My Survey Offers from Toluna Last Week (Screenshots Included)

My Survey Offers from Toluna Last Week (Screenshots Included)

EPF Last Update: June 6, 2019


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First off, before I get into what Toluna could offer you, I want to say something …

You guys are awesome!

I have had the honor of contributing to Elite Survey Sites as an expert panel analyst over this past year. My biggest fear was having all my words criticized. We all know there is not a ‘perfect’ survey site, and each has their own flaws — user experiences are so mixed (and some feel or get scammed) that it leaves things misconstrued.

But you guys have continued to have the same respect for us. It is clear you know that Elite Survey Sites is the voice of the average person trying to make extra money on the Web!

At the same time, I have really gotten to know how these survey sites work behind the scenes.

So if you have any tricky questions, you are free to reach out to me; even if you just need a helping hand, I’m available for direct contact. Just leave a comment with your contact info if you would like to speak privately!

Game on, it’s time to get personal (By the way, HI .. I’m Jennifer!)

I plan to get more personal with you guys.

I want to share my live survey experiences so you all can jump in and have more relevant opinions. The idea of having a single review page for survey sites is silly, because the dynamic of these companies changes with time … and many even get bought out and have night-and-day transformations, sometimes overnight!

This starts with the earnings I missed out on at Toluna last week, as every time I check my survey email I see countless invites from them. Even when many other paid survey sites send me mail, my inbox always seems to have at least one or two invites from Toluna … on a daily basis.

So when I noticed this I was thrilled — however, I have not used Toluna at all in many years and I’m not so sure this is an amazing thing. I had to dig further to see what kind of opportunity this could’ve been for myself…

If this is something great that I’m missing out on (as a Canadian at that!), then chances are you’re missing out on just as much. And if you were a regular there, chances are you would have other ways to earn money too.

So let’s get started!

This is what my inbox looks like when I search for Toluna …

Survey offers received from Toluna last week

As you can see, this image only shows the survey invites sent to me since Monday and that’s just one week ago as of writing this!

So this got me wondering … how many Toluna points am I missing out on?

32,400 POINTS!

But hold on a second …

What Are Toluna Points Worth?

30,000 points equals $10 approximately, which means this past week I could’ve made a bit more than that off doing 16 paid Toluna surveys.

Now hold on a second … 16 surveys for $10 doesn’t sound too good, it is under a dollar each!

Sadly, each survey tends to run around 15 to 25 minutes easily. This means you are not getting compensated well for your time at all.

So this puts us in a pickle …

Should You Really Join Toluna?

Based off what we explained in the last section, it might seem clear that you do not want to waste your time doing surveys on Toluna.

The thing is they aren’t as bad as we make it seem. They are 100% honest, their surveys are easy enough, and they have great sweepstakes too. But if you want to make it worth your time, you only want to take their higher-paying survey offers.

If I were to have done 16 surveys, but just at the highest paying level they offered me this past week, I could’ve made 72,000 points or just under $25 instead!

So if those 16 surveys take 15 to 25 minutes each, and I know I typically finish in half the quoted time, I am looking at 2-3 hours to make $25 which isn’t so bad. It’s easy work and there are other rewards that can accumulate at the same time — when paired with a few other top survey panels, it’s easy to make extra spending money.

How Does Toluna Pay?

As a survey taker at Toluna, you have many different withdrawal options once you earn enough for your first cashout. And thankfully you can withdraw as little as $5 at any time!

Some of the many types of payment options that Toluna offers are: PayPal, physical goods, physical or virtual gift cards, and sweepstakes entries.

As far as the withdrawal speed goes, they are usually quick and consistent. You won’t have to worry about them running many months behind any time soon.

Other Ways to Earn at Toluna

You can do more than just basic online surveys here. They also offer mobile surveys and webcam surveys; if you do a survey by webcam, it’s in the form of a ‘focus group study’ which pays very well.

Outside of that, you might get lucky to score big on one of their sweepstakes draws. However, these are only available for certain areas. If you get lucky even in just one of the monthly draws, it could mean a new laptop, smartphone, or similar product, or a ton of Toluna points.

Further, you can make more Toluna points by staying up-to-date with all the profile questionnaires they send you. These pay around 100 points per, which is miniscule but it’s essentially free points; if you can refer any friends, you’ll get 500 points for each that joins which is a bit better.

Even more interestingly, you might get invited to a product testing offer. This could pay you a monetary compensation while also letting you keep the product forever. Often times this is just simple stuff like personal care items, but it’s definitely a cool and rewarding experience!

Also, new members automatically get 500 points when they sign up.

But at the end of the day, you bank the most points off doing surveys. Sometimes you will even get lucky enough to score a 20,000-point survey which is quite a bit for just one survey.

A Deeper Look Into Toluna

If you have not heard of Toluna before, you might be wondering why we are covering them in this fashion. This is because they have long been the #1 survey panel in the world. Their top rating comes from providing their clients and users with positive experiences since 2000. They are not like the many unprofessional panels out there.

In fact, there are 9+ million users across roughly 50 nations that use or have used Toluna since their inception. This makes them one of the most-used survey sites around. Further, they are such a legitimate business that they have received buyout offers in the $100’s of millions range in the past. And now they even have a $10 million investment to catapult ‘QuickSurveys’ into mass popularity!

Website logo Toluna Survey Creator Site

Their growth marketing attempt with QuickSurveys is an interesting one. Mainly because Toluna QuickSurveys is a free platform for survey creators, but that could always change with time.

What is Toluna Quick Surveys all about?

Toluna made this platform as a way for everyone to have the ability to make their own surveys at no cost. So long as you have an audience willing to do your surveys, you can create and manage them from within Toluna’s Quick Surveys dashboard.

Quick Surveys has become a bit of an industry standard in its own respect. If you are doing a market research project, nothing is more powerful than the information you can gather from this platform. You just need to have the respondents, or a way to find them, and then it’s the most valuable research tool of all.

So where could Toluna go from here?

I would not be surprised if they made it more like Google AdWords, which lets you pay to have your ad show up in Google search results pages and on other websites. Your rate will vary depending on the specifics, like the keywords targeted. The same goes for creating surveys, as Quick Surveys could later have very divided user pools to branch out to different survey publishers.

Either way, it is always good to keep track of any of the latest developments in the paid survey industry. Toluna might open the door to higher-paying survey offers in the near future; seeing $10 million get thrown around to improve just one of their products is proof that the power is there to make online surveys a more legitimate way of living.

So if you are serious about doing surveys right now, for sure sign up at Toluna … but don’t expect this, or any one site for that matter, to become your bread and butter every month.

Quick tip: Toluna also sends out periodic focus group invites to their active survey panelists, and these can pay upwards of $100 per hour or two study.

Conclusion: Toluna is Legit and SUPER Consistent!

While we are aware of other legitimate panels that pay better, we cannot deny the fact that Toluna has proven themselves in this business. Their longstanding history of positive relations with panelists is the biggest example of that.

If you are serious about making extra money off doing online paid surveys, you really need a few consistent panels to use. You can eventually filter them out for higher-paying alternatives; whether you are a beginner or an intermediate panelist, Toluna is well-worth making one of the few panels you constantly rely on.

Join Toluna Today , if you still aren’t sure Read Our Toluna Review first!

Also, if you want one other old and trustable survey company to join that pays a little better … give Opinion Outpost a try (read our review here).
Disclaimer: the information claimed regarding to Toluna points compensation, rewards, and etc., is based on Toluna USA’s platform — the offerings and valuations might vary depending on where you live.

ARE YOU A TOLUNA USER ALSO? Please comment and share with us your nationality and a

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