something you have read, simply post a comment on the article to voice your concerns. We are always open to your feedback and there is always room to improve — we love being made more self-aware!

Disclaimer: The information provided about any product and/or service we discuss might not always be up-to-date. These details are not provided by the affiliated company, but rather they are obtained by our contributors. If at any time you feel your business, product or service is being misrepresented by a review here, you can send us an email.

We are 100% DMCA compliant — if you have a request that needs to get through to us, just send it by email and we will resolve the issue right away!


Is There Something You Want to Know?

We are all about full disclosure. Whether you have a question or you just want to say ‘thanks’, let us know. So feel free to submit your questions or concerns that way. If there is something we have failed to disclose, simply ask so that we can become even more transparent for all of You!