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A Comparison Between Survey Panels – My Points and Ipsos i-Say

EPF May 11, 2017

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About My Points

My Points is a survey panel that was established in 1996. It is a rewards program where members can collect reward points by taking online surveys, as well as making online purchases from certain retailers.

Registration is easy and quick. Only fill out the sign-up form with the information required and you are there. For your convenience you can also download the mobile App – but note that is available for I-phone only.

Eligibility is restricted to US and Canadian residents only.

Member Opportunities

My Points is a panel site that offers numerous ways for panelists to build up points for great rewards. Here are some opportunities that are available to members.

  • Online surveys. Keep your profile updated and check the “survey zone” on the site each day for new surveys. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will nevertheless earn some points.
  • Refer-a-friend-program. Every time you successfully refer a friend to the panel you receive 25 bonus points.
  • You can choose between many different games on a day, which will reward you up to 10 points each for playing. You may even be given slot machine games where you could win big time.
  • There are many videos to watch, ranging from entertainment to health and wellness, that are all topical and interesting. You will also be rewarded with points for watching.
  • MyPoints offer a wide selection of shopping for users where every purchase you make comes with bonus points for your account. A special bonus for new members, valid only for the first 30 days of membership, is if you spend $20 or more shopping online, you will receive 1750 points, equivalent to $10. My Points also have local deals available where you do not have to buy online.

Advantages of My Points

  • Members have the choice of reward payouts between Paypal, Amazon gift cards and retail e vouchers.
  • Cash out threshold is not very high – 700 ($5) points required for gift cards.
  • Paypal threshold is $10, or 1590 points.
  • Gift card redemption within 3 days, Paypal takes up to 3 weeks – as per the website.
  • Various ways to earn rewards, daily surveys available on Survey Zone – many to choose from.


Reviews from users varies, but the unhappy users outnumber those who are happy with My Points survey panel.

The good reviews range from “great, continues to improve” to “average at best.”

Complaints include reports that the customer service is unresponsive and there appears to be technical problems which blocked members or deduct points without any reasons provided, in spite of queries being logged.

Requests for copies of driver’s licences or ID documents to be e-mailed to check profile data is also a cause for concern. Most members do not want to send personal details over an open forum for fear of identity theft.

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About Ipsos i-Say

Logo for Ipsos i-Say Paid Survey Site

Ipsos i-Say survey panel is operated by Ipsos Insight, a division of Ipsos. Ipsos is a global online marketing research company who conduct about 6 million surveys annually in over 100 companies.

I-Say is an online survey panel giving members the opportunity to earn rewards for sharing their opinions. Surveys are on various topics and typically give you between 10 to 100 points for each completed survey. Invitations are sent directly to your inbox. Your profile survey, most members can expect to receive about 8 survey invites per month. Surveys pay from 45 to 90 points depending on length and time.

The site makes claim to being more than just a survey panel. They give the opportunity to interact with other members to share thoughts, ideas and opinions with each other.

Only US and Canadian residents are eligible to join.

Member Opportunities

Here are some opportunities available to members.

  • A choice of rewards from Paypal, variety of gift cards, sweepstakes entries, VISA prepaid cards.
  • Different cash out levels for the different options:
  1. Payment to Paypal account requires 1530 points which is $15 value.
  2. Gift cards and vouchers come in $5 to $15 amounts – 500 to 1500 points.
  3. Visa prepaid card requires 2000 points for $20.
  • Regular online survey invites to your inbox.
  • The chance to participate in high-paying focus groups.
  • Product testing opportunities.
  • Mobile app surveys.
  • You can visit the site dashboard to see how many points a survey offers and the time it is estimated to take. You can also select surveys from the dashboard.
  • A loyalty program where you can earn bonus points after completing a certain number of surveys for example 5 surveys =25 points, 10 surveys = 50 points, etc.

Some member reviews

Reviews for i-Say are generally favourable, with members happy with the good qualifying rate for surveys selected, the number of invites received and the innovative Loyalty Program often being mentioned.

Every survey panel have some bad comments. Ipsos Isay receive very low amount of them. We at EliteSurveySites definitely can recommend this panel.

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The Verdict

My Points site has a 2.5 star rating, while i-Say is rated 3.5 stars.

Both sites have good points which appeal to members and both seem to have a similar list of difficulties which need to be dealt with to get their ratings higher and keep more members happy.

Ipsos i-Say has a more impressive list of opportunities and benefits for members, and this would be an excellent choice to register.

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