How to Make Your First $100 with Focus Groups ?
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How to Make Your First $100 with Focus Groups ?

EPF June 10, 2015

Focus groups pay very well, so it does not take long to earn $100. It seems many just struggle with finding these opportunities in the first place. But, these projects pay upwards of $1 per minute, so they compensate better than surveys. Finding the right focus group offers is not easy, but it is well worth the effort.

Do not give up, great opportunities are right around the corner!


Before we get started… “What is a Focus Group?”

A focus group is a type of study group, which consists of many people answering the same questions. The point is to get as much information as possible, while tying that information to a specific type of person.


Businesses arrange focus groups for research purposes. Both this and product testing are popular ways for big businesses to use their marketing research budget. This strategy works great, because they learn a lot about both their products and their target audience. But, it comes at a cost – and for the research company to fill the contract, they need to hire people.


Step up to the plate…

The thing about focus group opportunities is that they do not just show up in your inbox. If you are lucky, you will get an invite to one. But, the majority who get these offers are making every effort they can to get them. As many are hungry for these types of opportunities, things can get competitive when offers run dry.

You do not have to hold yourself back, so long as you know how to find the right offers.


What’s Holding You Back?

Focus groups are a great way for anyone to make extra cash. There are few pre-requisites, and sometimes even teenagers can qualify. But, you have to consider this when looking for paid focus group networks.

Here are a few factors:

  • Your age: While teenagers qualify for certain focus group offers, most target young adults and retired individuals.
  • Your location: While focus groups run worldwide, living in the United States will give you access to the best opportunities.
  • Your income: There is no need to fib about what you make, but offers will vary by income amount. This is not proportionate, but rather, the types of offers are different.

You do not need an excellent job or a University degree to pull focus group invites. It is just a matter of being an active member with the right paid networks. A lot of that involves surveys, too, but there are opportunities everywhere. You just have to look!


Which Sites Should You Join?

There are many sites that offer focus group invites, although most are within paid survey networks. It is important you know which ones you should join, if you want to maximize the possibility of getting focus group invites.

Do not just stick to the current sites you use. Network out so you are available on as many trusted sites as possible. Even if you have no interest in surveys, it’s still worth getting onto their user database. You just have to keep your eye out, because some day you might make it into their paid focus group network.

Here are some sites to join…



With an A+ BBB rating, a constant supply of paid surveys, and payments through PayPal, Amazon, and many other gift cards, Toluna is more than just a little convenient. You can always trust this network, and there is a nice little bit of earnings to make from their surveys. They also bought out Greenfield back in 2009, which specialized in focus groups. While existing Toluna users did take some spots, the site regularly gives new members focus group invites.


Harris Poll

Harris Poll (or Harris Interactive) holds an A+ BBB rating, offers many different surveys, and has focus groups that pay as much as $50 to $200 a session. You will not struggle to make a decent chunk of change on here. Also, many survey takers received an influx in focus group invites within their first few months.


Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars holds an A+ BBB rating, has many unique earning opportunities, and they even do focus groups with Target and Wal-Mart. Many users that signed up for their gold membership found a sudden increase in focus group invites. Gold members also enjoy weekly payments instead of bi-weekly payments, plus many other benefits.


Why the Survey Site Obsession?

Whenever you try to research something about focus groups, you always get a lot of information on paid survey sites. That is because focus group opportunities are not marketed much by these companies. They know most online workers will be searching for surveys that pay, not focus groups. As it’s not a common term, the good opportunities sometimes get hidden.


What does this mean?

Even if your account stays dormant, you should register at a bunch of paid survey sites. Make sure it is a trusted website. Also, create an e-mail address that you will use just for these accounts. By signing up at many different sites, you stand a much greater chance of getting focus group opportunities.

And, we have only covered three of well over thirty paying survey sites that offer focus groups. Once you get past this list, you need to look at actual focus group sites. There are a few that focus just on this type of research. But, most are a bit unique – such as, which is a “focus group” that acts as a mock jury.


Accept any focus group invite you get!

Many paid networks rely on the same users over and over. This is easy for the company, as they know the user is reliable. Focus groups often rely on live, face-to-face sessions, which means you must be dependable.

Even if it’s a bit of an inconvenience, do not skip out on your first invite. It might just be what you needed to get shortlisted onto the sites focus group user list.


$100 Is Peanuts!

Do not fret over your first $100 in earnings. That only takes one or two focus group sessions to earn. Make $500 or $1,000 your target, as $100 is more of a milestone.


Do you want more expert tips to get more focus groups offers? Get Paid Surveys Cash, it’s free. Hope that helps

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