Paid Surveys Cash Gets 10,000 Downloads - Thank You!

Paid Surveys Cash Gets 10,000 Downloads – Thank You!

EPF December 21, 2014


I just wanted to say thanks you!

When me and my team started to write this guide, I’ve never though that someone will start reading at all.
I was on my way to cancel it … I though no one will spend time on it. There are millions of making money guides online and
probably thousands of them are related to paid surveys. I was wondering why someone will read exactly my guide.

Well, now, several months later it gets more than 10,000 downloads. It has more than 700 Facebook likes. And no …
these are not fake Facebook likes. I know that its very easy just to go and buy 1000 likes, but I’ve never done these things.
It was just interesting for me what will happen.
And know what? This happen for several days only. I’ve no idea how this happen but it seems that people just like it and it
goes viral!

Thanks for all people who like it.

OK, now let me just tell you more about it.

When I started to write it, my idea was to sell it on my site. But after time I realized that this will be a mistake.
Not because I wouldn’t make some money. Well, someday I was like you. I stayed at home and wanted to start making money.
I found many good guides, but all of them wanted me cash only for this information. Well, I don’t want to say that
these people all are wrong. Probably they have some right to ask money for something that they have spend time and money …
But for people like me, who had no money … the feeling was not good. I wanted so much to learn how to make money online.
I knew that it is not so hard and I can do it, but I just don’t wanted to spend money on these guides.
And that is why I made this guide free. It’s just because I know how most of the people feel right now.
You probably don’t have money. You’ve probably heard that making money online is possible and easy, but the first
thing you read is … hey I’ll teach you how to make money very easy, just pay me $. I know that you won’t like that, right?
What if I tell you for example, buy “Paid Surveys Cash” for only … Probably some people will but it, but there will be many people
who just don’t have money on this. And instead of making money from it, I just decided to help you …

And that’s why I started to offer this guide for free. For all people who have registered with my site know that
all of the things are free, right? And not only the guide and the information there. All of the things are free.

Now let me just tell you one more things. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve never though that someone will start
reading what I write. 10,000 people have done this. But that’s not the most important thing for me.
The most important thing for me was that I started to get reply from these people. Yes, people constantly
reply me. And to be honest with you I even don’t know how many thankful messages I’ve got. People just message me,
thank you. And what is more important is that they report that they’ve been using the tactics presented in the guide and
they’ve increased their earning. And this makes me so happy. Thanks to all of you guys. This is so important for me.
I spend so many time in researching, testing panels, finding what works and has to be avoided, making strategies to
increase your earnings. And finally I got got answer. I called this “Paid Surveys Cash”.

OK, to be honest with you, I got also negative messages, but not a lot …

I knew it is
possible to make more money with paid surveys. It’s fact that there are billions of dollars in this business.
And I still can’t believe how people report earnings of only few dollars monthly with paid surveys.
I knew this is not possible. And I was right. Because … one thing I want to learn from me. There always are chances to
make more. I’m not talking only about surveys. I talk about everything.

Example. In the guide I’ve mentioned that these tactics will help you start making about $1,000-$3,000. But this is not true.
Well, I was not honest to you. If you want more, you will make more. You will find the way!

Now listen to me carefully.
All of the people can do this – this is not true!
Everyone can do this – this is true!

These things looks similar, but there is a significant difference between them.

Because your life is in your hands.

If you want you can do it. If you don’t know how, you will find a ways to do it.

Why I was cheating on you, when I’ve mentioned that you can make $1,000-$3,000?

Well, I know that for some people who don’t spend so much time on doing this, these numbers are much more than
what they make. But … the truth is, if you want you will make much more.

You’ll find your ways and you will, because you can.

Think out of the box …

Why don’t you start promoting their referral programs for example. You think that there are not people who make more than $3,000 for doing this? You’re completely wrong?

Want to make 1 million with paid surveys and you think it is not possible? Before telling you how easy is that, let me just tell you that you are completely wrong!

Yes, because it is easy. I’m not sure how many ways are there to make more than 1 million, but I can give you the easiest of them …

Just start paid survey company …

Why not?

You think that these people who have these companies are something more than you?

You think that they are more special than you?

You think that there wasn’t a day when they was sitting exactly like you, trying to make some money online?

I’ll leave these answers for you …

And now, can you make me one favor? I’ve never asked help. I’m sure no one will reply to this, but … what’s wrong to ask only one time?

I just wanted to ask for help. Just like and mention this guide in your social networks. This way you help me, to increase the popularity of the guide, but you also help more people to learn how easy it to make money with surveys.

It’s so easy. Just click to “Like” buttons below this article, or any other article of my site you like. That is. And if you ask your follower to do the same, probably they will do this. But this is optional of course. This won’t waste more than 3 seconds of your live.

But if you don’t do this, it’s fine for me. Again, the fact that I’ve helped to at least one person to make at least 1 dollar more, makes me so happy!

I’ll be thankful to let me know how “Paid Surveys Cash” helped you. Just post a comment below and let me know.

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