Why Actually Paid Surveys Are Not Scams
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Why Actually Paid Surveys Are Not Scams

EPF February 6, 2014

There is only one thing the entire world revolves around and every human being chases and that is money. We all have a common belief that companies, industries and corporate are all concerned with profits and new ways of sucking out every last penny from the masses. Keeping this perspective in mind, we find it quite hard to believe when we see companies rewarding money to the participants that contribute to their ideas survey. This type of survey is called a paid survey. Nowadays there are many ways to conduct these; online surveys are becoming popular with each passing day. It is a tempting offer, but is it to be trusted? Well, let us find out together.


Even though companies are interested in making money for themselves, they do pay people to take part in their surveys. Every company is well organized with strong Research and Development departments. These departments are responsible for helping the industry progress with continuity. Apart from analyzing their current performance and popularity of their products by themselves, they peek into the minds of the individuals in the masses and see themselves through their eyes. Viewing a thing from a different perspective helps not only in understanding the minds of other people but also in the growth of oneself. Similarly, industries see themselves through the people’s perspective and remodel their products into the visions the consumers prefer.

Okay but why pay people to participate in the first place? That bit is simple; how often do we help each other out? Not much, right? This is because we think we do not have the time for it (we hardly have the time to deal with our own problems). But the moment we see something in return for us, we are probably the first ones to provide your assistance. The same goes here. Even though companies do not want to spend money on something so frivolous, they offer people money to generate maximum and efficient responses. Money is something we usually do not refuse. Therefore paying the participants is their own way of getting maximum views and opinions with the fullest sincerity.

It is important for the industries to know their consumers’ opinions and feedback. Without it a product cannot last long in the market because it would ultimately fail to compete with other products or meet the consumers’ expectations. It is worthwhile to know that companies do not always research about their own products, sometimes they also ask around about competitors’ performance in the market. By this information, a manufacturer will know the qualities and features the competitor offers and try to match or surpass them. Therefore such information is vital in the corporate world and is worth paying for.


While the concept of a paid questionnaire is real and valid, it is not necessary that any and every survey you see online on a website has to be legitimate. People are always looking for new ways to scam money out others by taking advantage of their lack of proper knowledge. Do not trust every website that promises to make you rich by sending you surveys. Look for the signs that distinguish a real survey from a fake one. This is a brief guideline to help you through it;

  1. They ask you for money: Surveying websites usually do not ask you do donate money to them. Although this is not applicable to every website, it is usually a good idea to steer clear of the websites that ask participants large sums of money.
  2. An not good looking website: Genuine websites are always designed intricately and carefully without spelling mistakes and/or incorrect grammar. Real web pages have professional web designers who sew the website to make it professional. So when you spot something odd about the website itself, it is better to not sign up for it. You cannot fake professionalism or validity.
  3. Getting too personal: Surveying websites and panelists usually reserve a certain level of anonymity. Even though there are websites that ask your personal details such as name, age, ethnicity etc., no genuine website would ever ask you your credit card number and such information. Although they would need your bank account number to transfer the rewarded amount to your account.
  4. Too high a claim: Before going for participating in any survey, bear and engrave in your mind that these questionnaires do not make you richer by the dozen or that you will roll in green after completing just a few surveys. Any website claiming to reward such cash prizes to their contributors is probably a scam. These false-promising websites also have testimonials from some “users” who happened to have gotten rich by answering questions. Do not get swept off your feet by these claims because they are not true. The cash rewarded is little and just a way to make an extra few bucks. Legitimate websites pay little to their respondents.


Although the possibility of being paid for answering a few questions seems slim, it does exist. However it should always be kept in mind that it will not make you ricer beyond belief or have a safe full of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge. Always remember that it pays little but will help you have some cash in your pocket.

No one except you can judge the legitimacy of a website conducting questionnaires. So make your decisions very carefully. After joining a survey panel, it must be understood that you are to give out honest opinions and genuine answers and a good amount of your spare time has to be invested in the activity so do not take it lightly. The task of answering questions should not be taken lightly and must be performed like a full-time job with sincerity. The survey industry can be fun and helpful for extra cash but tread carefully and you shall succeed.

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