Video Paid Surveys are on the Rise
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Video Paid Surveys are on the Rise

EPF March 16, 2018

Anyone receive an offer for video paid surveys? If yes, expect more soon. If not, you will probably start receiving offers of this type any minute now.

Video paid surveys have started to become more and more popular these days. This is a relatively new type of surveying people, and it seems that it is very effective, so companies are using it increasingly. To explain it, we could say it is something between paid surveys and focus groups.

Paid surveys typically pay about $1-$5 for short questions. Each of the focus groups pays about $50-$150. And video surveys pay about $50 per video.

Paid surveys are typically short and require about 10 minutes of work. Focus groups last for one to a few hours. A video can be created for about an hour or even less.

You can find a lot online surveys, while focus groups are really rare. Video paid surveys can be found, but not so often, although we do expect that this will change soon.


Paid Surveys Video Paid Surveys Focus Groups
$1-$5 per Surveys $30-$50 per Video $50-$150 per Focus Group
About 10 Min Less Than 1 Hour 1 Hour or More
Many Offers Available More Offers Than Paid Surveys Rare, Not Easy to Qualify


What Exactly Are Video Paid Surveys?

In regular surveys, you are asked to fill out some forms online. Sometimes you only check boxes next to answers, other times you type in comments.

Video paid surveys ask you to answer questions before a camera and type your answers. It’s not like a focus group, where you are in an in-person or online discussion group. Here, you only answer the questions and send them.

When you complete forms, companies analyze them only statistically. This can be a big disadvantage. For example, ‘70% of the people said that they don’t like our price’. That is why surveys are cheap and require less time ‒ because they don’t provide detailed results to market research companies.

When you answer questions in a video format, a company has a much better idea about your opinion on their products. In addition, when they pay more money, they believe that they can find people who will answer their questions more seriously, which is something that doesn’t always happen with regular surveys.

Also, when they offer more money, they have a better chance to find people who are exactly in their target group and pick those who look like serious interviewees.

But there is another great reason why video surveys pay more than regular.

Actually, they don’t.

It only seems that they pay more. In fact, they can even save money this way.

Let’s say that a company launches product research. The company knows that this is a well-known product and they make millions off of it. So, the research is important to them because they will know better what product aspects to improve. In case this company makes millions, they can easily allot $10,000 for surveying their audience. But instead of investing all this money in surveys, they can give $1,000 of this money to people who will give their answers in a video format. The number of people will be larger, but the quality of research will be better. Again, these people fall into the exact target group and because they get paid more, they will be willing to answer the questions more thoroughly.

Tip from EliteSurveySites: If you get an offer for video surveys, accept it. You will see that you can make more money this way.


Where to Find Video Surveys?

They can be found on most of the panels. When you register with many of them, you will find such offers.


Tips to Get Approved for Video Surveys?

Register with many panels. Of course, this is the most important tip that we give to people who want to make more money with surveys. The more panels you register with, the more high-paying offers you receive.

Complete your profile survey correctly and update it often. That way, you can be directly matched or invited to a video survey. If a market research company launches a video survey, they will set a specific target group. If you belong to this target group, you may be invited. But if your profile survey is not completed correctly, you will lose your chances.

Check for new offers frequently. Video surveys are high paying offers and when people find them, they will surely apply. If the quota is limited, you can lose your chances because you applied too late.


What Other High Paying Offers are Available?

It is not only about video surveys, of course. Today we talked about them, but there are still many more offers that can get you much more money.

  • Focus groups. They can be in person or online. They are high-paying offers that pay much more than traditional surveys.
  • Mystery shopping. You get paid to shop and give your opinion on your shopping experience. You get money or a free gift card for this shop.
  • Product Testing. You receive an expensive product, test it, give your opinion on it and the product is yours!
  • Custom Communities. These are a relatively new type of offers, but they are growing really fast. They work like surveys, but the difference is that they target people from some social group. They provide better-quality answers to market research companies, so they pay people more money.

So, when you register with a panel, pay attention to these high paying offers. They are rare, but if you get even one of them, you can make a lot of money.

How many video surveys have you received? Was the qualification process easy? How much did you get paid? Let us know by posting a comment. Do you have some tips to find more offers like these?

Btw, you still have a chance to vote for your favorite panel. Soon, we will release results for the highest-paying survey panels of this year. There are about 10 new panels that most of you don’t know. We highly encourage you to vote. Let us know what panel is the best for you.

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