PanelPlace Survey Panel Review - Legit or Scam App?

PanelPlace Survey Panel Review – Legit or Scam App?

EPF Last Update: June 2, 2021

PanelPlace is not actually a survey panel site. It is instead an online platform that helps you identify and connect with market research paid survey panels, which are reputable and legitimate.

The PanelPlace website have members from 45 countries, with hundreds of survey panels partnering on the site, which provide opportunities for you to join, and earn rewards.

Once you have signed up to PanelPlace, you will have access to the extensive list of paid survey panels which are all legitimate. You are able to investigate the links and see which panels interest you.

PanelPlace has a simple registration process, and is free to join. After registering, you will be able to sign up with selected panels from your PanelPlace dashboard.

Survey invitations will be sent by the survey panels to your mailbox.

How Can I Make Money With Panel Place?

You will earn cash and rewards from the different panels you signed up for, when you submit completed surveys. When you join a specific survey panel you have located on PanelPlace, you become an independent member of that particular panel. They send survey offers direct to your mailbox, pay the rewards, and handle queries.

Once you have accumulated enough points to reach the payout threshold, you can request a payout directly with the panel, or panels, concerned.

Most paid survey panels allow you to choose between a cash payment via Paypal, or rewards in the form of various gift cards. If you prefer cash, and do not have a Paypal account, it is free and easy to open one.

Bear in mind that different survey panels have different rewards programs. If you have payout difficulties, contact the panels directly to sort out the query, as well as give you an update of your payment and reward status.

Some survey panels take longer to payout rewards than others do. Each panel has their own payout protocol for redeeming rewards. Always check the panels you sign up for so that you know how their systems operate.

Once you have registered and activated an account with a survey panel, you have to build a profile by answering questions such as demographic details, name, education, and interests etc. This enables panels to match you with survey invites which are relative to your profile.

Update your profile regularly with any new information, as this will increase your chances of getting survey offers.

Most invites to surveys will arrive in your inbox, but there are panels which have lists of available surveys on the dashboard, or home page. You are free to join any, and as many, panels which interest you.

What PanelPlace Offers?

PanelPlace is not your conventional survey panel, but it does have some advantages.

Here are some of them.

  • It is a portal that enables you to get a list of reputable survey panels, all in one place, that are available for you to join and earn rewards.
  • Helps you to optimize your earnings by using the right tools.
  • You will be able to manage your survey activities and get updated about new earning opportunities.
  • They always recommend survey panel sites which are legitimate, reliable, reputable and popular.
  • The list is regularly updated to keep you in the loop.
  • They have monthly promotions and contests with cash prizes for members.


Privacy Policy

PanelPlace has an excellent privacy policy. The information they collect such as your name, E-mail address, mailing address, as well as advance profile details you provide, are not shared with anyone else.

They use the information in the following ways for your benefit only:

  • Asses your needs to determine suitable products and services.
  • Respond to customer service requests.
  • Send you a regular newsletter with all the latest news and opportunities.
  • Keep you up to date with marketing communications.
  • Notify you if you have won any of the contests and sweepstakes you might have entered.
  • Respond to your questions and concerns.
  • Reviewing and updating your personal information to ensure that it is accurate.


The team of motivated, talented colleagues, work hard each day to help panelists worldwide get the best benefits from paid surveys.

The PanelPlace site became the very first platform and recognized brand to connect people directly with legitimate, rewarding survey panels. The company is committed to continually enhancing their platform status, and building a fine product that people like to use.


PanelPlace have over 1 million members in about 45 countries across the world.

During registration these companies are listed, and you need to check that your particular country is on the list. If by chance it is not there, PanelPlace state that it is only because they have not located a suitable survey panel in your country as of yet, and presently your membership will not be accepted.


PanelPlace members are generally very happy with the site, especially as multiple survey panels are listed on one platform.

It makes working from home much easier, and provides a wide choice of paid survey panels with easy access.

PanelPlace is easy and free to join, is popular with members, and mostly hassle-free.


PanelPlace International Pte. Ltd.
261 Waterloo Street #03-32 Waterloo Centre
Singapore, 180261

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