SendEarnings Review - The Next Scam or Completely Legit Company?

SendEarnings Review – The Next Scam or Completely Legit Company?

EPF February 24, 2015

All you need to know about Send Earnings.

You might be wondering how best to make extra income through emails/ survey website services, but this should worry you no more. You can earn lots of money if you sign up for a legitimate site that provides you with a wide range of options. It’s definitely true that there are lots of sites online that offer such services and end up frustrating their clients. It’s therefore important to be careful and learn a few tricks that will help you stay out of scam websites online. Send Earnings for instance can come in handy when you need a stable work from home job. Before we embark on what to keep off or look out of in these sites, we should start by evaluating its legitimacy.

Is Send Earnings scam or legit.

Those who have worked with Send Earnings have a first-hand account of the benefits they have incurred. There is a lot of information online trying to make this site as scam but it’s important to have the right information on what they are all about.So, is Send Earnings really worth your time? To determine whether a company is legitimate or not all notifications sent should bear the companies name. Send Earnings is owned by Cotter web Enterprise network and usually operate under “get paid to” model. This means that you will only be paid by the company after successful completion of different tasks.

Lots of people end up being scammed since they do not check on email notifications sent to their mail.Therefore, the next time you apply to this company be sure to check out on the incoming email lest you find yourself losing a lot. Some of the tasks conducted by the company include taking trials, reading emails, answering surveys as well as shopping online. The company would mostly pay its customers through ads generation or forging tie-ups with other companies. This is more than an assurance that you will definitely get paid for jobs done.

Company’s authenticity plays a huge role in defining scam from legit survey panels. Knowing that you are working with an authentic company has a bearing to whether you will be paid or not. Unlike other panels, Send Earnings is a BBB Accredited Business and has been in operation for a long time. Unlike other illegitimate companies requiring you to sign up at a fee; you’ll never pay any upfront fee. As a matter of fact, you will get $5 as a sign up bonus after you register.

Insights on membership.

There is a lot you can incur once you sign up a member. First of all, it’s important to know that the pay per email is between 0.03 to 10 cents. This means that the more you reply to emails the more you will earn. It’s considered a stable work from home job since there will always be daily surveys for you to complete. It’s also possible to earn by reading emails although they charge a small amount of fee. Get started today and you’ll be more than happy on the rewards incurred.

Another important point of consideration is that the panel offers more than just one program. This is important since you are in a position to choose from a wide option available. It’s also possible to withdraw or cancel the offers subscribed to. But it’s vital to be well conversant with your subscriptions. Always ensure that you have gone through the terms and conditions of all trial offers. This will give you an idea on whether it’s a long term partnership or not. Additionally, it would be advisable to enter details of your credit card knowing that is a long term contract. Having forged partnership with big-merchants such as Hp and Appleyou will stand to earn tons of money by buying stuff from them. This is also good news for those who have already bought or soldgoods from any of these merchants.

Let’s not get started with what you can get through referral programs. You are able to earn above average amounts through referrals. In such cases, whenever you refer anyone 10 percent of what they earn is sent to you. That being said, you should always refer lots of people in a bid to earn more. Even though you’ll gain handsomely from referral programs, it’s important to be good with affiliate marketing programs such as SEO and PPC.

There is no tolerance towards cheating in whatever circumstance. Send Earnings has a one person per family policy which ensures that only one person per head signs up to the site. Sometimes back there was an introduction of Gold membershipwhich was geared towards rewarding companies’ loyal clients. There are a lot of reasons why you should be a gold member. First of all, you stand a chance to be awarded more referrals. Every time members join without referrals, they are pulled together as a group of members without referrals and you are guaranteed a percentage from these members.

Gold membership also assures you of a faster payment. Once you request a check withdrawal it would take between 3 to 9 days as opposed to more than two weeks for non-gold members. Another great advantage is awarding of double sweepstakes on every entry.

It’s important to note that in order to be eligible to accrue cash, you need to be at least 18 years and above. You are also fully responsible for maintaining correct and accurate information as well as updating such information if you move to other location. If payments are returned for any reason then such payments will be withheld for about 90 days.

Every member is responsible for selecting a secure and reliable mail delivery which payments and communications are made. It’s therefore important that you are more responsible since any stolen or lost checks will not be replaced. In addition, no money will be sent to third parties. If you doubt your household mail box for any reason then it’s recommended that you obtain a secure post office box.

Account Inactivity.

There are varied reasons why one’s account can be set to an inactive mode. For instance, members should always ensure that emails given are correct and active. If in any case Send Earning receives a bounce back/error message, then it will be set to an inactive mode. The other reason to avoid account inactivity is to ensure that you always confirm payment email. This should be made within the first 10 days or else your account becomes inactive.

It also means that payment request would be removed and automated system deactivated.It’s therefore recommended that your account stays active to avoid any delays in payment processing.


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