Review of Survey Panel Site SURVEY REWARDZ - Legit or Scams ?

Review of Survey Panel Site SURVEY REWARDZ – Legit or Scams ?

EPF May 3, 2017

About Survey Rewardz

Register Now! Note! To Get Fully Approved, You Have to Register and Complete Surveys for at Least $3.50 , which is VERY Easy !!!

Survey Rewardz is a survey panel site that works with hundreds of market research companies to find paid surveys that best match your profile. The goal is to afford people with a way to make money from home using online market research.

They are based in Dallas, Texas USA. Panellists from the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK, are eligible to join. The age group is for anyone over the age of 18, or for those aged between 13 and 18, with parent’s permission.

There you have to open an account and get started, is very easy. For registration you won’t spend more than 5 or 10 minutes. They require information such as age, education level, marriage status, parental status and demographics.

Survey Rewardz is known to be a legitimate and reputable panel site with thousands of members.

Because SurveyRewards work with many companies, where from their surveys come, you have to be very careful on completing your profile survey. If you do that correctly, you will find many more surveys that you qualify for.

How you are rewarded for your work?

Survey Rewardz don’t have a complicated points system for their rewards to panelists, as is the case with many other survey sites. They offer only a choice between cash paid into your Paypal account or Amazon gift card.

The payout threshold is $1 through Paypal or $5 for an Amazon gift card, which is very low and easy to achieve. Surveys pay between 50 cents and $10. Dofferent surveys pay different of course. Withdrawals take around 5 days to pay out according to their website.

How do the surveys work?

Survey Rewardz don’t send out invitations via e-mail, like other survey panels do. You will need to log into your account to find surveys linked to your profile. At any one time there will be several online surveys available for you to choose from.

If for any reason you do not qualify for the first survey you choose, you will be automatically routed to the next survey in line, based on your profile. It is also possible that you may be invited to participate in a high paying focus group or mystery shopping, which usually pays much more than a normal survey. It can be even more than $100 in some cases!

There are also cases when you can be invited to take other much higher-paying surveys, if the panel is required by particular clients who are linked to Survey Rewardz.

In general the surveys are quick and easy to complete, the rewards are fairly generous.

The benefits of Survey Rewardz.

  • Many surveys available to choose from.Yes Many! That is because they are not a survey company, they only find surveys from other companies and offer them to you. They have interest to send you more offers, because they will make more money.
  • Get automatically matched with surveys you qualify for.
  • Survey payouts ranging from 50 cents to $10, with the opportunity to know how much a survey is paying before you take it.
  • Select all your surveys on the website, without getting dozens of e-mails that other panels send you.
  • A payment choice of cash via Paypal or Amazon gift cards.
  • Low payouts – $1 for Paypal and $5 for gift cards; fast payments!
  • Survey Rewardz partner with a variety of companies who want information for a specific target markets.
  • Have a Privacy Policy in place which ensures that your information is not comprised or given to anyone else.
  • Customer support for queries.

Some disadvantages.

If you aren’t a member and want to know more about Survey Rewardz, you are practically obliged to sign up with them. Their website provides almost no information about the types of surveys, how you will be rewarded, or any other pertinent details about the panel. If you want to know more, you have to sign up giving all the information they ask for and you will automatically be registered, whether you want to be or not.

This is seen by some as a major drawback for members, but benefits the company by inflating the demographic membership numbers to look attractive to clients and prospective partners.

However, this is actually only a small bump in the road and provided that they honor the sign up promises of surveys and rewards etc. potential members will not be unduly concerned.

Member comments.

EliteSurveySites always check carefully panels before add them. One of the most important thing that we pay attention to are people comments. Although some of them can be manipulated (by the companies or by their competitors, or by users who don’t have actual view of these panels), we always carefully review that and try to give you the most correct information. Here is what our team has found after many hours review:

There are views regarding the efficiency of the site. The most prolific complaints seem to be issues about the length of time it takes for the withdrawal requests, labelled “ready to paid” to hit the bank. Some members have noted that it can take as many as 14 days.

There are also complaints that the Customer Support is woefully inefficient and rare come back to you with answers to queries.

On the other hand, there are favourable reports from members who are entirely happy with the site. Some noted that queries to Customer Support were answered in 3 to 4 days, and the issues satisfactorily dealt with.

Others were satisfied that the payouts were paid into their Paypal account within 5 to 6 days, which is what it states on the website.


Final Words!

SurveyRewardz appears to a reliable and reputable company with more advantages than disadvantages. They offer the panelists a wide choice of surveys from which to choose, by logging onto the website, instead of sending invites by e mail. Members seem to prefer this method, as surveys are updated on a daily basis. They also try to match surveys as far as possible to profile information given on registration.

Attention to complaints about payouts taking too long to be processed and a lack of efficient customer support issues, should be made a priority.

The rating averages at 3.5 stars out 5.

It will be great to register them. If you have a lack of surveys, try them. This time you won’t be disappointed!

Let us know about your experience with them.

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Contact Information

3159 Royal Drive, Suite 360
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
United States of America

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